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Hemp Style 2k14

Delta, PA, United States Delta, Pennsylvania, Stati Uniti


For thousands of years industrial hemp was a common staple. It fed us, clothed us, housed us, sailed our ships with hemp rope and sails, it was part of our livelihood. Then, in the early 1900s, it was banned and pushed aside.Around the turn of the 20th century companies like DuPont created chemicals that were used in processing of paper; DuPont also created chemicals used for pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, which were used extensively by the cotton industry (cotton is MUCH more chemical and water intensive compared to hemp). Also during this time machinery was being developed to make hemp processing easier and more efficient. This was a threat to the paper, chemical, timber, and petroleum industries. Pharmaceutical companies were creating new medicines and drugs and were also threatened by the natural healing properties of the plant we know as hemp. After the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act was passed, Harry Anslinger ordered the hemp prohibition, using the excuse that his agents wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between hemp and marijuana, and that the farming of hemp made it too difficult to enforce the marijuana prohibition. However, more people are learning about the vast benefits of hemp – for food, medicinal purposes, textiles, fuel, and tens of thousands of other uses. It’s time to let nature’s perfect plant flourish again. No more dependence on foreign oil; a return to natural, plant-based remedies for illnesses and diseases; no more petroleum based plastics; less dependency on chemicals that are harming our environment and health. NOW is the time for HEMP to return.


>> More Info, DJs, MCs,& Flier Coming Soon!
Stay Posted! Exact Address will be released few days before the Event......

>> April 18th-21st ,2014 Hemp Style in Delta, PA...

>> Hosted by Skitz Productionz, Visionary Productions & JPP . Great Campsite back in the woods so bring your tents, food and even small grills are welcomed!

>> 18 + & IDS are a MUST! There will be vendors, arts and crafts, amazing food, and porta potty's available.

>> $15 pre-sale tickets will be available to order online soon, and $25 entrance fee at the gate for those without pre-sales.


* Ariel Bodden

HEMP EVERYTHING ... to sum it up !!! :)



|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅||̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅| |̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|:: DJ'S ::|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅| |̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅||̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|

* FRESH TO DEATH with special Guest DJ !


From the depths of HELL rises FRESH TO DEATH ! Simply known for two things.... Dance floors bleeding, and booties bouncing!

With a combined experience going back almost 30 years in the Electronic Dance Music scene, FRESH TO DEATH aka ( Durty Loose, DTM , and Mc Akira ) know what they are doing in the booth! By making people wanting to create babies on the dance floor or by playing mind blowing tracks at countless parties and clubs all over the east coast with innovative styles in multiple genres of Electronic Dance Music and some of best energy you can feel in the business. It is no wonder that FRESH TO DEATH are becoming one of the sickest groups in the Electronic Dance Music scene by sticking to their roots, and bringing you the purest music experience possible!

*Dj ZombieKittie

www.facebook.com/DJZombieKitty (Philly, Baltimore, NJ)

Bringing energy and emotion to the dancefloor since 2009, Zombie Kitty has clawed her way up and down the east coast of the U.S. and shows no signs of stopping. Her music is hard, dirty, or even progressive at times and it's always driven by passion and love. Zombie Kitty began DJing as a strictly industrial & synthpop DJ, but her love for the rave scene and its music pushed her to begin mixing multiple genres of EDM as well. Zombie Kitty can rock with the best in the industrial scene or get you grooving with her dirty house beats or perhaps get your adrenaline pumping with a hard dance set; Multi-genre and versatile, Zombie Kitty is your trump card of electronic dance music. Expect to hear mashups in a plethora of genres, bootlegs, originals, and more because Zombie Kitty is not a cookie cutter DJ - Nor a puppet pressing play to Beatport's top 20 tracks.

*Kardiak (Goodvibes, Philly)

Kardiak (MF Parm & EuniQ DJ)
ECHD, Good Vibes, Nasty Crew, Dirty Bass Science

Living life at 150 bpm, the Philadelphia based Hardstyle duo known as MF Parm & EuniQ DJ present their latest creation, KardiaK. Spinning shows all across the United States, these heavy-hitters have shattered dance floors with precise blends and cuts, dynamic transitions, and meticulous track selections. Dedicated to spreading the harder styles of dance music, KardiaK is guaranteed to drop heart-racing melodies over adrenaline-pumping basslines, and are sure to destroy the dance floor with big, fat, hard, bass!

