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Tavagnasco Rock Festival

Tavagnasco Turin, Italy

From April 25 to May 3, 2014 festival is held Tavagnasco Rock: silver wedding for a historic event that this led to his long life Tavagnasco (To), a beautiful little village on the border between Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, biggest names in rock nationally and internationally.

A great edition to celebrate a birthday in a special way the long-awaited, that is not the only one of the groups as guests this year, the Soledad Brothers, this year celebrates its twenty-year career, releasing one of its the twentieth anniversary of their first concerts in Tavagnasco. Given that the Soledad Brothers have believed from the outset in the project TavaRock it seemed natural for everyone to celebrate this double anniversary together and with their new album, with the usual vitality and energy that characterizes both celebrated.

Special thanks are always dedicated to the many volunteers that allow the structure to stand in an impeccable manner: on the occasion of the festival, in fact, Tavagnasco is reached by thousands of people, always satisfied with the extraordinary hospitality that makes this event is not only an opportunity to listen to good music, but also an opportunity to meet human productive and exciting.

A big thank you is also addressed to the institutions, with their support, allow the initiative to exist: the Piedmont Region, the Province of Turin, City of Tavagnasco and Mountain Community Baltea Valchiusella Sacred Valley.

This lucky musical adventure sees the light in 1990 thanks to the initiative of the Association Space Future, already active since 1983 with the noble intention of promoting the development of culture and tourism in the area, with particular attention to the music. A crossroads of cultures and traditions in the past, today is a reality Tavagnasco known throughout Italy as a reference point for the rock, as well as a destination for a great opportunity - thanks to a selection open to all artists with talent and a good ear - for lesser-known groups who are given the opportunity to perform on a stage prestigious and high profile in the national music.

Twenty-five musical proposals for twenty-five years of the Tavagnasco Rock, with big names and a lot of young bands ready to conquer the stage!
Friday, April 25 from 21.30 perform the Ska Beat Orchestra, the Drem's Project and the Soledad Brothers feat Mao.

The Beat Ska Orchestra is a formation composed of thirteen musicians including a horn section consisting of eight three trumpets, three saxophones (alto, tenor and baritone) and two trombones more rhythmic with keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, and a female voice soloist. Performs a repertoire consisting of some new songs of his own composition, and a large part of the standard of ska and rock steady, reworked in key orchestral. The artists are in particular the Skatalites and others, however, refer to sounds more typically jamaicane. The Beat Ska Orchestra was founded by Angelo Greek for seven years and was trombonist Persian Jones, one with Roy Paci, and has also collaborated to the realization of the so-called Jokes and Massacres of the Soledad Brothers. The Ska Beat and was born in 2010, but as a natural evolution of a previous training devoted to R & Blues: The No Way Out, which have played together for about fifteen years. L 'Orchestra, among other concerts, he has played with Persian Jones in Turin and at the Ska Fest in Bologna for the opening concert of Bad Manners.

The Drem's Project born in Andria (Bt) in 2007, meeting between Louis (Drem mc) and Peter (Stillah), with the intention of putting on un'hip hop live band. Right now, however, the infant project shows an openness to all black music, spreading his sound to funk and reggae (and its derivatives). In 2013 the band played at the prestigious event in Piedmont "Tavarock Festival" alongside Modena City Ramblers, Nobraino, Bluebeaters and Punkreas, thanks to the victory of the "No Label 2012", chaired by the Master Mogol from more than 400 national realities from 16 regions of the boot. The result causes the mayor of Andria, Mr. Nicola Georgie, to meet with the group to personally congratulate the commitment put in place to serve the cultural growth of the region. But the songs until then products were not ready for any form of distribution, since the quality of the acquired deficitava, like any demo result of self. So, with the help of Grooving records Gianluca Porro, a professional web site in their city, the Drem's Project chose to launch the first official single: Indifference. Always self-produced, self-promoted always, but with a new texture and sound dignity. The video of the piece is shot by Claudio Bases, young director in that of Taranto and presented at the site of Bari Apulia Film Commission.

