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★ BLACK MOON FESTIVAL ( Teaser Party 2014 ) ★

Theaterfabrik-Club (München-Ost) Friedenstr. 10, Monaco di Baviera, Germania

DeCoOrdiNation-Crew & Believe

+ + + + (TEASER - PARTY) + + + + +

ૐ●• ☆ ARJUNA ☆ ( IT ) LIVE + DJ
-> https://soundcloud.com/arjunajungle <-

// Parvati Records

The musical experience of Arjuna began when he was just a kid and used to listen trance in the background while playing football in Goa beaches. He started to collect music from friends with d.a.t. and mini disc, getting his first musical shivers with Logic Bomb & Hux Flux and later with GMS & Lotus Omega.
When the old giants took the commercial way and started to make “fluff”, Arjuna met the dark side of Goa through the music proposed by people like Giuseppe, Teo, Byzught and finally realized which was his direction in the psychedelic music path.
His productions got influenced from the Danish, Russian and Macedonian waves, from some of the older Parvati artists. In 2005, after completing his electronic music education at SAE in Milano, he got signed by Parvati Records.
Arjuna’s tracks are released mainly on Parvati Records, but he has also collaborated with other labels like Digital Shiva Power rec. (Japan) and Real Vision rec. (Germany).
He has been Dj’ing and has lately started to play his Live Set in several countries around the globe: India, Italy, Japan, Russia, U.S.A, England, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Macedonia, Norway, Spain, Indonesia, Nepal…

-> [ http://parvati-records.com ] <-

ૐ●• ☆ MIKEL ☆ ( IT ) LIVE
-> https://soundcloud.com/mik3l <-

// Parvati Records

DjiMikel, from Italy, began his career behind the decks in year 2000, when he started playing music at techno-trance parties. Around same time he discovered his passion for mystical Indian atmospheres and for the psychedelic world.
After 4 years spent playing at psytrance parties, in 2004 together with Dj Govinda, he founded the Believe tribe: a cultural association that uses music as an instrument of communication, not only related to fun.
Today the Believe crew, based in the middle/east part of Italy, is responsable for high quality parties and events: for example the 7 Chakras parties and the Blackmoon Festival.
as Dj, Mikel has a very particular sound, transcendental and hypnotic. A deep music research that end in hours of pure musical delirium, showing a unique personal choice in order to create a place out of time and space. A perfect duo between mind and body. Don’t wait for him to come, follow him on the next show!

-> [ http://parvati-records.com ] <-

ૐ●• ☆ HANUMAN ☆ ( NL ) DJ
-> https://soundcloud.com/hanuman1 <-

// Unio Mystica
// Maharettarecords
// Psyde Effect Records

Tim Van Es born in the south of the Netherlands 1986
starting to collect music at very young age,after he had
a wide range of psychedelic trance his passion grows and the music choose him !! starting to deejay around end of 2009 only and already played in several country's like : UK , Spain , Portugal , Greece , Germany , Denmark, Belgium , Brazil and INDIA (GOA)

His sets can be described as heavily groovy psychedelic but also depends on the time he play,
in 2012 joined Unio Mystica based in belgium and resident dj of the crew , in 2013 the spanish label Maharetta records and next to being a label dj for Maharetta records he
now a days producing his own tunes and working on his V.A compilation that is coming out this year on Maharetta records***
as well he joined Equinox this year a dutch party organisation that trow some serious party's in the netherlands with top notch artists.

The character of Hanuman teaches us of the unlimited power that lies unused within each one of us.
Vidyadhara ( in hindu essentially spirits of the air), a natural being ...

-> [ https://www.facebook.com/PsydeEffectRecords ] <-
-> [ https://www.facebook.com/UnioMystica.be ] <-
-> [ www.maharettarecords.com ] <-

ૐ●• ☆ KIMMEI ☆ ( D ) DJ
-> https://soundcloud.com/kimmei <- [ INS MITTEN ]

// Banyan Records
// Alpentrauma
// Amaya Records

Kimmei was born in the Berchtesgadener Land, the gate to the alps. He grew up surrounded by forests close to the Untersberg, akkording to the Dalai Lama the Heart Chakra of Europe and also the mountain with the most legends and myths in the alps.
He started to make music at an age of 10 by playing guitars. Later he also started to play the drums. He has played in several bands, released an Thrash Metal album worldwide and did a European Tour with his Band.
He always enjoyed the psychedelic side of music and after opening his mind to electronic music he stood at his first psychedelic trance party and was totally blown away by the music and the vibe there. Now he knew where he belongs to.
From this point he was visiting every possible party and festival and because of this he is a good known face in the party scene.
Because of his nackground as a musician it was logical to him to start Djing and producing.
His Forest DJ-Sets always seem like a Journey and although they stay in „one style“ make a nice bow. From funny trippy over deep and mystical to powerfull straight in the face. He plays sound from 144 to 155 BPM.
He describes his sound as „CYCLEDELIC“, which describes it best.
He has been playing in several parties and festivals in Germany, Austria, Czech, Belgium, Italy, Croatia....
He really enjoys playing and has always great fun when he gets the opportunity to move the dancefloor with his beloved music.

