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STAR OF THE EAST - Festival of dance, music and oriental culture

Turin, Italy

"STARS OF THE EAST", from '8th to 11th May 2014 Cascina Marchesa Theatre and Jewel - the first international festival of Italian dance music and oriental culture.

A festival sang, danced, played, between tradition and innovation, full of the charm of the East that never fails to enchant anyone who comes close to this dance, as an expert or layman. The music, ritual and social functioning of the dance are a universal heritage of inestimable value.

From 8 to 11 May 2014 Turin will host the XIII edition of the most important European festival of dance, music and oriental culture: "STARS OF THE EAST". The event is appreciated and followed by a growing number of people in recent years: the community of exciting is growing in Italy and Europe, making this dance a real "must" of the life of those who love the East.

Director and creator of the project étoile of oriental dance, Aziza Abdul Ridha, known and appreciated worldwide for its unique style and great vitality and sensuality of his movements, his explosive energy in the interpretation of the drum solo is worth the definition of "The Queen of the Drums" by his artistic father, the master Mo Geddawi, one of the most important landmarks in the world with regard to bellydance. Aziza Aziza is also founder of the Center, the most well-known association of Italy, which is responsible for promoting oriental dance and cultural workshops, courses, concerts, tours and lectures.


The thirteenth edition of "STAR OF THE EAST" is spread over four days of workshops with special lectures held by the master teacher on modern and classic styles of dance, the latest trends (fusion, pop, soul) revisited by each teacher to make every lesson a unique opportunity for learning and personal enrichment. That's why the lessons related to the festival are selling fast: the ability, unique, to be able to follow "live" the lessons of the great masters of dance in the world, with the privilege of learning a new style and unique, do not constitute an opportunity little for the large group of admirers of this refined art form.

As for special evenings, you begin Thursday, May 8th with the show Growing European Stars, dedicated to the rising stars of the sport that reach Turin from all over Europe to perform in front of the public; the second night, to Friday, May 9, is a "Marathon of the East", the historical virtuoso competition at the end of which will be crowned the "Miss Star of the East in the World"; Finally, Saturday, May 10 will be the time of the expected International Gala, which this year will host the masters Munique Neith, Guo Wei, Saida, Yamil Annum and Tjarda.

The evenings of Thursday and Friday will take place at Cascina Marchesa in Corso Regina Margherita, 371 at 21, while the Grand Gala will take place at the Teatro Gioiello, in Colombo, always 31 to 21 hours.


Munique Neith is one of the most prestigious teachers of oriental dance and dancers in the world, with a wealth of years of international experience. He has traveled the world teaching and dancing at international festivals and now lives in Barcelona (Spain) and is the first teacher who owns two schools of Oriental Dance in the Country, with more than 800 students and the largest school in Europe exclusively for oriental dance where many dancers from all over the world come to learn this art from her. Invited by Raqia Hassan since 2008, is a teacher's most important festival of Oriental dance in the World, "Ahlan Wa sahlan", which takes place in Cairo and brings together the best international masters of the moment. And 'Brazilian, of Arab origin and has studied with such masters as Raqia Hassan, Momo Kadous, Mo Geddawi, Lulu Sabongi, Dina, Randa Kamel and many others. Munique Neith organizes' s "International Oriental Dance Festival in Barcelona" where more than 1,500 people participate each year between the two Gala Show, the competition and the various seminars with the best international teachers. It also organizes its own events and performances as a soloist, with his company professional Yala Bina and his Ballet and folk group.

A dancer genuine, great views towards the oriental dance fusion is known for his innovative choreography: Tjarda is the mastermind behind numerous awards of Uzume Dance Company and Amano Project and has received a lot of support to increase their knowledge and develop his new projects. In 2009, appeared in Tales of Desire 2 DVD of a performance product from the Hollywood Music Center. Tjarda worked as an honorary member of the American company UNMATA and Anasma and Samantha Emanuel. And 'teacher and performer widely recognized throughout Europe and the United States and is currently studying at the New York Laban / Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies Agape Center in Belgium, in order to obtain the certification of Movement Analyst. Confusing the lines and draw inspiration, even from the most unexpected sources, is the basis of all his choreography and his workshop. His work is an inspiration to many who are looking for their own path.