Tavo and Robert Fairbain Phonic
- Trance Party DC-

*Gersh Beatz (Good Love Entertainment, NYC)


*Psyduck (York, PA)


*Munk - www.facebook.com/sean.flynn.7906932 (subculture,waxworthy )

*DJ infinity (Baltimore)

*DJ Elle (Tribe/Skullfunkaz/PA)

*Matt Hart -
www.deephouselounge.com, funk whatcha heard! - Funky House (York Pa, Harrisburg)

░▒▓██████▓▒░░..░░▒▓██████▓▒░░..░███▓▒░░..░░▒▓██████▓░▒▓██████▓▒░░..░░▒▓████*DJ STYLES--dirty dutch house
dirty bass science//nasty crew//goodvibes

The Philadelphia based dj known as dj styles has been all across PA and MD bringing forth the nastiest house music one could ask for. taking rooms of enlightened entities and making them move to the hardest house sounds known to our existence. he has done nothing less then provide shows with the most up beat melodies, wood blocks and the harder side of bass. he is one that will sway the crowd to the sound of music that doesn't allow anything but for all who are watching to dance and lose themselves into the night.

www.facebook.com/wlaganella (York Pa)

Hard Techno/Gabber/True HARDCORE(BROOKLYN,NYC)

ZOE-X started his journey when he worked at LIMELIGHT(91-96).He is the true definition of true HARDCORE/GABBER..He can rock the vinyl with his trusty 1200's or CDJS...Anyone that has had the privilege of watching him perform knows that he caters to the crowd...involving them and making the dance area lose control.He takes great pride in his work and wil never play a pre determined set..Its all freestyle cause he reads the crowd and performs accordingly.Trust me when i say he is one of the best..When you have heard him perform you will have experience the true definition of the HARDCORE/GABBER sounds.AFTER A 10 year break from the NYC rave scene.HES back to do what he does best...MAKE ALL YOU FUCKERS DANCE!!!!!!!!HC4L
Now teaming up with SUBTONIX this duo of artists are taking the GABBER world by the balls..Having and still producing original tracks theres no slowing theses guys down,


youtu.be/cMCveZgT3a4 ( GRIND)




DnB producer/DJ from Washington, D.C. representing that rough DnB sound! His original tunes laced with nods to the oldschool while pushing hard into the future. His live sets are an intense, pounding, nonstop rukus! Producing DnB since 2000- with early releases on Darkland Recs, Mindocracy Recs, colabs on Omni Music, his own Digital Conspiracy imprint & future releases including a killer remix for Gein coming out on Bad Chemistry- Noistek stands ready to step it up even another notch! In 2014- He's bringing his brand of face punching DnB to Section 8 Records with "The Assassinator"- a relentless, head-banging snare-n-bass killer w/disgusting edits and "HARD" (the title says it all. This hard neuro/hip-step mash rocks dancefloors silly with it's catchy hook.
No doubt Noistek intends to be the one you think of 1st when it comes to that hard DnB shit!

The Assassinator/HARD...#77 out of 229 on the DnB singles chart... #80 out of all dnb releases woot woot


*Nick Zerothree-
www.soundcloud.com/djzerothreeofficial(Bronx, NYC/PA)

*Space Monk-e -
soundcloud.com/space-monk-e(NJ, NYC)

*Pfarcyde- www.facebook.com/DJPfarr
(Harissburg, York)

-Visionary Productions-Midnite Alliance-
desalvomike (Twitter)

