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Seoraksan 3Types(Easy/Top/Challenging Dinosaur Ridge),Sokcho Beach,Sokcho Tour

Mount Seoraksan 강원 속초시 설악동 43, Sokcho, Changwon, Corea del Sud

TAG: 3 variations for Seoraksan :
♣ Type A,2~4Hour Stroll : Valley in inner part And Ulsanbawui,waterfall,cable car at outer part
♣ Type B,8Hour: Shortest to Daecheongbong,Ulsanbawui,waterfall,cable car at outer part
♣ Type C,11~16Hour : Across the Seoraksan,Sunrise, Dinosaur Ridge
Hello Everyone!
Finally,spring is here!
And the all the trails in Seoraksan finally open to public!
We will have amazing time to hike and to enjoy the majestic Seoraksan and the beautiful sokcho beach at a one trip~!

Seoraksan is the most popular among expats because it is exceptionally scenic and well worth the hike.
If you are firsttimer of Seoraksan! Don't worry!
It has a variety of trails that range from easy to strenuous.
And please take time to read how to prepare to enjoy hiking!
We will take you to the inner part of Seoraksan where you can see the real beautiful part of valley for sightseeings or we will make a group to conquer the top of Seoraksan along the ridges to have stunning view!
Also, for those who eager to experience of tough challenging ,we will build a team to cross all the ridges from west to top and to the dinosaur ridge for 16~17hours!
Due to the intensity of the long hike (approx. 12-17 hours of hiking), AT YOUR OWN PACE. Please choose the type of hike you want/can do accordingly on Saturday.then, Sunday morning we move to Sokcho city to enjoy beach or city tour!
[Hiking Information]
(♣ A Type).Jujeongol valley,Ulsanbawui or Cable car or stroll the paved trails
- Arrive pension first,chilling hike on saturday morning
- you can enjoy spa,Osaek Yaksu (sulfur spring water spa)
- Jujeongol valley : Leisurely stroll ,1hour up and 1hour down
- move to 2PM to outer part of Ulsanbawui ,or Biryong Waterfall, or Cable car
- Mysterious Ulsanbawui trails : many travel book of korea take the picture of it. It mostly takes 2 hours up and 2hour down
- Gwangeumseong Fortress on the peak: cable car at the Sogongwon park

(♣ B Type). Shortest to the TOP,DAECHEONGBONG for 8hours
- Hangyeryeong ridge -> 4hour->Jungcheong shelter -> 20min -> Daecheongbong ->2.5hour-> Namseorak entrance
Across the Seoraksan
(♣ C Type). Across Seoraksan for 11 hours
- Hangyeryeong ridge -> 4hour->Jungcheong shelter -> 20min -> Daecheongbong ->1.5hour-> Huiungak shelter -> 3Hour,descending -> Cheonbuldong valley course -> Biseondae,valley restaurants-> Sogongwon Park,you can see the huge sitting budda
[16 hours hiking]
- only for experienced hike!
- The 16 hour hiking is hiking along the Dinosaur ridge (check out my profile picture!)
- This is same with 12 hours and includes Dinosaur ridge after Huiungak
- Hangyeryeong ridge -> 4hour->Jungcheong shelter -> 20min -> Daecheongbong ->1.5hour-> Huiungak shelter -> 6Hour -> Biseondae,valley restaurants-> Sogongwon Park,you can see the huge sitting budda
Sokcho city on Sunday
We can chill on the beach with beautiful sceneries of Seoraksan and ocean and beach!
We will arrange city tour on our own chartered bus!
If anyone want to hike more,then we can pick up later when we get back to Seoul,too
1. Abai village
when Korea war, there were people from North Korea couldn't return to N.K,they formed a village and keeps the traditional food and life.You can taste some best seafood and north korean style soup! and there is a boat to cross lake by your own power! it cost only 500won!
2. Sokcho beach
3. Yeongrangho lake : You can walk around the lake for an 1~2 hour or biking,kayaking

♣ How to Join
this trip will be fantastic,if you want to join this trip,please,hurry to confirm~! FIRST WIRED,FIRST CONFIRMED~! Spread the word and bring friends~!
-to book,

(1) please,wire in advance(78,000won,kookmin bank,762301-04-223562,김승일(Seoul Hiking))
78,000won includes
- 2day bus transportation
- 1day youthhostel(mostly 4 person room and 5 person room),
- Dinner (Cheese burger,veggie mix)
- Breakfast (Fruits,burrito,meshed potato)
- private room charge(2 person +30,000won,1person +45k won)
- Type A : extra 15,000won for the mountain pension on Saturday morning
Please,wire money in advance to help me to organise trip.In springtime, it's difficult to book,everything sells out very fast.

please, don't miss it~!
[early bird discount] choose your options
A. ₩72,000: now ~ April,25th,Fri
B. ₩75,000: ~ May,2nd,Fri
*** it's hard to book,everything sells out fast.please, wire in advance~! thanks~!

