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Fritto Misto ... for lovers of fried food!

Ascoli Piceno, Italy

Fritto Misto back to Ascoli Piceno from April 25 to May 4, with 10 in the batter! Among the innovations the tenth edition, the menu 10 and Praise! and an exclusive Book of Recipes!

From April 25 to May 4 in Ascoli Piceno, Ascoli Tender Olive home, back Fritto Misto with an enriched program and many tantalizing news.

The event is a must for lovers of fried food, is organized by the Agency Sedicieventi Tuber Communications and in partnership with a number of associations in the territory and with the support of Regione Marche, Province of Ascoli Piceno, Ascoli Piceno Municipality and Chamber of Commerce of Ascoli Piceno.

The duration of the event, which went from seven to ten days embracing both the Feast of April 25 that the 1st of May, and the presence of 4 Chef of excellence with their menu 10 and Praise!, Are some of the news of ' edition, 2014, ready to give everyone a tasty culinary experience and a nice 10 in the batter!

For the ten-year milestone was also achieved the Book of Recipes "in Batter 10 - Recipes and characters of Fritto Misto" containing 50 of the most popular recipes of fried national and international proposals in the ten years of the festival and a special limited edition merchandise which traces 10 years of Fritto Misto set up at the Info-Square Arringo.
Among confirmations and new, the ingredients are all there to build on the success of last year which saw a 10% increase in visitors.

The Palafritto, it is confirmed heart of the event that has always put in the foil, the symbol par excellence of frying, the more traditional street foods and fries most innovative. At his side, the area that will host wine tasting events, workshops and show cooking and the highly anticipated special event: 10 Menus and Praise with a poker chef!

Do not miss the space dedicated to supply chain project Piceno Open, because Fritto Misto also contributes to the local economy, and the area reserved for Creative Direction Piceno, because the festival is a showcase for local events that promote and disseminate all Products eno picena. Lessons to drink, wine tastings and beer tastings provided at the Polo, is another must-see moment Edition 2014.

Fritto Misto is the main sponsor of The Count has always been synonymous with high quality and attention to consumers with its ability to blend tradition and innovation. The Magic Flour Lo Conte, create a center of cutting-edge research for the decomposition and recombination of cereals and for the study of intolerance, will be part of all the special recipes Palafritto.

The oil used for all recipes made during the event will be provided by the Florence Carapelli spa. Carapelli was born in Tuscany in 1893 and, since then, offers its consumers a wide range of products, olive oil expression of the passion of this land, designed to meet the needs of Use and taste in matters of dressing.
Fritto Misto is also environmentally friendly: Thousands of liters of oil used for frying will be recovered and recycled into biodiesel.

And here in detail the program of Fritto Misto 2014:
Palafritto | Daily | from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 18.00 to 23.00
The run-in path of taste Palafritto Square Arringo allow you to try more than 40 different recipes selected from the major Italian and international delicacies, with the fry as a common denominator. We will start from the typical Sicilian restaurant Ciuzz with arancini, cannoli and fried rice and, through the turnovers and the Pazzeria Dregher scagliozze Puglia Bari, it will lead to regional specialties, with the famous fried dumplings of Emilia Romagna Modena Patty - version salty Parma Ham and the sweet Nutella.

Lazio come from the irresistible fried roman Francesco Cingolani accompanied by fillets of cod and artichokes, as well as olives, cremini and kebabs, the Fritto Misto Kitchen Staff will prepare corn dogs and zucchini flowers in batter. The balls of macaroni Campofilone, cutlet and pan de coca will be proposed by Italian Trattoria San Benedetto del Tronto and the Pizzeria Mamma Rosa Ortezzano put on the table fried pizza at will.

Queens of the event will of course be all the specialties of Marche, starting from 'Ascoli olive oil, and the tasty fried Paranza from New Fish Piceno Ascoli Piceno. The fried gluten edited by Spiga Stop in collaboration with the Italian Celiac Association - Section of Ascoli Piceno, will be the protagonists of the gluten free with olives, fried cheese, fried chicken and rice balls.

The tasty Peruvian cuisine will not disappoint lovers of spicy, with empanadas, fajitas, picapollo, arepas, and cachanga picarones directly from the restaurant Las Lineas De Nazca Mercedes Mendoza; Greece will come from the delicious pita gyros, while satisfying the taste buds of those who prefer oriental perfumes we think the Japanese chef Jun Sato, directly from Italcook of Jesi, with tempura.

