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Disco Donutz

Funky Buddha Lounge 776 Lincoln, Denver, Colorado, Stati Uniti

Check out the video's for Disco Donutz!
Disco Donutz vol2
Disco Donutz vol.1
madDELISH 5yr VCR Anniversary

The summer is heating up! Get ready for your next installment of Disco Donutz!

>The 2nd Friday of every month.
>Featuring the multi media artwork of local artists. Meet and greet the artists presenting their work.
>The Dj's playing that night make fresh donuts (on the spot) next to the rooftop dance floor to give away while playing House music and Nu Disco-------------ART+DISCO+DONUTS=AWESOME-------------
Culture meets Nightlife

Any artists( all artistic media types/paint/photos/sculputure/video etc) interested in being involved plz leave me a message.


My name is Sey'mon Gurule' a Multi Media Designer born and raised in Denver Colorado. Graduated from the Art Institute in Web/graphic Design. My true passion is in painting a skill that I have acquired all on my own, because creativity and imagination just can't be taught. I paint urban street art murals both in doors and out. Make jewelry out of recycled materials such as records wire paper anything I can find really. And sew sexy custom lingerie.

Darby Johnson, from Cleveland OH got her start painting at an early age. Spending her Summer studying at the Cleveland Institute of Art while participating in local art shows. In 2012, Darby began live painting along side other local artists and musicians merging music and art onto one canvas. She spent the following year traveling while selling her artwork in major cities across the Country. Currently Darby is living in Littleton, CO painting studio pieces on re-purpose material turning trash to treasure, as well a running her own business Donation Creationz selling hand made jewelry and artwork.

My name is Stacey Mize and I have lived in Denver since 1991. I’m currently an accountant by day and an artist and mother at all other times. My dream is to have a studio in my back yard where I can listen to loud music and make art every day. I’ve always loved to create, but my true passion started when my sister moved in with me and hung a bowl made out of a melted vinyl record on her bedroom wall. Learning how to make bowls was the first step in my journey. After lots of experimenting, I learned different techniques to cut and mold records and began using them as a media for my art. Every record is handpicked to bring meaning to the piece itself, whether it be through the lines of the record, or from the record label. I’ve made creations in all sizes, everything from jewelry to full wall pieces. I am a music fanatic, so all of the records I use have lived a long healthy life and would be destined for the land fill or eternity on a thrift store shelf. I try to use as many recycled materials as I can for my projects and am always either taking donations or dragging my boyfriend out for some midnight dumpster diving. I believe that a home or business that houses my art has a truly unique conversation piece! www.facebook.com/SlightlyHandled

---Victoria Tongs bio

---Timothy McClanahan is a seasoned photographer and photojournalist with experience working in news media. Interested in capturing living subjects, Tim has switched his focus to music photography. Tim is available for private sessions and photo shoots, contact him on facebook.


---Mike Rogers is a painter and High School Art Teacher who has lived and worked in the aurora area for the last 27 years. He earned a BA from the Metropolitan State College of Denver and is currently seeking a Masters Degree at Regis University. His artwork has been shown at CORE New Art Space, Dark Crystal gallery along with several other galleries in the Santa Fe Arts District. Rogers’ paintings include photorealistic portraits with remarkable precision and detail while also combining influences from graffiti and comic style art. Much like the artist Alex Pardee, Rogers occasionally breaks away from photorealism by painting large abstractions created using splattered paint, expressive brush strokes, and vibrant colors all well maintaining a passion of the arts though education.


---Hey everyone, my name is Ryan Zsupnik. I'm a local artist living in Denver Colorado! I moved to Denver from Missoula Montana in January of 2013! Art is my greatest passion I acquire. My inspiration comes from my "Gramz", (Julie Zsupnik), who was a professional porcelain artist from the Bitterroot Valley (Montana). Art has always been involved my life. After I graduated high school in 2009 I started creating beautiful sharpie art. This took me to Seattle, one of my favorite places in the entire world! I studied Graphic Design for 6 months and came to the realization that I wanted to do something more "hands on." I moved back home to Montana where I started creating abstract spray paint art with textures which has currently taken over my life! I hope you're all inspired by my art as much as I am. I couldn't be happier to where life has taken me to this day! Enjoy, and feel free to message me at anytime!


