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Rice & Rose in the Monferrato

Casale Monferrato Alessandria, Italy

Rice & Roses in Monferrato: May 10 to 25, 2014, many events for foodies!

Also this year will be about thirty events scattered among the Monferrato, the plain of the Po and the nearby Lomellina.

The towns and villages involved, coordinated by the consortium Mon.DO (Monferrato Demand Supply), are preparing to offer a series of events from the topics varied, to involve different types of tourists and visitors: renew the events related to horticulture, art, hobby typical food and wine.

Just the Food & Wine will be one of the main themes of Rice & Rose 2014: as evidenced by the numerous appointments with the markets of local products, tasting of local wines, aperitifs in pink, snacks sinoire.

Among the elements of success now become traditional for the festival is offering the "Menu Rice & Rose", as proposed by the restaurants participating with themed cuisine, which expands this year with a great new planning. Along with the renewed partnership with the Papillon Club, this year "The Menu Rice & Roses" see the new participation ASL AL for the realization of a typical healthy menu.

The basic aim is to create healthy recipes and certified promote wine tourism to create a strategic network of the area and neighboring Casale (Lomellina, Asti, Vercelli ...) wellness and hospitality "typical", valuing local products and local catering consistent with the model of the Mediterranean diet.

The many events for foodies:

First weekend on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th May

In Casale, the capital of Monferrato:
Sunday, from 12 to 13, in the courtyard of the Castello del Monferrato you can participate in the free tasting of rice, accompanied by wine tasting of the winners of the contest "Golden Press 2013 '(the initiative will be repeated Sunday, May 18).

Always at the Castle, at the headquarters of the Regional Monferrato will be able to taste the wines of the area (surcharge) - Saturday and Sunday from 15.30 to 19 and 10-13 in time.
In the historical center, on Sunday from 9 to 19 will set the market "typical Monferrato Doc and shopping."

At the Distillery Magnoberta you can admire an exhibition in Grapperia, and participate in guided tours of the distillery with tasting of brandies and cocktails (Sunday from 10 to 18).

At Tenuta San Rocco in Conzano to 18 there will be a guided tour of the winery and tasting appetizer.

A Sala Monferrato on Sunday (10-20 h) are possible tour and tasting at the Enterprise Danilo Spinoglio. In the historical center will be open the refreshment of the Pro Loco of the Company Muletta, Saturday and Sunday from 18 to 24 from 12 to 15.

A Vignale Monferrato to 13 Cocktails will be served in the Rose. At 16 music and tasting of follow De.Co. By the Pro Loco.

In Moncalvo Saturday at the end of "Journey to the discovery of Roses" (guided by the paintings of OM Hunting, gathering 16.30) in Piazza Garibaldi we expect the Aperitif Rosé, with wine tastings and products. Sunday from 12 am Lunch Rice & Rose by the Pro Loco - Reservations at 0141.917441.

Grain Sunday from 10 to 20 Exhibition of the beautiful, the good, the rice (with the Farm Manzoni Renato - Creswell), roses, fruit and confectionery products and other small jewelry in bronze. At 18 risotto final by the Pro Loco and from 19 to 21.30 snack so far - with the reservation within 16.

A Murisengo Saturday at 20 Dinner with proposals Km0 by the new Pro Loco with the staff of young people. Sunday in the historic center from 9 to 18 Market Rice & Rose. From 17.30 to the Rectory of Corteranzo Blind Tasting of Wines Isabella (also on 18 and 25 May). At 19 Happy Hour in the square with Km0 products.

At Castle Pieia d'Asti Saturday from 19 at the Gala Evening with masters-at-arms, cellos and baritones, the food will be served superfine.

A Pecetto Valencia (Park of the Po and Orba) on Sunday at 12.30 am Lunch typical by the Pro Loco. 15.30 Presentation of the project Orchids and good food, with the participation of the WWF Forteto of Luja Loazzolo (AT).

Second weekend on Saturday 17 and Sunday, May 18

A Coniolo you can stroll among the stalls of roses and flowers as well as food and wine of Monferrato, Pistoia and other locations (Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 19:30).

A fireplace Saturday from 17 to 02 on the occasion of the 4th Spring Fair will be set up handicraft market, food, wine and local specialties. From 19 Yards of Flavour, in care of the local restaurants: gastronomic journey for dinner with specialties Monferrato, among the alleys and courtyards, accompanied by music. Sunday at the Town Hall, the Pro Loco Caminsport offers Aperitif at Rose.

At Castello di Camino Saturday from 19 during the guided tours at night in the Hall of Trophies will be able to a wine tasting with rice biscuits (5 euro).

A Mirabello Sunday from 9 to 19 there will be a market for handicrafts, rice and roses, and food and wine with De.Co. Mirabellesi. Typical lunch by the Pro Loco.

A Pontestura Saturday from 18 municipalities under the arcades will be able to participate in tastings and snacks sinoira with local products. Sunday at 12 food stand with tastings of panissa (dish made of rice and beans) and menu monferrino by the Pro Loco. At 17.30 Apericoncerto, waiting for the Aurora melodic orchestra at the Teatro Verdi.

A Giarole at the Castle Sannazzaro: Saturday at 19 sinoira snack; Sunday from 10 to 18 Market organic and local products, the 13 Lunch of local food and porchetta.