The project Soledad Brothers (name borrowed from the title of the book by George Jackson, Black Panther activist who was killed in 1971) was founded in 1989, after a brief period as the Soledad Brothers. From the very first releases Brothers make clear their intentions, made of ska and reggae elements contaminated by combat rock, pop and texts (almost always signed by George "Zorro" Silvestri) that deal with issues but also to social background as seen through the filter of irony. The Soledad Brothers are: Roberto "Bobo" Boggio - vocals, George "Zorro" Silvestri - guitar, Gianluca Vacha - keyboards, Sergio Sucker - drums, Luke "Lockpick" Pisu - bass, Alberto Vacchiotti - guitar, Louis "Giotto" Napolitano - trumpet, Gabriel Biei - trombone. Mao, stage name of Mauro Gurlino is an actor, singer-songwriter, guitarist, DJ, VJ, radio host and television presenter and Italian. It was the band leader Mao and the Revolution.
The after show is curated by Alex Dj Mensa.
Saturday, April 26th, from 21.30 perform Ylamar, Francesco and Francesco Sarcina-C (former lead singer of The Vibrators).
Ylamar is the name of the musical trio who was born in April of 2013 by the will of Ilaria Lorefice (songwriter, vocals and acoustic guitar) and Marco Forgione (vocals and beat boxer) to create a musical way of combining the repertoire of songwriting and Ilaria show the human beat box of Mark. The meeting between the two singers is anything but random: Ilaria and Mark have worked together for many years together as members of the vocal group "Albert Hera Quintet" (acappella exploration project) despite having a very different background. Ilaria lends his voice and creativity for the creation of soundtracks and commercials, while Mark has a past as a front man of rock band metal and hard rock, today experimenter's vocal and the human beat box. Experimenting and playing, thanks to the artistic collaboration of Fabio Donatelli (formerly keyboardist and pianist, singer-songwriter in other formations), now presented with a new musical project unusual, intense and engaging.

Francis-C after years of music in the underground Valle d'Aosta, December 23, 1999 public with his own band's first album titled "Flan" rhymes electro-punk, texts in Italian, exhibitions rock'n'roll-digital angry and funny. Someone called it the last album of the millennium.
In 2000, he was selected (out of 400 bands Italian) from the prestigious All monthly and participates in the annual edition of Arezzo Wave Love Festival, where he took part in the project AIR Here befriends Negrita, which will involve the following in the writing of "Destined to get lost "and" My venom, "songs in the album" Man dreams of Flying "(2005).
Meanwhile, the song "You're happy," was chosen for a TV spot (broadcast on major private networks natazionali) and May 9, 2001 comes out on newsstands the single "Are you happy / Contact". The CD that reaches 20,000 copies sold, contains 5 tracks, including a remix of "You're happy," curated by Boost Subsonica and one of the "Contacts" produced and arranged by Roberto Vernetti. The video is transmitted in heavy rotation by Match Music.Dopo a year working with Roberto and Paolo Vernetti Gozzetti between Turin and London, was released in November 2001, "Standard" (Mescal / Sony), which All Music decreed as the best album of the Italian 'year. On January 17, 2005 in the studio with Madaski (Africa Unite) and Davide Tomat (young producer who has collaborated significant and voice of NAMB) to complete the third album, "Further" (Mescal / Sony) at the end of May 2005.

Francesco Sarcina was born in Milan on 30 October 1976. Begins his musical career playing in various groups, and in a cover band in Milan. In 1993 he met Alessandro Deidda, with which six years later form The Vibrators Deidda of which is the drummer. They are joined by Stephen Verderi (guitar and keyboards) and Marco Castellani (bass); after a few years of apprenticeship training reaches the popularity in 2003 with the single "Dedicated to You", platinum, anticipating their first album, VIBRATIONS, to great success. Follow - after participation in Sanremo in 2005 - THE VIBRATIONS II (2005), MACHINE SHOP (2006), DRAMATURGY and EN VIVO, both in 2008. In 2010, preceded by the single "Breathe", comes the new and latest disc, THE STREETS OF TIME. Francesco Sarcina, again in 2010, collaborated on the soundtrack of the TV series "Crime Novel" writing the song "Lebanese King" included on the disc that bears the name of fiction. In May 2012 it was announced the new solo project of Francis, preceded by the video "The visionnaire."

