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Feast of Banderesi

Bucchianico Chieti, Italy

Banderesi FESTIVAL 2014 From Sunday, May 18th will be renewed in Bucchianico the magic of one of the most picturesque festivals of the entire region, and not only the Feast of Banderesi in honor of the patron S.Urbano the First Pope and Martyr, celebrated May 25 . The origin of the festival is said that during one of the many border wars between Bucchianico and Chieti in the thirteenth century, the Bucchianichesi were significantly lower, as a military force, to the opponents. At sergentiere (the leader of the soldiers), appeared in a dream Sant'Urbano to suggest a trick: to dress up all able-bodied men with bands (bands from which "banderesi") and let them walk the perimeter of the walls, leaving and returning, so as to give the impression to the enemy that an allied army had come to give a hand. The Chietini were deceived and Bucchianico won the war. From the movement performed by the soldiers came the "ciammaichella" or the zigzag move, reminiscent of the spirals of snail shells in the Abruzzese dialect "ciammaìca." There are documents that demonstrate how the festival is celebrated as early as 1550 when in Bucchianico was born, the day of St. Urban May 25, San Camillo De Lellis, patron of the hospital and health of the sick, which is celebrating the 4th centenary of his death 1614-2014. The main characters are: sergentiere, the military leader, played by William Tatasciore, which tradition says is the direct descendant of the sergentiere helped by S. Urbano, and banderese, the coordinator of the whole party, chosen at random each year to organize and preside over all the celebrations. He is the centerpiece of the festival, but to watch over every decision is the sergentiere, a kind of guarantor of the tradition. This year's fate chose as banderese Mr. Guerino Camillo D'Orazio of the district Piana. Sunday, May 18th from all the districts of the country shall take their journey, to reach the historic center, marches baskets adorned with flowers and floats depicting scenes related to the themes of the festival; each district prepares a wagon and a variable number of baskets, according to their availability; 16:00, at the parking lot of the sports field, there is a gathering of all the lands and form the procession that will arrive in the square around 18:00. Will be open to the historical group: to 'escort' the sergentiere and banderese there are the musicians and flag bearers of the town of Bucchianico, and Armigeri Balestrieri and the city of Bucchianico. " Follow the 4 wagons, "Bread", "The Bed", "Wine" and "burning" of the district's banderese, essential symbols of home and hearth. Afterwards, the other districts with hundreds of baskets, in the order established by fate. Saturday, May 24 At 19:00 opening of the Holy Door in the church of S. Urbano: the historical group with sergentiere and banderese, the latter followed by relatives until the seventh grade, will run the way around the Church of the Holy Door of remembering and returning to nine times. At 20:30 in the square will be played at the "ember", an ancient game that seems to reconnect to training and military exercises, in which all men, led by banderese and sergentiere. Starting Sunday, May 25th from 9:00 awarding of the carts and baskets with the assignment of the "Palio Banderesi"; Investiture of sergentiere by the mayor; Mass of banderese at the church of S. Urbano; Delivery of the rings by the wife of banderese to their children; solemn procession with the statue of the saint and with all the protagonists of the festival, in an atmosphere of religion and folklore whose boundaries become indefinable. Then restore to the banners - one blue and one red - a symbol of the Church and the Town Hall, in a funny joke between banderesi, the parish priest and the mayor. A packed lunch, which traditionally may not start before 15 hours, concludes the day and the celebrations.

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from 18 to 25 May 2014



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