MERC is a Baltimore-based Producer/DJ who integrates elements of House, D&B and Dubstep into his incomparable and mercurial mixing style. MERC also began his love of Electronic Dance Music in '93 and started spinning Jungle/Drum & Bass in '96. He soon started performing at events and shows along with the One Eye Crew and other iconic musicians. He was consistantly comprising new sets and mixtapes/CDs. MERC began to dabble in House and made a name for himself by unleashing high powered House and Jackin' House sounds throughout clubs and events in Baltimore and around the east coast. In 2005 MERC started the internet radio show FUNKED UP, airing Fridays on www.stressfactor.co.uk. MERC has produced many Drum & Bass, House tracks and remixes including "Remember When", "Rehab Junglist", and "Heartbeat (MERC Remix) by Nneka". In 2009 MERC reunited with J.Milly performing as individuals at numerous clubs and events, as well as on the radio show. Having extensively traveled the world courtesy of the U.S. Army, MERC'S exposure to various cultures has significantly influenced and shaped his world, naturally flowing into his phenomenal music. While stationed at Ft. Campbell in KY, Merc's unique sound garnered accolades and earned him a residency at Excess & Orbit in Nashville, TN. After a debilitating injury sustained while serving his country in Iraq , MERC was sent back home where he threw himself entirely back into serious mixing on a full time basis. In 2007 he met DJ Identity and they formed IDproductions. MERC has left Idproductions to focus on his own production company and is consistently perfecting his tracks and remixes. DO NOT miss the opportunity to see MERC making his mark in a town near you!

*S.M.K. (Social Media Killer)
-Visionary Productions-

Well hello there, my name is Russ or S.M.K. (Social Media Killer) I have been spinning for about 4 years now. I take pride in my position as co-owner and resident DJ for Visionary Productions, as well as my residencey for Booty Bassment!! I Spin all forms of House, Electro, Glitch-hop, Drum N Bass, Break-Beats, and more! Although I constantly switch it up, I can't help but bring back the Funk, and watch the crowd really find its groove! Thanks everyone for your constant support! #VisionarySwag

www.facebook.com/IstvanXIII (York Pa, Harrisburg)

*Freddy Futz-
-Visionary Productions-
(NYC, Baltimore, York Pa)
www.facebook.com/freddyfutz www.soundcloud.com/freddyfutz

Born and raised in New York, Freddy Futz has always had an interest in music. From an early age he would sneak into the kitchen cabinets and begin rhythmically banging on pots and pans to find the difference in sound, although never taking a serious interest in a music career until age 8 when he began playing drums. Moving from school band to his first Punk Rock Band he developed a passion for live performance. As the years progressed he moved from the back of the band to the front and center when he decided to drop the drumsticks and pick up a guitar. Spending 8 years as a lead guitarist as well as booking agent, promoter, and manager, he was ready for a change. As of January 2013, he decided to move from shredding a six string on stages across New York to dropping bass in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia EDM Scene. Removing his well known Chicken Hat, Party Chicken, and picking up a pair of headphones as his signature style. After teaching himself to midi map in multiple DJ softwares and DAWs, Futz decided to tackle his first midi mapping of a DJ Hero Controller to turn the controller into an all in one device for Traktor Pro. From that point on Futz has been midi mapping almost anything he can get his hands on. Futz' style comes from his New York upbringings. Walking the graffiti covered streets of Harlem influenced his Hip Hop track selection. The art filled streets of the East Village influenced his fluidity in mixes. The grit filled streets of the Bronx influenced the choice of grimey story telling lyrics in each of his mixes. But most of all watching the crowds ride the rails of the 2 and 5 trains brought the urge to always make the audience dance. Creating live remixes and mashups of Trap music as well as blending Hip Hop with Rock and Dubstep, Futz brings new flavor to each song he plays. Having 2 main rules, give every performance fluidity as well as flair, and keep the crowds amazed and dancing. Futz always tries to provide a headline worthy act. Futz is a Live Performance Artist as well as a Producer with remixes of classic Hip Hop tracks like Wu-Tang Clan's "Bring Da Ruckus" as well as many original tracks.

*Nick Nise -
www.facebook.com/nick.lamm1 (Nyc, NJ, Va)

*Porno Pixxxy-
www.facebook.com/pages/Porno-Pixxxy/634140876598683 (York Pa)

*Skitz-o-Philiak- www.facebook.com/skitzproductionz (York Pa, Nyc) soundcloud.com/skitzproductionz

*RudeGirl- www.facebook.com/JDBookworm (Harrisburg , York)

*Neil Essex (Elektron Radio/Kikwear/VA)

*Yuriy Ogaltsev (Tamerlan Productions/VA)

*Jon Manny (Tribe/ Baltimore)

*DTL ContrAversY (VA's Finest/ Plate Tectonics/VA)

*DJ Beetle (Tribe/Baltimore)

-Visionary Productions-

Having been called "the House Queen of Baltimore," Confetti’s decision to become a DJ came after a long string of failed life plans, varying from pre-law to musical theatre. The love of music was always there (her parents both play many instruments and sing, and always tried to have their kids inherit that musicality through instruments, but sadly, neither of them ever stuck with an instrument long enough to show any kind of promise). The answer came from a matter-of-factly suggestion from a friend: "You should be a DJ. You love music more than anyone I know. It would be perfect for you." From then on, and after laying her fingers on a pair of CDJs, there's been no looking back.