Gets to work on an album, the first solo Francis, after signing for Universal: it comes out in 2013, the single "All night long." The album, IO, is originally scheduled for release in September, but was then postponed at the end of the same year announced its participation in the Sanremo Festival in 2014, where he will compete in the Big with the songs "In your smile "and" In this city ". At the same time I released the album, his solo debut.
After Show: Mo'Bros DJ's

Thursday, May 1 from 15 hours performing groups Ecole du Rock, Melusine, I DALì, Nandha Blues Band, Keilys Folk, Wild Company. 21.30 S'marty's, Leon, Cosmo. In the afternoon there will be a charity football match "A game for Tania" (ninth edition). The objective of the game is to collect funds for malaria.

On May Tavagnasco Rock is organized in collaboration with the NGO UGI (Union of Italian parents against cancer in children).
The UGI is a voluntary non-profit, member of the FIAGOP (Italian Federation of Parents Associations Pediatric Oncology), established in 1980 at the Regina Margherita Children's Hospital of Turin by a group of parents of children suffering from the disease oncohematology, moms and dad united in suffering from the disease of their children, yet so selfless to want to share their experiences and offer help and support to other parents called to follow their own path marked by much pain and an unshakable faith in the healing of their children .

The solidarity and sharing, combined with the hope of returning the smile to a child and his family are at the same time the spring all'UGI for membership of this association and the glue that over the years, has consolidated its structure, defined and regulated by a specific bylaws, and developed a strong local roots, so as to be received by the constitution of the sections of Vercelli, Novara, Ivrea and the last born in 2004 thanks to the generosity and sensitivity of a mother courage, president Daniela Peretto, and the stubbornness of a pediatrician who trained at Queen Margaret Hospital Ivrea, dr. Affif Barbara. So, the challenge is to open an office in Ivrea UGI was greeted with enthusiasm by two friends of the president already active in other volunteer; subsequently infected with such enthusiasm other friends and parents, "cancer", and another pediatrician, Dr. Claudia Aicardi, caught by my colleague dr. Barbara joined the initiative that took off quickly even with the inevitable uncertainties, anxieties and fears of all their inception. The journey was long, it was the great effort required to submit and enter the new NGO in reality canavesana which were already active in service clubs and other voluntary associations; but the results were not slow to materialize and today, after five years, the section, which has secured a good visibility, has about fifty active members.

École du Rock is a project created by guitarist Max Arrigo (with Emanuela and Christian Curcio Robertelli) for the social cooperative Us & Others. There currently involved 10 adolescents, Italians and foreigners, aged between 12 and 18 years old, you have already performed at the Citadel and the Espace Populaire of Aosta. According to the founders of the rock group is one of the biggest potential of adolescents to socialize and can be a powerful channel of communication and therapy for critical issues of adolescence. The rock approaching the boys of all ages, nationalities and character, creating a universal language. The group is inspired by the movie "School of Rock".

The Melusine, composed by Roberto Cilia (voice), Alice Visconti (violin) and Jack Jericho (guitar) look like this on their website: "Our idea is to transmute the suggestions of popular music in the folklore of northern Europe, with all its nuances, also black, nightmarish and gloomy and not only imaginative and bright. We want to return to popular belief the same thickness, anxiety, fear, fascination, superstition, fear, curiosity, and that these stories and these myths had, through music, convey the same emotions that people had gathered around the fire to try to tell and listen ... "

The group is active DALì for sixteen years and is close to the release of the album "Revolution". Composed by Loris D'Alimonte (guitar, piano, vocals), Marcello Nigra (guitar), Paul Verlucca (bass and vocals) and Giorgio Barberis (drums and percussion), his genre of music has always been the Italian rock with an experimental folk / pop in recent years.

Nandha is the new power trio born in the foothills of the Alps, specifically in the capital of the Valle d'Aosta following the meeting of musicians who share a love for the blues and in particular for the formation of three, referring to the sound and spirit of great bands like Cream of Clapton and the most recent of the first Gov't Mule album. Aosta is a magical place surrounded by the highest mountains of Europe and it is from them that the band draws the energy that expresses live. Guitarist Max Arrigo alongside drummer Giulio Barbero Danieli and Paul on bass, rhythm section steel capable of transforming any composition in an imaginary journey along the roads from the south of the U.S. reaching the highest peaks. In the spring of 2013 realized the so-called Black Strawberry Mama for the American label Grooveyard Records distributed throughout the world, in October of 2013 touring the U.S., for April 2014 will be in Germany.