A Quargnento Sunday from 9:30 am to 19 Market Rice & Rose and typical products. At 19.30 dinner music at the threshing floor of the Oratory Don Bosco (via Gamboia).

At the Winery Restaurant Porrati in Cuccaro Monferrato Saturday from 17 to 20 wine tasting, Sunday from 11 to 19.30 Fair food and wine tasting, antiques and sports (crossfit).

Third weekend on Saturday 24 and Sunday, May 25

A Rosignano, as part of the big event associated with embroidery, Sunday from 9 to Town Hall there will be wine tasting in Rosignano, at 12 Cocktails will be served in the Rose, with tastings and lunch in the square, and afternoon snack sinoira (snack-dinner). In Piazza XI Settembre and surrounding streets will be set up in the Market Square, with stalls of roses and flowers, rice and rice-growing products in the Piedmont and Lombardy, craft and hobby.

A Cella Monte from 15 to 19 Wineries Open for tours and tastings.

Open Cellars also the Castle of Gabiano (Sunday hours 10-12 and 15-18, with a visit to the store for wine tastings and purchases) and the company Mazzetti d'Altavilla Distillers since 1846 on top of the hill (Sunday from 10 at 18 with guided tours of the distillery, barrel and Votive Chapel, entry and tastings are free).

At Castle Pomaro to 17 Merenda sinoira.

In Lomellina nearby:

A Bream Sunday in the Piazza del Comune rural Lunch (booking before May 5) during the bike ride. 10.30 stand selling rice and food, from 15.30 guided tour to the cultivation of Red Onion De.Co. From 17:30 Merenda del Frate (please min.10 people to the cell. 333 2136079).

A Mede Sunday walk in the countryside with lunch. In Republic Square from 9 to 19 Market hobby and selling rice, with refreshment of the Pro Loco with dishes Rice & Rose.

A Sartirana Lomellina Sunday from 10 to 20 in the stack Castle, along with art exhibits, you can visit the market with sales of rice. 17 And the risotto!

E. .. return to the Menu Rice & Rose

It renews the experience of the "Menu Rice & Rose" offered by the restaurants participating with themed cuisine, in collaboration with the Papillon Club and this year with the ASL AL for the construction of a typical healthy menu that enhances the typical products and local dining in line with the model of the Mediterranean diet.
On the brochure Rice & Roses, next to the list of caterers (about twenty members) is the price range indicated on the menu, including coffee and water and wine included. The wines offered in combination will be strictly local and the price specified in their paper.

The traditional cuisine of Monferrato is a guarantee of 'Mediterranean diet': although a blaze of meat and strong flavors, thanks to the wisdom that distinguishes peasant, always knows how to use what the land offers in different seasons.

For this offering of menus Rice & Rose, 2014, in the triumph of this spring, stand out:

snow peas in pastry pies, vegetables rarely used but very useful especially in the spring for their effect mineralizing and regularization of the intestine; contain more vitamin C and fiber of peas; asparagus casseroles, rice and side dishes, which have anti-inflammatory, cardiotonic and diuretic above; field greens and borage in friciulin verd and mashed: Borage is rich in phytoestrogens, essential minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron (which contains in excess of spinach) and omega 6 essential fatty acids are important for cardiovascular health; herb St. Peter's pies, with a strong carminative and depurative; chives in casseroles, the anti-tumor properties, antibacterial, antiviral and decongestant; zucchini and zucchini flowers, outlines and risotto, useful for the nervous system, in order to preserve the health of tissues and, thanks to the lutein content in order to protect the retina from degeneration due to aging; artichokes in tajarin, with a strong purifying species in the liver and lipid-lowering drugs; carrots, in casseroles, side dishes and desserts, rich in beta-carotene (precursor of vitamin A, essential for maintaining skin elasticity and twilight vision) play purifying and antioxidant; peppers, anti-oxidant for the content of vitamin C, which in Bagna Cauda join anti-tumor and anti-microbial action and that cholesterol-lowering raw garlic anchovy; red onions, outlines and made from anti-inflammatory and antioxidant species thanks to quercetin, which also has anti-tumor activity; pennyroyal, within seconds of meat, with strong antiseptic and tonic; basil, risottos, antioxidant properties, anti-microbial and cholesterol-lowering activity; Parsley, whose rich content of vitamin C and iron in the Bagnet is enhanced and maintained being eaten raw; shoots mesclun, a veritable treasure trove of nutritional active principles, tonics of the immune system; rose petals, in risottos, sauces and desserts, with antioxidant properties, sources of vitamin C, E and fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6; strawberries, with a strong moisturizing, anti-oxidant for the rich content of vitamin C and cancer for the presence of ellagic acid; also contain xylitol, a substance that prevents the dental plaque and halitosis.
Spices and other herbs, in appetizers, main dishes and desserts sometimes, from a variety of activities: anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, hypoglycemic ...)
local red wine, whose right amount (no more than 1-2 drinks per day only in adulthood) can provide the body with the extraordinary antioxidant effects of polyphenols contained in it (resveratrol, in particular) with benefits for the integrity of arteries.

For more info:
Mon.DO Monferrato Demand Supply
Tel 0142 457789 - 335 5620428

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from 10 to 25 May 2014



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