(3).After wiring money,we need information,SIMPLY copy & modify it on the WALL
♣ Important to copy and modify the following in the event wall:
If you don’t want to post your information on Facebook, you can email your details to: seoulhiking@gmail.com

------copy & modify-->
1).TITLE: May Majestic Seoraksan,Sokcho Beach,Sokcho Tour
3).BUS DISCOUNT : for those who came to BUS trip AT LEAST
1~2times:-₩2,000 won, 3~4times:-₩4k /
5~6times : -₩6k / 7~8 :-₩8k / 9~10 :- ₩10k
11~20 :- ₩12k / 21~30 :- ₩14k, more than 30 time : - 16,000won
4).SUM OF FEE : basic fee - early bird - bus discount + Option for room
6).where you take the bus at : (choose yours and delete the rest.thanks)
(PLEASE, firsttimers,check the map below : 1040PM Hanjeong 11PM Yongsan stn,1120 Express bus terminal,1140 Jamsil)
7) Please,add to the fee when you wire money!
A.Type A : extra 15,000won for the mountain pension on Saturday morning
B. private room charge(2 person +30,000won,1person +45k won) per day.
------copy & modify-->

♣ How to prepare:
- Come with an open-mind to connect with people from all over the world
to enjoy trip! don't worry be happy!

Packed with~! Pack as light as possible~
-Snacks: Remember to pack easily digestible and/or high calorie snacks
(nuts, raisins, rice cakes, candies , vegetables and fruits)
- for lunch : bread, kimbap and chips
- water : 500*2 bottles. (2 liter bottles may be too heavy for the hike. There are stations to refill your water bottle).
- Jacket and layers of clothes for wind on the ridges
- Flashlight when you have. We have some extras.
- a camera
- cash to buy snacks at the shelter.
* IN CASE of rain you should buy a poncho (1~2,000won).

[Tentative Itinerary]
May,16 1040PM Hapjeong 11PM departs from Yongsan, 1120PM Express bus terminal,1140PM Jamsil
3AM Hangyeryeong ridge

310AM Osaek Yaksu
- Check-in
2PM Departs for Sogongwon where we can hike,Ulsanbawui,Biryongwaterfall,Cable car
there is entrance fee 3,500 won by the Shinheungsa temple where the Sogongwon park is located in.
The teahouse next to Big sitting budda serve green tea for free.so it's worth of entrance fee.
7PM pick up all the members at Sogongwon Bus Stop
- Cheese burger dinner time!
- Make huge bonfire! Our Own Burning Man~ collect wood in mountain
- breakfast, banana,peanut butter,bread,cheese
9AM Departs for Sokcho, 10 min by bus
- take people to Sogongwon who wants to enjoy more hiking
- Beach time
- So-mae-mul-do Tour
- Free hike to top of mountain,1 hour up
12PM Bus tour
- Abai village,Lake
- pick up at the beach
- pick up at the Sogongwon
3PM departs for Seoul, Yongsan drop off

♣ First Timers~! To Enjoy trip more pleasantly!please take time to read below!
Join hiking trip! How to live a healthy wealthy life is how often close to nature!
please,click to read few minute for the details!
[♣ How to pack:bring less,open more to experience]
[♣ Map of pick-up]
[♣ FAQ on the group trip-The most commonly asked questions]
: bathroom break - Hwajangsil(화장실) is bathroom in korean,all the public shops are obliged to show bathroom for guests.
: trash bin - keep trash in plastic bag till find it at public places or grocery stores.
: Bus departure time - announce when it changes on the bus.
[♣ Prepared foods for overnight trip]
[♣ REQUEST TRIP!] And enjoy trip for free! many of trips are organized by requests.please,seoulhiking@gmail.com
[♣ Q&A] about any trips. seoulhiking@gmail.com
[♣ Trip Helper : If you enjoy helping others,enjoy trip all year around!]
trips,hiking,adventure,camping! 도우미를 신청하시면 무료로 여행에 참여하실 수 있습니다.
♣ Outdoor Nature is good for us! So many mental and physical benefits!
♣ Trips are open to everyone. New-comers are more than welcome!
♣ Love nature~! Let’s explore and experience all that South Korea has to offer!
♣ Embrace Culture and meet same-minded People!
♣ People come together and make life long memories with the SEOUL HIKING GROUP~!
Save friends from smoky bars! Invite them along and show them all that Korea has to offer~!
Have a nice day~!

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