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In the shadow of the Abbey - Frederick Barbarossa in Leno

via brescia, Leno Brescia, Italy

Between shows and medieval tournaments, banquets and jesters history and reenactment meet in extraordinary event that is going to animate the town of Leno, in the province of Brescia: September 26 to 28 next group medieval "In Illo Tempore", with the Dominated Leonense collaboration of the Foundation, Community Foundation of Brescia and Cassa Padana Bcc, will stage the second edition of the residence of Frederick Barbarossa, the legendary Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, at the Benedictine monastery of Leno. And 'in fact documented that in 1185 the dreaded emperor lived in the ancient Benedictine abbey lenese, to settle a long-standing dispute between the abbot of the monastery and the Bishop of Brescia. In the enchanting scenery of Villa Badia - the place where once stood the great monastery, founded by the last Lombard king Desiderius and today archaeological site - the association "In illo tempore ..." to celebrate this historic visit involved more than 150 people in costume from all over Italy and Switzerland. Each group, armed archers, musicians and jugglers, commoners and charlatans, swindlers and stroleghi, show to the king Barbarossa and present their skills: demonstrations of archery, sword drills, farandoles unleashed to the sound of bagpipes and drums . Visitors of all ages will enjoy this show but not only can discover what life was like between fires, archers, simple commoners, music and blunders, jugglers and storytellers, turning off your thirst with wine spiced, good strong drink (beer) mulsa water or take advantage of the "Taberna de lo wanderer" set up inside the park to sample delicious recipes. Will be an exhibition with market stalls where you can find thematic objects and curiosities medieval and Sagitta Imperialis group exhibit showcasing the medieval torture machine. To relive the full story and get the soul of the distant past will be able to participate also sensorially. And so the flavor of the food, the thrill of wine, friendship shared a banquet resurface an important act in the history of mankind. Dinner historical laden strictly respecting the custom of the time and with the illustrious presence of the emperor, enhanced by musicians and jugglers, will be set up in the basement of Villa Badia (limited number, reservation number 3341537951). PROGRAM Friday, September 26th 19.00 - Opening of a cozy "Taberna de lo wanderer" 20:45 pm - Theater Performance "Journey to the land of the Lombards" by the Theatre Group Candy Saturday, September 27th 14.00 - OPENING OF THE EXHIBITION doors Villa Badia open to the public who can visit: - camps set up in the park - the exhibition of medieval torture machines, - the medieval market opening of the "Taberna de lo wanderer" 16.30 - EMPEROR'S ARRIVAL arrives on Redbeard horse - accompanied by his wife and his entourage - including music, wings set and foreigners lined up along the avenue. Re-enactment of the meeting between the Emperor and the Abbot actually occurred on 31/12/1185. In his imperial tent, after careful inspection to the camps, the emperor will receive those who want to pay homage to him, waiting for the evening banquet. 20.30 - DINING WITH THE EMPEROR Medieval Dinner (on reservation at No. 3341537951) enlivened by jesters, musicians, singers and entertainment, set in the picturesque setting of the basement of Villa Alta Badia. From 21.00 - SHOWS AND DEMONSTRATIONS OF SKILL 'In the park between fires, music and blunders, spiced wine, good strong drink (beer), and water mulsa: shows soldiers, archers, peasants, jugglers and storytellers into the night. Sunday, September 28th from 9:00 - THE AWAKENING The characters animate the streets of the historic center of Leno. 10.00 - OPENING OF THE EXHIBITION access to the camps: history moments of camp life and training benches. The public can visit: - camps set up in the park - the exhibition of medieval torture machines, - the medieval market opening of the "Taberna de lo wanderer" From 14.30 - IN HONOR OF EMPEROR Armed, archers, musicians and jugglers, commoners and charlatans, swindlers and stroleghi, will offer the best of what they can do. Demonstrations of archery, sword drills, farandoles to the sound of bagpipes and drums, training benches where you can listen ignored things, sipping spiced wine or sample loaves of old. 16.00 - THE TOURNAMENT 'D'ARME GROUP OF MEDIEVAL XIII CENTURY The armed challenge before the Emperor Tournament focuses on 3 tests of skill: archery, shooting with the ax, free trial Hours 18.00 - 19.00 WELCOME TO GROUPS OF PARTICIPANTS - CLOSURE OF THE EVENT The curtains are lowered, the gate closes, all at home ... waiting for a new adventure.

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from 26 to 28 September 2014



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