The group Keilys Folk presents a repertoire inspired by the traditional Irish music and, with typical dances instrumental rearranged and reinterpreted by the band and original songs. The band was originally a trio of Alice Visconti, the violin, the accordion Tonso Franco and Enrico Billi on guitar, has had a long evolution, from Celtic sounds and delicate to the most dynamic tracks such as jigs and reels, to to get to today's sounds almost punk. The structure of Keily's has changed a lot over time until you get to today. On vocals and violin are the "Irish d'Ivrea" Alice Visconti.
The plucked strings, or guitar, mandolin and bouzouki the versatile Max Caserio which is also the male voice of the group, with the unbridled Diego Zanetti on drums, is divided between folk and rockabilly. The latest newcomer is Roberto Cilia who divides his time between acoustic bass and wind instruments typically Irish: tin and low whistles. The Keily's assets have many concerts on stages more diverse. From small pubs to large events such as Celtic and Bustofolk.

The Company Wild are currently the hard-rock group valdostano more 'known in the valley. The current members of the band are Pelican Franco on drums, bass Legana Henry, William Nigrisoli on guitar and vocals and Meinardi Enrica the item. Founded in 2006 by hardened musicians of 70-80 years, the band has maintained its original elements, except for some sporadic exchange of the lead vocal to allow the implementation of appropriate songs to perform. For more than two years on a permanent basis the beautiful voice of Meinardi Enrica, who view his talent, allows the band performing repertoires impossible for other groups here in the valley (Guns n 'Roses, AC / DC ...). The Wild Company are the only group to have participated in the Aosta Valley to the four editions of ROCK HISTORY stage of Aosta (ed.2007-2008-2009-2010) and the three editions of JAM ROCK AOSTA (2011-20012-2013 editions) events included in the program dell'AOSTA SOUND FESTIVAL organized by the city of Aosta. This year have been chosen by the City for the opening of a BIG in the event to be carried out in summer 2014. Repertoire of the group and 'pure hard-rock mold; In the fall should be out the first CD with 5 tracks.


The S'Marty'S are a group of music lovers first and foremost. The only woman has taken the head of the band thanks to a powerful voice that crushes the eye all'R'n'B and crushes the feet of the Rock'n'Roll. Martina Lily, 19 years still to go, approaches to modern singing alongside the teacher Silvia Novarese, to continue in the study of vocal technique Estill Voicecraft EVT with Marina Marauda. Its unique stamp black allows it to stand out on several occasions: it is noted for the first time in the competition Nole Music Awards where he won the prize for best solo singer in 2012. In 2013 he began working with some members of the MaMa Acoustic Trio'ssss , electrifying quartet of musicians and acrobats. When he met them all together, I was born a partnership that brings the new group to win the award for Best Rock Band (prize Tavagnasco ROCK) Competition Without Label, 2013, chaired by the godfather of Italian music Mogul. The triumph of the jury and the public to convince the five moods and join forces in an orgy of music and energy. In a word: S'Marty's. After a couple of releases in disguise, you wait, anxiously, the official date of the debut that will coincide with their participation in the Tavagnasco Rock 2014. Formation is composed of Martina Giglio - lead vocal., Frederick Macri - guitars, bass, GiancarloT. Marangoni - guitars, bass, Matthew Sword - keyboards, backing vocals and Louis Ferone on drums.
Leon grew up in the solitude of the mountains Valle d'Aosta, in the extreme northwest corner of Italy, in a cage made of mountains, frost and spleen drowned in alcohol. But he never gave up, never laid down their arms creativity, provocative, sarcastic. Si vis pacem para bellum: war on mediocrity, the politically correct, the conformism of the flock. So Leon shake like crazy in the cage for more than the fifteenth year musical career: he played with most of the fifteenth groups in which more than L writes songs, collaborated with dozens of artists and national Aosta Valley, playing in dozens of places in the Valle d'Aosta, Piedmont and Lombardy and crush many festivals in the north west Italian. Since MMIX is accompanied by a musical prophet of Revelation, Pietro Foresti, producer who cut his teeth in Los Angeles and it will produce his first solo album, titled provocative and controversial, "As if I were God."
Cosmo is a project format dall'eporediese Mark James White, former leader of the indie-rock Drink To Me His first work is called "Disorder", a CD produced by the 42 records: a very ambitious work, full of expressive, synthesizers , electronics and pure confusion: the texts dealing with the great questions of life, fears, dreams, hopes, escapes. Among his sources of inspiration are the Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Battisti and Franco Battiato.