3 dimensional art.

---Erik Turner

--I LIVE IN BEAUTY is an up and coming photography project started by Jack Wolberg and Eric Weiland back in May of 2012. Together we successfully funded an incredibleroadtrip spanning three months and thirteen states. The work featured here at
RiverRock is mostly taken from our travel collection.

Find out more about us and follow our future travels ::

---Jess Katibah, a native Coloradan back from a west coast tour.
I mainly use my camera as my art form but once the images come out of the camera it’s fair game.
I like to try new techniques of display all the time so, here it is! Hope ya dig it!

---Cory Godnai – with a background in graphic design & fine art I work with a variety of mediums.
Uncertain how to be classified my work ranges from surreal to satire and transformative.
As of late i've focused on the humorous side of life (at times in dark humor) and pop culture.
Come and check out pieces in my ever expanding collection as well as all the work being offered by fellow artists.

---I am Indy P. and about me I am from Houston TX and now living in Denver CO, I go to college and I work also full time, I was in the Army for 6 years and that's when I started to do Photography on my down time. I love doing Photography but I like to mix it up with my own taste with photo shop. I am always trying new and different things to add to my Photography I like trying to work with Black lights effect or neon colors. I am also part of "My room is a Riot Crew". But thanks for checking out my page here's my other page

also http://indyp.crevado.com/
Untitled - Indy P's Portfolio


---Artist statement SMASH art__
For me art is an escape and something to focus on for my over active mind, I prefer questionable subjects at times, but also like those in which portray beauty in persons and in nature. I rely on our desires for beauty and seduction to create most of my drawings. My paintings usually start with a color idea, usually greens and blues, then evolve into compositions in which color is the primary subject. To me, art is a synthesis of my personal feelings, the subject or colors that inspire me, my materials and techniques. Color and texture are my primary goals, my primary focus is creating something out of the ordinary and providing something interesting to look at. I enjoy everything from mixed media, to photography, and sculpture and try to put my personality into each piece I create. I hope to fill homes as well as restaurants and offices with my art in hopes that many people will enjoy the things I create.

---Im a traveling artist known in many places for my pen n ink work. I base my art on dreams, Romance, and passion to ignore the frustrations of how empty the world has become. I place myself in this world w/ the common muse I chase both while awake and in dream land hoping to escape forever with her in this life time. With in the worlds of details are symbolic measures of the sub conscience mind or the general universe for which are keys only me and her will know who ever she may become or turn out to be. Till then I isolate most of my life away into these pages to bring you my pen n ink Victorian surrealism!

Goth Paul

---Hi there, my name is Alex Stanley and I'm a Colorado Native, born and raised in the Denver Metro area. To be honest, I'm finding it hard to write an artist bio because I don't fully consider myself an artist, I've never had any formal teaching and to say that I'm self taught would be an over exaggeration. I'm just a guy who loves photography. I must credit my friends Mike Rogers and Sebastian Hernandez for helping expand and refine this ever changing passion of mine. We all help each other learn, which in turn allows us to become better at what we love. When multiple minds work together, the potential is limitless. But I digress, being able to capture the wonders of life is all that I really care about. I am me, artist or not, and my camera is the world.


---Jim Hoppers
"I started baking and decorating cakes when I was about 6 and went on to work as a Pastry Chef for 22 years. My current girlfriend Shawn got me into Henna about 3 years ago. She had had it done several times in Morocco. I picked up Henna quickly as it is much like decorating a cake except I don't have to clean up the kitchen. All of my art is temporary. It either gets eaten or fades away."

Have a great day. It's a great day to have one!

---Shane Pyles
Hometown: Thomasville, GA
Favorite CO place: Snow Lake
Goals: To be worry free.
Artist Statement: As an artist it is my goal to portray the beauty of life and death as one positive state of being within art.
As an artist in Colorado my goal is to portray the beauty of life and death on functional pieces like instruments and skate decks. My art is not just for wall hanging, it can be taken down and put to good use, playing music for friends and family, or cruising around town.
Shane Pyles of Creations
Arts and Mechanics.

