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LIL'-CON! #1 - gaming and events convention - OFFICIAL RESCHEDULED DATE - SATURDAY APRIL 19TH, 2014

American Legion 950 Payne Ave, North Tonawanda, New York, Stati Uniti


Sickboy Productionz, Ichiban Games, and Universal Gaming bring you... LIL'CON! #1 “Where It All Comes Together.”

@ The American Legion Stephen Sikora Post
950 Payne ave. North Tonawanda, NY
Doors at NOON – will last until AT LEAST 11pm
$5 ticket or door – ALL AGES!

GET TICKETS EARLY....this does have very much potential to “sell out” and we want no one left behind! Tickets sold online at: http://sickboyproductionz.ticketleap.com/lilcon2014/



This is a small eventful convention located in the Western New York area. We are hosting this event at the American Legion Stephen Sikora Post located at 950 Payne Ave. North Tonawanda, NY. Doors at NOON, and start right away! This event will be all day and will last until at least 11PM (but we can go longer if need be so hey, GAME ON!! We will have table top games, video games, card games, vendors, live music, comedy, and many events through the day. Tons of free parking for everyone as well in a safe area.

Vendors selling wonderful items such as table top / card games, video games, anime related items, comic books, horror art work, vintage toys from the 80's and 90's, and more! We'll also be selling shirts for the event for $10, so definitely pick one up!

Live musical performances from the awesome DJ-HJ spinning the tunes, and the master of all things hip hop EMCEE M.D. Spitting music from his upcoming album O.G. (Original Gamer). Plus hilarious stand up improv comedy by Dave Shwartz.

Guest appearances from Michael Thomasson who is the Guinness Book Of World Records holder of the world's most video games! Also, the awesome wrestlers of Empire State Wrestling, and the elite ghost hunting team from Greater Western New York Paranormal Society and PIT Society. More to be announced as well!


Participate in great events such as the DDR tournament, Fighting game tournament, Super Mario Kart Battle Tornament, The “Most Epic Stopy Ever”, The Great Poke-ball Hunt”, Cosplay "Wench Auction", a COSPLAY CONTEST FOR A CASH PRIZE, and more!

Oh hey...did we mention there's a bar....oh yes... there is!

Like we said, this is “Where It All Comes Together”, so definitely get come out and check out the CON. Event schedule to be up so everyone can see very soon.


12 NOON – DOORS OPEN! - Registration for games will be right away so you can game immediately!

3:00 PM – DDR TOURNAMENT - Shake that booty as you compete to be the master of all Dance Dance Revolution. Prizes for the winner...oh yes!

5:00 PM – THE GREAT POKE'BALL HUNT - Poke'balls = prizes... gotta catch 'em all!!!

5:30 PM – MARIO KART BATTLE TOURNAMENT - That's right! The old school classic battle frenzy of the original Super Mario Kart Battle is coming to you in the form of a tournament style battle. Breaking balloons with turtle shells and banana peels for prizes... the ultimate glory!

7:00 PM – FIGHTING GAME Tournament - A fighting game tournament of epic proportions. Game of choice will be SUPER SMASH BROS. (Game Cube). Time to brush up on your skills... or mash buttons ;)

8:00 PM – THE EPIC STORY - The name says it all! Take part in creating and writing some lines in an epic tale that will be read to all at the stroke of 8PM. This event will be going on throughout the day up until 8PM, so be sure to write your little slice of the adventure that unfolds. Be as funny and obscure and rediculous as you with to have things be. Everyone will receive a special little paper ticket upon entry that you give to our "EPIC STORY" book keeper.

8:45 PM – THE COSPLAY WENCH AUCTION - 3 gorgeous ladies dressed up in cosplay that are up for bid, where those who win each lady of the auction, gets a free delightful dinner with that lady at a wonderful restaurant. So get out your rupees, zenny, and greenbacks, because you could be the luckiest guy of the night! Prize sponsored by Say Cheese Pizza Co. / Comic Book Shop!

