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Alchemy & Eros: Awakening Woman with Ruby May

Tutgut Stubbenkammerstrasse 3, Berlino, Germania

Are you ready to step more fully into your power, as an erotically embodied, awakening woman?

Alchemy and Eros: Awakening Woman is a two-day introductory journey for anyone who identifies as a woman who is seeking a safe, nourishing and playful space to explore what it means to fully embrace themselves as sexual beings, as part of living a conscious, embodied and fulfilled life.

Our sexual energy, ‘eros’, is literally our creative life energy. It is the force behind why we and everything around us exists. It is the catalyst for life. When it is in flow, we feel comfortable in our own skin, vibrant and connected and in alignment with the flow of life. When it is blocked, we feel disconnected and depleted.

Exploring the ways in which we block or limit our sexual life force from flowing freely is a gateway to powerful personal growth and transformation. These changes can then positively touch the many areas of our life that connect to our sexuality: how connected we are to our bodies, to the planet and life itself, our capacity for intimacy and to truly show ourselves, our ability to freely give and to receive, to lead and to surrender, to trust, our sense of self-worth and personal power, and our ability to connect to pleasure in life.

These two days offer the possibility to take a step out of our daily life, and reflect on where we are in our relationship to our sexuality. An opportunity to explore what hidden truths inside us might benefit from greater awareness, and an invitation to learn how we can expand further into our erotic potential, in order to create greater empowerment, vibrancy and joy in our lives.

Using a combination of dance, ritual, constellation work, Tantric breathwork and sacred sexuality exercises with ample time for self-reflection, sharing and discussion, we will explore questions such as:

• How can I connect with my sexuality as a source of power?
• What is my relationship to femininity?
• Why is pleasure important and what is my relationship to it?
• What are my fears or judgements around my sexuality and how can I transform them?
• What is the relationship between my heart and sex?
• What is shame, how does it affect me and how can I work with it?
• What is my relationship to my body and my genitals?

We will practice a number of different skills including:

• Coming into greater presence with ourselves and with others
• Connecting to and communicating our desires
• Sensing a boundary within us, communicating it with clarity and confidence
• Accepting boundaries from others with grace
• Getting out of the head and into the body
• Tantric breathwork exercises to move sexual energy, connect heart and sex and support deeper intimacy
• Recognizing shame, transforming shame into excitement
• Becoming aware of negative belief sentences (e.g “I’m too much”/ “I’m not enough” / “I’m not allowed to feel beautiful or sexy”) and transforming them.
• Distinguishing your conditioning from your Truth
• Using the power of different female archetypes to connect to different aspects of feminine sexuality

As women we face many challenges on the path of finding ease and joy in our sexuality. Many of us have stifled our sexuality, suffering under the weight of our sex-negative conditioning, varying degrees of abuse or harassment, slut-shaming, being told we are too much or not enough, or out of the fear of sending out the ‘wrong’ message. Many of us have learned to use our sexuality to unconsciously manipulate or control, or as a way to compensate for something we feel we lack. With such few role-models, we may have no point of reference as to what an authentic, embodied female sexuality might look or feel like.

The time is ripe for us as women to honour that saying yes to ourselves in our entirety, is a critical part of stepping into our power. By letting go of our fears of the power our sexual energy has over others, and learning to enjoy it as the source of nourishment and joy it truly is, we can embody our sexuality with grace and presence.

Coming together as a group of women can be a transformative experience as we find power in the vulnerability of sharing and showing ourselves, and take away inspiration and healing in listening to others. During this experience, you are invited to honour wherever you are at and expand your boundaries at your own pace. Together we create a space of ‘permission’ rather than ‘pushing’ where every woman is celebrated for her unique presence and the gifts she brings.


Saturday May 3rd 10am to 8pm
Sunday May 4th 10am to 5pm

Cost: sliding scale:160/180/210 euros
(pay the highest amount you can afford)

The space is wheelchair accessible!

To register:

Ruby May spent the last ten years delving deeply into the fields of sexuality, consciousness and shadow healing, spending time working in a brothel, as burlesque and fetish costumier, a sexological bodyworker and Tantric Domina. British by birth, but based in Berlin, she travels the world offering workshops and 'portals of possibility' where deeper layers of our Truth can be discovered in order to enjoy greater authenticity, freedom and joy, and the possibility of experiencing ourselves ‘beyond our imagination.’


“There’s no use trying” Alice said, “one can’t believe impossible things.”

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice” said the Queen.” When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”

– Lewis Carol, Alice in Wonderland

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