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The Chi Wizard Tournament 2014

Wrigleyville, Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois, Stati Uniti

Do you have what it takes to be the new Chi Wizard Champion??

Who doesn't want to celebrate the warm weather by donning wizards garb and drawing a lightning bolt on your forehead? MAGICLESS MUGGLES.

Having the T-shirt grants you magical privileges at TBA Wrigleyville establishments on the day of the crawl as well as a chance to win the Grand Prize (Last year our champ won a ticket into Harry Potter World in Florida.)

Bust out that leaky cauldron and start brewing up your best butter beer for The Chi Wizard Tournament of 2014!!

Official Rules:

In order to be named the Chi Wizard Champion of 2014 you must become the master of death by obtaining all 3 of the deathly hallows and be holding them all at the end of the crawl. No one, but the chosen one himself, has ever been known to have possessed all three of the deathly hallows at once. This is a challenge fit for only the worthiest of opponents.

These are the 3 Items of Interest

1. Elder Wand (Same rules as last year)-
a.How to Obtain: You must challenge the holder to the death. You cannot be gifted the wand.
b. How to Challenge the current holder: Wand holder can choose between chugging, flippy cup or paper scissors rock.
c. Abilities/disabilities while you are the holder: When you are disarmed, you are dead. You are not able to challenge anyone for anything.

2. Invisibility Cloak
a. How to Obtain: You can challenge the current holder or it can be given to you by a friend as an early/late Christmas present. It is customary to offer a “Happy Christmas” upon the gifting of the cloak.

b. How to Challenge the current holder: You can only challenge the holder of the cloak when they have a drink in their hand. (you can see the drink floating in mid-air duh). You engage the wearer by cheersing with them. They then must reply with one of 2 responses: “trivia” or “drink”.

i. Trivia-you have the ability to ask them any reasonable Harry Potter related trivia question you see fit. This must be overseen by a responsible judge (and then it must be looked up in Harry Potter wiki via smart phone-having the answer before hand will make this process quicker). If they get the question wrong they must hand over the cloak to you. If they get it right you are not allowed to challenge them again until someone else has.

ii. Drink-you can take part in either a chugging contest or flippy cup game. Note: if the invisibility cloak owner chooses to drink and you do not want to, you must end the challenge as a forfeit. If you win, you get the cloak.

c. Abilities/disabilities while you are the holder:

i. No one can challenge you while you have the cloak on, unless you have a drink in your hand or if they are a dementor and you do not have proper proof that you are not an Azkaban escapee**.

ii. You cannot challenge anyone for any of the other deathly hallows while you are weastone the cloak.

3. Resurrection Stone

a. How to Obtain: In order to obtain the stone from it’s current owner, you must challenge them or have it gifted to you.

b. How to Challenge the current holder: When you challenge the owner of the ring they get to choose to:

i. Full cup flip cup
ii. Character Master- starting with the challenger, each opponent takes turns naming a character from the Harry Potter series. The first person to hesitate longer than 2.6 seconds loses.

c. Abilities/disabilities while you are the holder: If you are the owner of the stone, then you are able to resurrect anyone who may have died with the elder wand before. This means that you must forfeit the stone to them as well, though.

**if you fail to provide the proper proof of your innocence you are dead. You are unable to challenge anyone for anything.

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il 19 luglio 2014

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