In a country with one billion three hundred million people is not easy to do something first, and best of all the others. But raising standards, the flow of information and contacts with the outside world has helped many Chinese young people to find their place in the economy and in life. In the school to which he gave his name, Guo Wei teaches his students how to use a veil, which claims to be an essential accessory for an oriental dancer. In less than 30 years, Guo has gone from a normal childhood as being one of the major figures of the dance of China. In 2004, when he was a gym instructor in a gym in Beijing, she decided to move to Cairo and start studying oriental dance with a teacher named Mohamed.

This initially surprised him, because he would prefer to study with a woman, thinking it was more scope to oriental dance, but then he realized how a teacher could give him man. The undulations and performance Guo become more and more frequent on stage and on television in China. In the past, this would have been seen as "spiritual pollution" and "bourgeois decadence", but Guo was able to get more and more successful, by accepting the oriental dance in China, becoming ambassador to the world and sharing his art with the Egyptians, Europeans and Americans at various international festivals. The enterprising Guo is always looking for exotic novelty to import into your country.

Yamil Annum is a professional dancer and master instructor of oriental dance Argentine. It 'was born in 1975 and is a master in the folk dance of Argentina. In 1993 he received a medal of honor, graduating Art Institute of Haedo, Regional Dances in Spanish. While it was the first dancer of the Superior Artistic Institute in Buenos Aires, in 1998, was proclaimed the Greek Ballet principal dancer in Argentina. In 1995 he was the principal teacher of oriental dance at the Arabian Palace of Lomas de Zamora and Lebanon Syrian San Fernando for the International Dance Congress in Argentina. In the same year he was invited by Amir Thaleb to become a principal dancer of the Arabian Dance Company. Yamil Annum has created his own style of dance and has developed its own specific style rooted using the techniques of classical ballet, dance Ukrainian dances in the hall, Celtic, Jewish folklore, the Bhangra, Armenian dances and Argentine tango. Its elegance has revolutionized stages all over Argentina and Latin America.

Saida was born in Argentina genirori Syrians. Although it has a degree in communications and reports to the Palermo University, Saida has never worked in this field, following his deep interest in dance, both as a professional dancer and as a teacher. From 1983 to 1991, he studied ballet with great masters such as Olga Ferri. From 1991 onwards, is closer to the Middle Eastern dance (Raqs Sharqi), both popular and classical, with the master Thaleb Amir, director of the Arabian Dance Company. For more than ten years old, Saida was prima ballerina of this prestigious company, being presented by the teacher Amir Thaleb during many shows in Argentina, Arab diplomatic events and cultural events. In 1994 he created his own school of oriental dance, which now has more than 500 students, who receive extensive training on all fronts of oriental dance.

In 2000 he began his work at the international level, called in many events and festivals, along with musician and composer Mario Kirlis in countries such as USA, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain and many others. Spectators are always impressed by his dance. In 2002, he created the company called Raqs Sharqi Rakkasah composed of students at his school expertly trained for more than 10 years and carefully selected from Saida itself. In 2004, the producer of the Bellydance Superstars Miles Copeland called her to join the group, with whom he participated in a tour throughout the United States.

Impossible to define in a few words the long and glorious career of the master Mo Geddawi, described as "the doctor of oriental dance" over the past 50 years has been the biggest promoter and connoisseur of the origins of oriental dance. As a soloist and choreographer, he has worked with Mahmoud Reda 1958-1964, perfecting a new concept of oriental dance and a special style that has elevated the Reda Troupe, of which he is co-founder, at the top of its current international fame. Permanent member of the orchestra who every year makes this festival special and unique is the percussionist Tarek Awad Alla, founder of the Musical Group "Zuhur", with whom he plays an intense concert activity in the most prestigious world music festivals, both in Italy and in rest of Europe, arousing great public enthusiasm and criticism.

Music, song, dance, theater, costumes and charm will merge to capture the audience once again in the plots of the enchanted world of the East. The event is scheduled from 8 to 11 May in Turin.

The full program can be viewed on the website www.centroaziza.com.

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