9:20 PM – MUSIC / COMEDY SHOW - 3 incredible performers of 3 diverse styles.
Get ready for the hilarious improv comedy stylings of David Schwartz. We're super excited to have David be the guy to make everyone's sides split, plus introduce the musical acts EMCEE M.D. and DJ-HJ on the show.
The hip hop samurai doing it nerdy and dirty, EMCEE M.D., will be performing new songs off his album O.G.(Original Gamer) as well as a few classics and other new jams all about Superheroes, Video Games, and other slices of life. GET ROWDY!
DJ-HJ will keep you dancing strong with his amazing song mixes and mash ups of mass gaming proportions. You've seen him rocking hard every MINI-CON and UB-CON,.. well he's here to rock again!

10:30 – COSPLAY CONTEST - An awesome cosplay contest FOR A CASH PRIZE!!! The best costume wins it, so dress up in your best costume of ANY kind. From Sci-Fi, to Horror, to Video Games, to Comics, to Anime... MAY THE BEST COSPLAYER WIN!!!


There's a lot to sign in on so we'll keep it moving quickly. We will have a general sign in area for every attendee, a list for each tournament, and list for the cosplay contest. These will all be going on throughout the day. You do not have to sign up for the THE GREAT POKE'BALL HUNT, EPIC STORY, or COSPLAY WENCH AUCTION.


Michael Thomasson - GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS's Michael Thomasson owns THE WORLD's LARGEST VIDEO GAME COLLECTION. However, not only can you talk to him about the collection and etc. BUT if you didn't know MICHAEL IS A VIDEO GAME DEVELOPER WHO HAS RELEASED MANY GAMES for retro consoles like Atari, Genseis, Dreamcast, and more from his awesome store GOOD DEAL GAMES & HOMEBREW HEAVEN.

Empire State Wrestling - The awesome wrestlers of Empire State Wrestling will be hanging out and signing autographs and taking pictures representing the area's best of Buffalo NY's newest era of professional wrestlers!

Greater Western New York Paranormal Society / PIT Society - The elite ghost hunting team from Greater Western New York Paranormal Society and PIT Society has been doing online youtube feeds of their escapades for some time now, and are here to show that they ain't afraid of no ghost. Come meet and talk to the crew of these ghost hunters.


I thought i should probably post this up for keeping things legit and safe.


1) Skimpy clothing is fine and dandy, there's characters that are pretty unclothed, however, no nudity.

2) No purposely offensive costumes. We may not be extremely family freindly, but remember, there is a line that we do draw when it comes to offensive costumes.. If you are unsure if your costume is in good guidelines, then please message the Con-director, Mark Miller


1) no actual guns, and if you have some sort of nerf thing to look like whatever character has that weapon, please, no projectiles to be shot. There's no nerf war anyways, so please, projectiles at home

2) knives, swords, and other stabby and pokey weapons should only be able to cut butter for your toast, and poke soap bubbles. As always, great to show people, but the bluntest of objects can somehow be hellish. So yeah, safety first, and be careful

3) Try not to flail them around. I know it's for show, i don't want a barrel of a gun going into someone's eye socket by accident. So please, try not to wield them like you're Conan.

4) No trying to snipe the Con-director... yup LOL

Above all though, be respectful, have fun, and definitely make sure all of you who have awesome costumes, get awesome pictures of your accessory and your character.


I would suggest the best place for pictures would be near the tree in the frontal area to the right of the building (the right meaning itf you were looking at the street from the establishment)


Get the flyer here and send it to your friends, they aren't going to want to miss it!
Send your friends to the event page.... we want to see them out there!

I want to prematurely give a big thank you to The Sikora Post for letting us host this awesome vent. I want to thank my amazing gaming director (and comedian of the night), David Schwartz and his wonderful helpers. A big thank you to all the vendors, musical acts, and event coordinators.... and most importantly... YOU for taking time to check this out. Without you, our gaming community isn't as strong, so hey, THANKS!

Now... go mark your calendar for... LIL'CON!

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