-> [ http://banyan-records.com ] <-
-> [ http://www.amaya-productions.de ] <-

-> https://soundcloud.com/psycho-activity <-

// DeCoOrdiNation Records

Dominik S. is Psycho Activity. His irst contact with psychedelic music was in 2007 on a psy event in austria. There he got introduced into the happy lifestyle which is enjoyed and celebrated by his crazy friends. After some events later psychedelic music became more and more interesting for him. It grew up to love. Stronger and stronger from time to time. For his birthday in April 2010 he bought his first equipment and started to learn Dj-ing in Munich. Since this time he is playing every day and every time he enjoys it more to be free. In 2011, after one year of DJing he started a project with name "PsychoActivity". A half year later he got a new idea for an extended project with combinations of his talent and his DJing pleasure and he started to produce digital-music. A project and a never ending story was born. His love plus the powerful fascination for creativity equals the psychedelic music. He is lerning from his experiences. His sound contains a wide range of amazing phonic and crazy techniques. He creates a mixture of colourful and funny tunes and produces extraordinary baselines for a rock’n’rolling sensation. Enjoy the explicit style of funky and magical sounds that will bless your mind and relax your soul.
Psychedelic productions in combination with DJ mixing. - Psycho Activity is my project as a trance musician, deejay and composer from Munich (Germany). -This experience started in the year 2011. It’s psychedelic music to rock your body and your soul. I’m the founder of DeCoOrdiNation Records (Est. 2011) and work together with Patrick - Spirit Molecule to manage the label and the events. In this fusion we’re building up the project more better and increase the growth more intensively. Also I have a second project working together with Patrick - Spirit Molecule as Psychos and Molecules.

-> [ http://decoordination.org ] <-
-> [ https://soundcloud.com/decoordination-records ] <-

+ + + + + + + ☆ SURPRISE ACT ☆ + + + + + + +

●• ☆ TIEFIMWALD ☆ ( D ) DJ
-> http://soundcloud.com/tiefimwald <-

// DeCoOrdiNation Records [ GER ]

Hi I´m dj Tiefimwald my real name is Maxi Oswald, I´m born at the 30. April. 1990 in Munich (Germany). And I started to play piano at the age of 9 years. This has been my first steps to make music.
My first psychedelic experience was in the year 2008 on a free and easy Goa party in Munich. From this moment I was totally addicted to psytrance music. The first time I was only listening and visiting full on and progressive parties. But after two years I had my first contact to Forest and Parvati music at fullmoon festival near Berlin 2010.
Now my mind and my music appreciation was completely opened for this kind of psychedelic music. I started to learn to mix music, to become a dj. Because one of my biggest passions is to show people my music and dispatch them into different inner psychedelic worlds.

-> [ http://decoordination.org ] <-
-> [ https://soundcloud.com/decoordination-records ] <-

▆▅▃▂▁ CHILL & CHAI ▁▂▃▅▆
- - - - - - - - - - - A R E A - - - - - - - - - - - -

+ B L A C K L I G H T + + D E C O R A T I O N +

-> t.b.a. SPECIAL

-> t.b.a. SPECIAL


-> L I V E - VISUALS <- & -> LASER SHOW <-

>> L O C A T I O N <<

Theaterfabrik - Club
Friedenstrasse 10
81671 München , Germany

[ http://theaterfabrik-muenchen.de ]

( Ostbahnhof )
5 min to S-Bahn/train
( Optimol Werke - Ost )


>>>>> E I N T R I T T <<<<<

-> TBA

-> no entry under 18 years!!
-> no drugs!!!

-> free entry for Birthday Kids!!


< - - - - - sound-system - - - - - - >
--> ★ (KLING & FREITAG) ★ <--

----> ★ LIVE ★ ( 3D ) ★ <-------
> V I S U A L S --&-- L A S E R <



-------------------> Blackmoon-festival <------------------
----------> [ http://blackmoonfestival.com ] <-----------

20-24 august 2014 - Montecarotto, Ancona, Italy

5 days & 4 nights
2 stages
Healing Area
Traditional food stall
Art exhibition
& much more…

At 30 km from the sea
in middle of nature!


Blackmoon Festival 2013 (VIDEO)
// [ http://youtube.com/watch?v=W4XftuHRNL4 ]


> DeCoOrdiNation Records
// [ contact@decoordination-records.com ] >

// [ http://decoordination-records.com ] >
// [ https://www.goabase.net/78283 ] >
// [ https://soundcloud.com/decoordination-records ] >

powered by:

// [ www.blackmoonfestival.com ] >

// [ http://parvati-records.com ] >
// [ https://soundcloud.com/p-30 ] >

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dal 6 al 7 giugno 2014

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