Palafritto | April 25 to 29 | from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 18.00 to 23.00
Saedas and fregula with cuttlefish with vegetables are crisp Sardinian specialties that will prepare Daniel Gianni Porto Torres, while the Osteria Ophis Offida put on the table flab and chips. Come from England Fish & Chips, while Spain will come churros and cipirones Restaurant El Duende.

Palafritto | from April 30 to May 4 | from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 18.00 to 23.00
To satisfy the palate of connoisseurs will also be friscieu sweet and savory focacceria of The Three Sisters, of Genoa, the trout fillets in batter Sibillini of the La Montemonaco trout and mountain cheese rolls in brik pastry Damiani and Rossi Sea of ​​Porto San Giorgio. To give an exotic touch to the wide range of specialties, we think, finally, the ethnic restaurant The Journey of Ascoli Piceno, which will offer falafel, langos roll and cheese.

To taste the crispy treats Palafritto simply buy the ticket tasting on sale at the Info Point in Piazza Arringo 10.00 EUR. Visitors will enjoy 3 samples of frying, a Meletti tasting, a tasting water Fiuggi, 1 tasting Piceno Open at the booths dedicated Arringo Square.
A discount of 50 cents on the ticket is also reserved for campers Club members PleinAir.

Love of Fried, Love for Art
With the purchase of the ticket tasting, you can take advantage of special discounts at the museum centers of Ascoli Piceno: well 4,00 EUR discount for the entrance to the Civic Museums and 2,00 € for the Forte Malatesta, for the Museum of 'Water and the Papal Paper Mill.

Menu 10 and Praise!
Square Arringo | Polo Tastings
10 Menus and praise! are new this year. There are four exclusive cooking show with themed dinners that will be prepared by Chef many, among the most famous of the Marches. You will begin Sunday, April 27, at 20.30 with Henry Mazzaroni, Chef of The Lime Montemonaco (AP) whose cuisine is distinguished by the ability to combine tradition and innovation. It will continue at the same hour, Monday, April 28 with Cedroni Moreno, chef of La Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia (AP) to which the Michelin guide has awarded 2 stars for creativity and excellence. Friday, May 2nd will be the turn of Aurelio Damiani, talented Chef and thickness of the Trattoria and Red Sea Damiani Porto San Giorgio (FM), while Sunday, May 4, Errico Recanati, Chef of restaurant Andreina di Loreto (AN), known for its succulent meat dishes, close the tenth edition of the festival.

Lessons from drinking
Polo Tasting | Square Arringo | Every day, alternate schedules
According to connoisseurs, wine is favored by the combination of taste fried. For this reason, in the rich program of Fritto Misto are proposed prestigious tasting sessions with the excellence drink Marche. Thanks to the expert guidance of the members of the Italian Sommelier AIS Marche and in collaboration with the Consortium of Wines Picenes and the Institute for the Protection of Marche wines, visitors can participate in meetings devoted to the combination of flavors and aromas of the wine region. Particular attention will be given to wine production of Piceno, Ancona and Jesi.

Below is the schedule of wine tastings:
- Saturday, April 26, 17:00:
Le Marche in the glass, 2014, with tasting of Conero Riserva DOCG
- Tuesday, April 29, 18:00:
The Rosso Piceno Superiore in Preview, with tasting of the new vintage of the Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC
- Wednesday, April 30 18:00:
Le Marche in the glass, 2014, with tasting Castelli di Jesi Verdicchio Riserva DOCG
- Saturday, May 3 18:00:
The Offida DOCG in Preview, with tasting of the new vintage dell'Offida Pecorino DOCG.

All abuzz
Square Arringo | Polo Tasting | Saturday | April 26 | 18 hours
To discover the art of pairing between beer and fried, the National Association of Beer Tasters, offers to all lovers of hops tasting "All abuzz for blondes and redheads." Guest, the brewery Mastio of Urbs Salvia.

A school of fry
Square Arringo | Polo Tasting | Saturday, May 3 | 20.00
The chef Jun Sato will reveal to all lovers of Japanese cuisine all the secrets to preparing the perfect tempura in the interesting lecture-tasting "The tempura flour for frying de flours Magic" produced in collaboration with Flour Lo Conte.

Area Beverage | Daily | from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 18.00 to 22.30
To accompany the fried specialties will not miss the selection of drinks at the Enoteca delle Marche. Here, thanks to the renewed collaboration with Consorzio Vini Picenos and the Institute for the Protection of Marche Wines will be present all the wines of the region, to be enjoyed in conjunction with many dishes.
And for fans of beer will also open an exclusive space, signed by the Brewery Mastio of Urbs Salvia, dedicated to beer to find the best combinations between blondes, redheads and ... frying.