In her time on the scene, she’s been privileged enough to play at venues like Black Hole in Dundalk, Red Maple in Mt. Vernon, The Depot in Baltimore, The Get Down in Fells Point, Club Orpheus in Little Italy, Paradox in Baltimore, Sonar in Baltimore, Ultrabar in DC, play for promotions companies such as B.A.D.ASS, Panorama Productions, Symbiotic, the GLAS Mix Project, and run events such as Save the Rave in Fells Point, National Night Out in Ellicott City, BMORE Proud at UMBC, and hold two separate residencies in Ellicott City and two in Baltimore. She has also had the pleasure of opening for names such as DJ Micro, Elite Force, 2rip, Baggi Begovic, and DJ Shiftee.
Watch out for this Heavy House Head- the future is sure to be filled with a lot of four-on-the-floor house beats!
DJ Quickspin (NOVA)

Starting at a young age, I always felt the music in me. After time, I developed more diversity by expanding my tastes to include hip-hop, Latin culture, and EDM to become more like an international DJ. I'm currently a resident DJ in a venue called Coco Cabana Bar & Grill which many concerts and events happen! Also played in clubs in DC like Muse Lounge, Club Eden, District, RioCantina, Diamond Lounge, Empire Night Club and many more! in 2012 I was contracted to DJ for B.E.T Corporal events that took place that year in BET Studios (DC).

*XXX Bunny

*Tiny Cirkus

*DJ Skeels (Crystal City , MD)

*Spoken (NOVA)

*DJ Karlor (NOVA)

*DJ Blon-D (NOVA)


*Optymus With (S2r) -

Optymus is a Hip Hop MC who made his debut in 2011. Since debuting on the scene he has been on tours, multiple shows spanning all genres of music, and has released two major albums to minor success. Known for his energetic live show and "real rap" mentality, you never get that "bling bling bullshit" with Optymus. Hard hitting punchlines, heartfelt lyrics, and emotion is what you can expect when you listen to Optymus. Sidestream Records has been around for a decade now. Started by H8trid, it has seen many members over the years to great success, Whitney Peyton was a member of the label, and she went on to win a Grammy. S2R as they are known consist of: H8trid, Optymus, Phatal, N3bo, MC Kind, and R.E.G. All bring unique styles and flow to the group, anchored by H8trid who has been a pioneer of underground rap over the past decade. Winning numerous awards and him and Optymus have both performed on big stages including Gathering of the Juggalos twice. Expect high energy and dope lyricism when S2R hits your town! Fitting in By Standing Out is what they represent, and you are sure to feel like one of the crew when you go to their shows. Optymus with Sidestream Records(H8trid, N3bo, Phatal) www.OptymusMusic.com. www.SidestreamRecords.com.

*Mal Havok (7th layer) - www.facebook.com/7LHavock

*Billy lyve from (Wisdomcourt ent) - www.facebook.com/billylyve

* MC Akira

Mc Akira is no new comer to the Drum N Bass world! Akira has been laying down sick flows and hyping up the masses for over 19 years now. Akira first got in to Mcing over Drum N Bass at Radford University while hanging out with Faust and Shortee. He took his passion and love for Mcing back home with him to N.O.V.A and started playing out at such legendary spots as Nations, and The Edge in Dc. Akira has Mced a long side Pendulum, Ferry Corsten,Teebee, Faust, Shortee, Danny The Wild Child, Dara, C4C, Storm, Marcus Intalex , Blim, DeeKline, Moving Fusion, Craze, Dirty Nitrous,Reid Speed, Jumpin Jack Frost, Dylan, Venom, Rap, Friction,Red One, Ed Rush & Optical to name a few. Mc Akira has played throughout the U.S and Canada. This summer Akira plans on full filling his dream and is going to be playing Europe late July. If you havent seen Akira in action than you don't know what your missing. This veteran Mc knows when its time for the Dj and time to make the crowd go bananas!


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