---Johnny Larson is a Colorado native who works in a range of mediums including watercolor, oil, acrylic and ink. He has been a
naturally gifted illustrator since first picking up a writing utensil and creating his own worlds. A traditionally trained artist, he
decided instead that realism isn't as exciting and whimsical as his imagination. As he puts it: "cameras can capture things as they
are, I'd rather portray the world through fun distortion." He currently uses bold colors and thick lines in most of his work
resembling hard-lined-pop surreal. His work is guaranteed to brighten any room, and provoke childlike wonder in the thoughts of viewers by contorting what's visually absorbed on a daily basis.


---I began oil painting 10 years ago, learning from realism, replicating images I liked. My style evolved and I began to incorporate elements from the imagined world that came out of the paint. My palette has an unlimited richness of color that creates ethereal spaces where these fluid bodied beings or energies exist in timeless astral ripples. These beings have emotional, yet expressionless, faces speaking in silent prose. The figures and their environment mutually affect each other, as interacting layers of energy fields. I use surreal, abstract, and figurative techniques in most of my paintings, collaging them to create a connection between the material and spiritual planes of existence. The separation between the seer and that being seen dissipates in the all-reflecting white of titanium and the depth of dioxazine purple. A shadow of curved flesh of the beautiful mystery.


Conari Arts
Conari Arts - CARi
Conari Arts - CARi -

---Beau Chappelle - Born and raised in Boulder County Colorado, Beau Chappelle has been drawing since he first held paper and crayon. Inspired by such artist as Frank Miller, Rafael Albuquerque and Joe Kubert, he has done work on concept art for film, online comics and advertising. Beau currently resides in Longmont, Co. where he is working on the set up of his website.


Amanda Urquidez Pangle is an artist from the Imperial Valley, a rural desert community in Southern California on the border of Arizona and Mexicali, Mexico. Her work consists of pieces done in pencil and mixed media using mostly india ink and watercolor on paper. The overarching themes of her work include exploration of identity: the feminine perspective, gender identity, racial and cultural identity, moods and emotion, existential questions about nature, physical and metaphysical reality, and of course things, people, and places that she thinks are beautiful.

The majority of Amanda’s inspiration is derived from her environment and upbringing, although the foundation for a lot of her motivation comes from a ceaseless desire to create. The aspects of her environment that have inspired her the most have been growing up in a border town; the perspective of a biracial person navigating the politics between two distinctly different cultural communities. A budding atheist in a community of Protestant Christians. A lesbian in a society that believes that the right to pursue happiness is something that should be voted on.

Amanda’s process when creating a piece vacillates between introverted contemplation and frantic nose to the grindstone worry trying to meet deadlines. She usually begins a painting/drawing with questions like, “Who/what do I want to paint today?” “What do I want to say?” “What do I want to make people feel?” She then proceeds to find a subject that best evokes the answer to one or more of these questions. After deciding on a subject she may begin immediately on a composition or will sketch out ideas and organize the composition. If the work is in pencil it is painstakingly drawn out with very precise, even, and calculated pencil strokes. If the work is watercolor and india ink it is sketched out on the paper in pencil first, inked, and filled in with color. Amanda’s experience in working as an artist has been shows with Thumbprint Gallery in La Jolla, CA and various coffee shops in both San Diego, CA and Denver, CO.

Although she has been drawing and painting for the majority of the time that she’s been able to hold a pencil, her formal training began her senior year in high school and proceeded into college which she earned an Associate of Art in Art from Imperial Valley College in Imperial, CA. She was then mentored for a year or so by artist Scott Brown, a resident of San Diego, CA. And continued to receive feedback, encouragement, and criticism from her peers also in large part by her cousin Raul Pizarro a working artist and resident of Mont Claire, CA. She intends to go back to school to earn her BFA in Painting and Drawing.

Amanda’s goal for her work is to reach as many people as possible in the hopes of inspiring intrigue into the positive exploration of the meaning of identity, what that means for people that are a part of different social minority groups, and to inspire pleasure in viewing such works and ideas. And also to eventually be a full time working artist.

My contact info is succulentcacti@gmail.com or my art page https://www.facebook.com/urquidezpangleart

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