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Secret Rome - sightseeing tours and cultural activities

Rome, Italy

Secret Rome - sightseeing tours and cultural activities to learn about the archaeological treasures, from 5 to April 27, 2014!

A new round of sightseeing and cultural activities will be offered to locals and tourists throughout the period of Easter by Roma Capitale, Department of Culture, Creativity and Artistic Promotion - Superintendence of Cultural Heritage Capitolina with the organization of Zètema Culture Project: 7 dates, 9 underground archaeological sites among the most important of the capital, 21 occasions of visits, 9 cultural organizations involved.

SECRET ROME Rome offers the opportunity to explore in depth, in its complex aspects.

Saturday, April 5 (10:00 hours. Whole € 13, reduced € 12) cultural association ARCHIMEDES (info and reservations http://www.archimedecultura.it/; +39.339.2201463, +39.338.6121834) is conducting a guided tour of the mithraeum ARA MAXIMUM OF HERCULES in square Mouth of Truth, 16a (S. Maria in retained) and walk with a visit to the monuments surrounding a group of at least 5 up to a maximum of 25 people. Housed in the third century. AD in a building dating back to the previous century, of which there are five rooms, the sanctuary, near the Circus Maximus, is home to a large relief depicting Mithras slaying the bull.

Starting from the first date of April 5, also opens the MAUSOLEO Lucilius PETO in the Via Salaria 125b (Saturday, April 5th at 15:00, Saturday, April 19 at 11:30 am and Saturday, April 26th at 15:00. Full € 10 reduced € 9) by the cultural ARTABLE (info and reservations http://artable.weebly.com/; +39.06.4391597; +39.339.1998481, +39.349.7820922). The impressive mausoleum circular is dated to the late first century BC Reused in the fourth century AD, in the walls of the corridor were obtained two orders of niches and was also excavated a small catacomb. Each visit is open to a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 people.

Same three dates but several times (Saturday, April 5th at 15:00, Saturday, April 19 at 10:00 am and Saturday, April 26th at 11:30 am.

€ 8; reduced € 4) for visits to LUDUS MAGNUS via Labicana corner Piazza del Colosseo by the cultural LUDUS ROMAN HISTORY GROUP (info and reservations http://www.gruppostoricoromano.it/gruppo-storico-romano/; + 39.06.51607951). The Ludus Magnus was one of four gladiators' barracks built to serve the Flavian Amphitheatre. The building, brick, originally consisted of three floors. At the center of the courtyard was a small arena for training. The tours are for a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 25 people.

The cultural association GEA (info and reservations +39.389.0462469) organizes three dates (Sunday 6th, Saturday 19 and Saturday 26 April at 15:00. Full € 10, reduced € 9) for groups of minimum 10 and maximum 30 people to MAUSOLEO AHEAD OF WHEAT in the square of the Tribunes (inside the garden, entrance from Via A. Pediano). At the fourth mile of via Tuscolana stands a magnificent tomb mounds considered one of the most impressive antiquity. He was called since the Middle Ages "Monte del Grano" because of its shape similar to that of an inverted bushel.

Same three dates but several times (Sunday, April 6th at 10:00 am, Saturday, April 19th at 15:00 and Saturday, April 26th at 17:00. Whole € 11.50, reduced € 10.50) for visits to by the cultural ITINERA (info and reservations http://www.itinera.biz/; info@itinera.biz; +39.06.27800785) at the Tomb of the Scipios in Via di Porta San Sebastiano 9. On the Via Appia Antica, a short distance from Porta San Sebastiano is the tomb of the family of the Scipios, whose construction dates back to the third century BC In the other structures are preserved, including a valuable columbarium, dating from the early first century AD to the late ancient age. The groups may be composed of 4 up to 12 people.

There will be two opportunities to visit MONTE TESTACCIO via Zabaglia 24 / corner of Via Galvani (Saturday 12 and Sunday 27 April at 11:30. Whole from € 8 to € 11, reduced from € 4 to € 10), an artificial hill formed fragments (Latin: testae) of the amphorae that passed in the nearby river port that bears witness to the intense commercial activity of Imperial Rome. The tours, organized by the cooperative society ARX (info and reservations http://www.visiteguidateroma.info/; +39.337.373414; +39.338.3424820), are for a minimum of 10 up to a maximum of 30 people.

The cultural association M'Arte (info and reservations http://www.associazionemarte.org/; +39.392.1637469) proposes two visits (Sunday, April 13th at 11:30 am and Saturday, April 26th at 10:00. Whole € 12, reduced € 11) at the Columbarium of Pomponius Hylas via Latin Gate 10 (Park of the Scipios). Despite its small size, the columbarium is one of the most interesting examples of a cremation burial. Remarkable state of preservation of the frescoes, stucco and mosaic reminiscent of the Pomponio which takes its name from the tomb. They are allowed a maximum of 7 people per visit and the visit will be made only with the whole group.

THE AUDITORIUM OF PATRON wide Leopardi 2 will be available for two visits (Sunday 13 and Sunday 27 April at 10:00. Adults € 4; concessions € 3) for groups up to 30 people. The CD Auditorium was part of the great villa of Maecenas, friend and counselor of Augustus. Discovered in 1874, it consists of a large hall with an apse frescoes of the century. a.
C.; the environment was probably intended to banquets and performances. The tours are organized by the Cultural Iter (info and reservations http://www.itercultura.net/; +39.347.2474458).

The visits to the insula UNDER ROMAN PALACE OF MIRRORS by way of St. Paul to the Rule 16 are on a journey back through the door of time to learn a cross-section archaeological
in the heart of Rome. It will come down to 8 meters below the street level to explore a variety of environments, warehouses and islets, divided on two floors. The organization (Saturday 19 and Saturday 26 April at 17:00. Whole € 15, reduced € 14) cultural association BELL'ITALIA88 (http://www.bellitalia88.it/; +39.06.39728186) for groups of minimum 12 and maximum 25 people.

All information about the program, reservations, timetables and details of the visits will be available at 060608.

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from 5 to 27 April 2014



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