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FCVI 2014 #DAY2 Festival del Cinema Veramente Indipendente

Festival del Cinema Veramente Indipendente Vicolo del Puttarello, 25, Roma, Italia

Il Cinema Indipendente fa Veramente schifo?
Non merita forse la stessa attenzione e non ha forse la stessa dignità del “vero” Cinema?
Venite a dire la vostra al Cinema Trevi.
L'ingresso è rigorosamente FREE fino ad esaurimento posti quindi venite 20 minuti prima dell'inizio degli spettacoli!

Qui si vuole creare un movimento in grado di cambiare le regole di questo gioco.
Qui si vuole mettere Veramente in movimento il Cinema Indipendente.
Qui si vuole tessere una rete di cineasti attivi e appassionati, attraverso un’esposizione indipendente da meccanismi lobbistici e da individualismi ingiustificati che vi mettono gli uni contro gli altri.

La seconda giornata di questa seconda edizione del FCVI prevede 3 spettacoli di corti in lingua originale (sottotitolati) provenienti da 14 diversi paesi.
17:00>19:00 corti dal mondo
19:00>21:00 corti dal mondo
21:00>23:00 corti dal mondo

>> 1°spettacolo STRANIERI (17.00 - 19.00)

Harakiri di Andrey Andonov Drama Colour 3’
Kotkata is enjoying his Mango. He reads one of the best books about nutrition and athletic performance. However, to learn how to eat doesn’t mean that you have learnt how to live without to harm yourself.

Little Hands di Mher Hovvyan Bio Colour 6’
duality of human existence ,love and joy, ugliness and cruelty and pain ... cycle of life ... loneliness in the middle of others …about us.

Derniers Recours di Mahi Bena Drama Colour 18’
Slimane leaves the office for foreign students. He comes to learn that the renewal his residence permit was refused. His friend Mehdi has a solution: a marriage of convenience. He said that money is not a problem. Slimane must agree to work with him in his illegal business and may well repay what this wedding will cost. Slimane refuses at first, but when he sees his boss manhandling and his situation worsening, he will have doubts about these convictions. Will he yield in to temptation?

Iterari di Matías Rubio Sperimentale Colore 5’
The man gets ready, mind and soul. Seems to be another one in the crowd that prepares to work. But his work is not like someone else's. He goes over the streets of the city looking for it. He can't drive anymore, but that won`t stop him. From that day on, the man only exists in a repetition.

Ayrılık di Ümit Tayam Drama Colour 19’
The disagreement of a son, whose mother has left home with his father and his desire to leave the villiage.The loss of balance between the father and the son in the absence of the mother.The son's desire to hang his mother's picture on the wall and his father's objection to this.

Donkey Planet di Paolo Sedazzari Comedy Colour 10’
ONE MAN IS ON A MISSION TO SAVE THE DONKEYS... AND NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP HIM! Jack Craven is a SICK man. SICK of his unfulfilling job in a call centre, SICK of corporate culture, and SICK of the way the human race treats the donkeys - especially those fat kids riding those poor beach donkeys. He jacks in his job, burns his bridges and goes on an all-out mission to save the donkeys from the human race...

>> 2°spettacolo STRANIERI (19.00 - 21.00)

Gagarin Fairy Tale di Margaret Cox Experimental Colour 8’
Gagarin the Russian fairy tale for the International year of culture Russia and UK

Ent(r)e di Tiago Inácio Horror Colour 16’
When a mysterious creature is granted the skin and flesh of a beautiful and seductive woman, everything is conceded to her. However, at the end of a cycle, the creature must return to its World and deliver something that she carries within herself. A refusal to comply with orders could destroy a very tenuous balance between these two realities that coexist under very strict rules than can not be questioned... or challenged.

Futbolero di Juan Manuel Aragón Peluquero Drama Colour 13’
Pelayo vuole tornare a casa con un nuovo taglio di capelli e sbarbato. E' notte ed è disorientato, trova un barbiere aperto. La sua salvezza diventa un incubo nel finire nelle mani di un barbiere fanatico del calcio

Clarisse di Luciano Sazo Drama B/W 13’
"Sometimes pain can make us lose sight of reality, blending the past with the present and everything becomes uncertain. And it is this uncertainty that is Clarisse (Francisca Figueiredo), a young woman lost in the time it gradually turns out to discover a new reality that can change the course of your life woman. "

Durch die Nacht (Through the Night) di Pfeiffer Marco Drama Colour 7’
A young woman loses her boyfriend in a car accident. Out of her mind she runs throught the night with her desperation rising with every step...