Friday, May 2 from 21.30 on stage groups Coffe Cups, Jubal, L'Orage.

The Coffee Cups born in 2006 from an idea of ​​Max, Gigi and Daniel. After bringing out several new projects, this time decided to disturb the "good old Bob." Thus was born the first line-up of a new Bob Dylan Tribute Band. But you can not clip the wings of creativity, and they quickly pass, interpretation and experimentation.

Jubal is a desire for change that generates desire to dance, nonconformity that turns into a catchy music, joy and anger, poetry, struggle, overwhelming pace. Jubal is the expression of a common hope, a desire for beauty and justice. The Jubal born in Aosta in the spring of 2003. The project started simply as a group of friends with a passion for music. Rock, singer-songwriters, ethnic repertoires; but most of all the possible commingling between soundscapes that transcend the boundaries of musical genres. In March 2009 Part comes from here, the group's first album in Valle d'Aosta. Recorded during the previous summer in a mountain barn and mixed by Luca Minieri at Dissonant Studio of Aosta, starts from here collects the most interesting material composed, arranged and played by Jubal so far: 13 tracks entirely self-produced and released under Creative Commons license. In the same year a song on the album - The Ballad of Roberto - allows the group to win the first prize in the national competition 'notes for the Night'. The release of their second album, ¡Indignados! - The square is ours, in April 2012, marks a decisive step in the production of Jubal. A disc in which the group likes to renew their style, exploring from time to time, with humor, determination and sensitivity, new possibilities and paths not yet beaten. The group is composed by Alberto Zanin, Andrea Minieri, Carlo Alberto Lupo, Luca De Bernardi, Matthew Cosentino, Umberto Debernardi.

L 'Orage is a group of Italian folk rock was born in 2009 as the completion of a project begun in 2006 by Alberto Visconti, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Remy Boniface. In September 2010, they won the prize of "Mixture Rock Festival" and in December 2011, the group won the third edition of "The Best of Demos 2010/2011." Winners also Musicultura in 2012 (first prize, plaque critics award for best music). The Sicilian singer Carmen Consoli told the press: "Listen to the Val d'Aosta L'Orage, they are great." In 2013 they collaborated with Francesco De Gregori with whom they have made the show "L'Orage and Francesco De Gregori together Live!" held at the Palais St-Vincent Saint Vincent. In April of the same year they released their third album, "The Golden Age" which contains, among other things, "The Theory of the Seer", a song L'Orage reinterpreted by De Gregori. They have collaborated with director Marco Ponti, actress Jasmine Trinca and actor Michele Di Mauro.

After Show: DJ Musashi

Saturday, May 3, at 21.30, for the last night of the festival Tavagnasco Rock perform Pastis, Boj, The BlueBeaters Bunna from Africa Unite feat.

Born from the ashes like a phoenix, the Pastis are the product of extravagant stories are not common. Their long and difficult training program was born from the union of the two creative cousins ​​and Dario Giuliano, and passes through stages Italians and foreigners, real travel, travel mental, physical fights, bucolic idylls and smoky afternoon to arrive at the much desired current lineup. Five elements, hard-core but versatile: drums, bass, guitar, vocals and sax. Five different heads working together for just six months and bring the group a considerable variety of influences, so that the effect of the ladder Pastis has a decent place "pastis" of music: prog rock, jazz, funk, latin . Without worrying too much to belong to this or that other side, but always keeping the faith to the same principle: creative freedom and space to play creatively saturnine improvisation! They won the competition in Turin "Rainbow on the rock" in June 2012, as a reward obtaining the registration and promotion of their first EP. After a break dedicated to the intense activity as a composer, in 2013 the live activity continue playing in Turin and province and coming one step away from the final of Turin underground in arousing public interest and acclaim from critics.