OPEN Piceno

Square Arringo | Daily

After the success of last year, is also confirmed for the 2014 partnership between Fritto Misto and Open Piceno, Piceno Quality Vinea, a supply chain project realized by Vinea, a cooperative of wine producers operating in the Province of Ascoli Piceno, with the aim of promote and enhance the products protected designation of origin and those derived from organic agriculture of the Piceno territory. The project includes the excellent wines whose range consists dell'Offida DOCG (Passerina, Pecorino and Red Offida), Rosso Piceno, also in the Upper and Falerio Hills Ascolani; stuffed olives of Piceno, the white veal in Central Italy and numerous organic products, in particular extra virgin olive oil.

Every day you can take part in the tasting counter of organic extra virgin olive oils of the companies involved in the project and from 18.00 to 19.00 participate in interesting tastings with experts in organic extra virgin olive oil of the companies involved in the project.

Square Arringo
Every day Fritto Misto showcases local events that promote and disseminate the products eno picena. Sense Creative Piceno is, in fact, a project supported by Gal Piceno and implemented by the Consortium for Job Picenes Art, which offers networking events in the area of ​​promotion of excellence to do. The project will be presented Friday, April 25 at 16.00. Next, the laboratory and tasting anise green Castignano in pastry.

Saturday, April 27th at 18:00, the focus will be on copper, gold, red Force, while

Sunday, April 27, at the same time, it will be the turn of tasting liquor made from anise Castignano. Monday, April 28, again at 18:00, it starts with dessert pink gown, lab tasting dessert with apples Rosa dei Sibillini.

In the same time slot, for the rest of the week, workshops and tastings will take turns delicious. Tuesday, April 29th, the appointment is with Ciborghi of Italy, the kitchens of regional traditions, with Daniele Osteria Citeroni Ophis. Wednesday, April 30th will be the turn of Second to none, Festival of the rural kitchen of Piceno, laboratory and tasting of dishes from the culinary event of Acquaviva, while Saturday 3 and Sunday, May 4 the focus will be at two craft activities typical of the Piceno : Bolster! The laces of Offida When the plot is art, dedicated to the tradition of pagliarole of Acquaviva.

Polo Tasting | Square Arringo | Every day, alternate schedules
Workshop "Cook your oil"
The appointment is free for fans of small fry, with the laboratory manipulative your kitchen oil that will be held on Saturday 26, Monday 28, Tuesday 29, Wednesday, April 30, Friday 2 and Saturday, May 3 in three daily sessions at 9:00 am, at 10.00 and 11.00. The pupils of the kindergarten and primary schools will learn how to make the classic olive Ascoli according to the original recipe and eat just cooked!

Square Arringo | Saturday 3 and Sunday, May 4
Doma your stomach with Citrosodina
Visitors can have fun during the weekend of May 3 and 4 with Citrosodina who will attend the event, signing activity "Doma your stomach."
The more daring can test their courage and skill, going on a special mechanical bull by the unusual shape of the stomach.
As a gift, for all of the gifts of Citrosodina and Citrosodina Plus Chewable made from the extract of artichoke.
Market Fritto Misto | Square Arringo | Daily
In Piazza Arringo also reopen the Market Fritto Misto where, thanks to the collaboration with Mondovivo, you can taste the goodness eno national to purchase fresh produce of all kinds. A section of the Market will be dedicated to local specialties made with tender Ascoli.

Menu Fried Everything | Restaurants Ascoli Piceno | Daily
The local restaurants bride Fritto Misto! Do not miss the delicious Menu Fried Everything made specifically for the event from the restaurants of the old town to pay homage to the tradition of Ascoli at the table.
The whole fried menu you can taste at the Old Bonelli, the Art Cellar, the food court of the Sun, Best Food, the Lorenz Cafe, Ristorante Il Desco, the food the Pan Flute - Kitchen Land, Restaurant Leopoldus, Chilli Restaurant, Ristorante Villa Pigna at the Best Western Hotel.

To combine the goodness and health, in the day on Thursday, May 1st, the Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis Research Onlus, the public expects of Fritto Misto at the information desk in the Piazza Arringo for information on treatment, prevention and collecting spontaneous donations.

Fritto Misto expects his audience to Ascoli Piceno from April 25 to May 4, 2014 with 10 in the batter!

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