Sorte di Ozge Sargin Experimental Colour 2’15’’
A young man goes out to follow his playful "destiny", only to find out that when he manages to capture it, it will be the end his journey.

>> 3°spettacolo STRANIERI (21.00 - 23.00)

Eusebia di Pedro J. Poveda Horror Colour 8’
Eusebia spends her free time with her friends and sewing rag dolls. After a series of events she discovers that she is able to channel his aggression in the most unexpected way...

Sara di Jackel Chow Drama Colour 10’
Sara the dancer has an accident while dancing and becomes paralyzed. When her pianist friend Teresa takes care of her everyday, they develop an intimacy far beyond friendship. Yet Sara gets desperate day by day without seeing hope of recovering. Meanwhile, Teresa's boyfriend want to know where the relationship with Teresa is going.

Man Vs Paper di Nikita Rao Animation Colour 1’
Using a technique known as pixilation, we decided to create an unusual phenomenon with the use of an everyday material. We gave "paper" qualities of other materials such as glass, metal, elastic and Velcro, we also gave it life!Our video portrays an impossible interaction between a man and a piece of paper. Film By: Sofia Aronov, Laris Alara Lilimci, Taymah Anderson Nikita Rao

Heavy Vibrations di Iphgenia Baal Experimental Colour 8’
Static newsreel for a post-apocalyptic world; based on a text from Iphgenia's 2012 publication Gentle Art (Trolley Books, 2012). The film has been screened at the Photographers Gallery (London) and Trash Cannes (Hastings).

The Hunter di Ara Arush Drama Colour 18’
Dedicated to heroes and mothers. The hunter is a film of our time, the film shows the relation of the person to MOTHER (in the deepest meaning of this word), AS the BASIS FOR LIFE

Pressure di Ömer Yavuz Experimental Colour 2’
Social pressures that people are exposed to in daily life are tried to be explained with nuts. The bowl represents various strata of society (neighborhood, school, workplace, country, etc.) and nuts represent individuals. We differ on many characteristics such as race, gender, national origin, color, ethnicity, religion. Due to these individual differences, we see that minority groups were subjected to psychological pressure. Fear of discrimination and exclusion is one of the main reasons for this pressure. That's why minority groups; are unable to express their thoughts freely, hide their individual differences from others, and sometimes even assimilate into the majority. Like in the first scene of the film. Pressure can also be seen as top-down pressure. Those who are governed, for the personal benefit of themselves assimilate into the top position (boss, manager, king, prime minister, etc.). Like in the second scene of the film. Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that "All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law". Therefore, people have right to live without being have to wear masks, hide their thoughts, and assimilate into others. Like in the final scene of the film.

Window di Qian Xie Experimental Colour 1’
For the scenery outside the window, is it realistic or is it continuously be altered?

VIVIENTE di Ivalo Frank Horror Colour 6’
Set to the song 'Viviente' by Brazilian musician Jirasol, the film explores the issue of identity through the mediums of contemporary dance, lyrics and music - all modes of expression performed by artists with their individual cultural backgrounds. The film highlights how our own body language, combined with the sensitivity of music, can overcome all cultural barriers.

Bicycle notes di Fernanda Torres Fantasy Colour 3’
A curious and jaunty penny-farthing sets out across a rolling planet on a musical outer-space adventure. This is a fantasy story made from the experimentation between art and music in one piece, pursuing an approximation of symbols that aims to show the power of music on people's feelings through a surrealistic story with a positive idea.

Voyage series – 2 di Mohsen Mousavi Experimental B/W 3’
My work as a video artist is based on the notion that meaning is created within it, when the relationship between picture and sound meet in viewer mind, in voyage a series of shots, a sailboat is seen moving across the screen from left to right or right to left to create a moving image. My videos are non-narrative, time-based work. They combine segments of reality in real time and space. Also, I use a small number of monochromatic images to occupy the screen after making changes so that the video is 50% slower than actual time speed of the video duration to create smooth slow-motion movement into the framework, and although its seems to me as if the images are created by charcoal on white paper which they move across screen.

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