Bojana Krunic, aka Boj, published in October 2013 his first EP titled "Burning of Joy" accompanied by video of "Misunderstanding", the first single artist. Six pieces, enriched by the incredible voice of singer Balkans, including nu-soul, funk and r'n'b, halfway between the sensuality of the grit of Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse. A family of musicians behind, love, war, and a desperate escape to Italy. Here, in brief, the story of the Boj, a girl with a scratchy voice, powerful, capable of transmitting from the first night all of his grit. Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Boj has struggled mightily against a culture that wants women mothers and wives, far away from the stage and its distractions, in order to pursue his passion: singing. Ran away from home to discover the world and be a part of music projects, from the Balkans to soul to rap, he finds himself, still a teenager, trapped by war and by the incessant bombing. A forced choice, that of escape, which leads her to abandon her loved ones the day before the closure of the borders. Here are three long days of walking, alone, through mountains and cemeteries, woods and countryside, from Hungary to Slovenia, until the arrival in Italy, hidden in the trunk of a car. Many years have passed since then, but Boj, who has not forgotten, he manages to convey in his music between funk, soul and r'n'b, the emotions of a lifetime. Recounting that is beautiful, simple and addictive managed to build, despite the difficult choices that have always accompanied. "Burning of Joy" was recorded, produced and arranged by Simone Momo Riva (already working with Naif Herin, Hay ...) TdE at the Studio of Saint-Christophe (Aosta).

The Bluebeaters, the band was born in 1994 who has to his credit 19 years of touring and five albums together with Giuliano Palma, reborn after 9 months of silence with the original lineup, a new group that will accompany new singers, both internal and external to the group: Pat Cosmo (Casino Royale, Neff, BB), Mr T Bone (Young Lions, BB) and Maya "Lady Soul" (Soulful Orchestra). But not only the super special guest for a few nights will be Bunna (Africa Unite, BB). The tour will begin Friday, December 20th at Live Club Trezzo D'Adda and will take the band around Italy until January 2014; on certain dates, there may be other guests, friends with whom I have shared stage and backstage in recent years. The new repertoire fished songs that are part of the background of the individual musicians (ska and reggae 60s / 70s but also remakes of songs more or less well-known part of the soul and rhythm & blues, as the tradition of the band), and in general the popular music of the last fifty years. The only concession to life last few episodes of The album, the first album recorded by the band in 1999 with Giuliano Palma. The reason for this "new life" is primarily to restore and maintain a sound totally original, built over the years: a unique value and timeless, the derivation of the original sound, the Blue Beat - a derivation of the emotional Jamaican ska 60 years - that has rocked and brought up before the rocksteady and reggae.

After Show: DJ Weapon
The concerts will take place in the multi-purpose center in the locality Verney.
Ticket Prices:

 Friday, April 25th - admission € 10, reduced € 8
 Saturday, April 26 - Entrance 15 €, reduced 13 Euros
 Thursday, May 1 - free admission
 Friday, May 2nd - admission € 10, reduced € 8
 Saturday, May 3 - admission € 10, reduced € 8

The full subscription to Tavagnasco Rock costs 30 € (reduced for children under 18 years 28 €)


- Friday 25 April at 21.30 entrance € 10, reduced € 8
Ska Beat Orchestra's Dream Project, Soledad Brothers feat. Mao
After Show: Alex DJ Mensa

- Saturday, April 26th at 21.30 entrance € 15, reduced € 13
Ylamar, Francis-C, Francesco Sarcina (former lead singer of The Vibrators)
After Show: Mo'Bros DJ's

- Thursday, May 1st from 15 pm Free admission
Ecole du Rock, Melusine, I DALì, Nandha Blues Band, Keilys Folk, Wild Company

21.30 Free entrance
S'marty's, Leon, Cosmo

- Friday, May 2 21.30 21.30 entrance € 10, reduced € 8
Coffee Cups, Jubal, L'Orage
After Show: DJ Musashi

- Saturday, May 3rd at 21.30 entrance € 10, reduced € 8
Pastis, Boj, The BlueBeaters feat Bunna from Africa Unite
After Show: DJ Weapon

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