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Israeli krav maga association Gidon SystemInstructors Course by GM GIDON

Natanya, Israel Netanya, Israele



The Israeli Krav Maga Association

Israeli krav maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld established the non-profit Israeli Krav Maga Association (IKMA) in 1978 to promote krav maga throughout the world. Grandmaster Haim Gidon, the highest-ranking individual in the world at 10th degree black-belt, heads the organization as Imi's appointed successor. The IKMA sponsors programs worldwide. Every July the IKMA sponsors an instructor’s course. In addition, a shorter course is offered every December for those students who wish to advance their knowledge. Imi and Haim’s hometown, Netanya, Israel serves as the hub of krav maga learning and development. All courses are taught at the IKMA main facility at 21 Ben Zion Street.

IKMA History

The Israeli government recognizes the non-profit IKMA as the governing body for krav maga. Imi remained with his original krav maga organization, the IKMA, until his final days. Haim Gidon was duly elected President of the IKMA in 1994. After Imi awarded Grandmaster Gidon his 8th dan in 1996 announcing publicly that 9th and 10th dans were to come and, several members left the IKMA to form their own competing krav maga interpretations and organizations. Imi’s designation of Haim Gidon as his successor indicates his faith and devotion in his original organization.

Imi formally approved of Haim’s modifications and additions to the krav maga curriculum. (These were not made available to these new competing krav maga organizations.) Many non-affiliated organizations use and have registered the IKMA’s first generation kuf-mem logo without the IKMA’s permission. The IKMA strongly opposes this and is challenging this misappropriation of its logo and goodwill.

Grandmaster Haim Gidon

Grandmaster Haim Gidon, (10th dan and IKMA President) is a member of krav maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld's first training class in the early 1960's. Along with Imi and other top instructors, Haim Gidon co-founded the Israeli Krav maga Association (IKMA) which he now heads as President. In 1995, Imi nominated Haim as the top authority to grant 1st dan krav maga black-belt and up. In an IKMA ceremony, Imi awarded Haim Gidon 8th dan and stated 9th and 10th dans "were to come" designating Haim as the highest ranking krav maga instructor. (Video clips of the ceremony are available at www.kravmagaisraeli.com). As President and Grandmaster of the IKMA, Haim has taught the Israeli Police defensive tactics for the last thirty years to Israel's security and military agencies. Some of Haim’s students hold the highest posting in the Israeli military and security establishments.

Senior Instructor Yigal Arbiv

Senior Instructor Yigal Arbiv (4th dan) assists Grandmaster Gidon with the coursework. After serving in an elite paratroop unit as a weapons specialist, Yigal attended Wingate, Israel's national sports institute, an exclusive training academy for instructors and coaches, where Yigal received his krav maga coaching certification. Yigal regularly travels abroad to teach law enforcement and civilians. Yigal has received special commendations from several American law enforcement agencies. Yigal sits on the IKMA's professional committee for krav maga technique development and IKMA grades committee.

IKMA Instructor Course Focus

Since 1978, the IKMA has remained a non-profit association. We have always emphasized quality instructor training over quantity certifications. To build a strong foundation, Grandmaster Gidon strongly emphasizes learning the basics well including proper striking, body positioning (both standing and on the ground), balance and footwork. Israeli krav maga is built on instinctive cumulative building blocks. One must master the core basics to allow rapid progression within the more advanced curriculum. In addition, Grandmaster Gidon provides lectures on awareness training, the body in violent conflict, and the bio-physical mechanics of a violent encounter, along with de-escalation (always the preferred solution.) Students are encouraged to map out the curriculum they are taught (taking extensive notes after each training session) in their own words so that on their return to their home countries, they have digested and reiterated the material first hand.

What to Expect

As noted, the IKMA has sponsored instructor courses since 1978. The three week course involves intense training six days per week from early morning until the evening. Additional training is available with Israeli students in Grandmaster Gidon’s regularly scheduled evening classes. The July course is optimally designed for those instructor candidates with a solid krav maga background, however, beginners with a strong martial arts background may also attend. Traditionally, the courses were designed for students who had achieved a green belt ranking according to the IKMA curriculum.

IKMA Course Costs & Structure

We do not charge monthly licensing fees. We believe in delivering the best training possible and advancing our instructors capabilities and teaching standards every year. There are no additional costs to the program other than your annual instructor fee to the non-profit Israeli Krav Maga Association (if you have a full-time dedicated school) and a small IKMA membership fee for your students to support the non-profit.

Regarding previous belts and rankings, Grandmaster Gidon may recognize your previous rank based on your demonstrated abilities and experience including specialized law enforcement and military instructor certification. Grandmaster Gidon may also consider sponsoring a course in your country after you successfully complete one or more courses in Netanya.

Course Fees & Diplomas

Course fees are due at the beginning of each course. You must make prior arrangements with Grandmaster Gidon if the full course fee cannot be paid prior the first training session. Included in the course fee is the IKMA instructor diploma that is valid for one calendar year. Teaching certifications must be renewed every calendar year either by attending our bi-annual courses in Israel or attending a sanctioned course taught by Grandmaster Gidon at one of the IKMA’s international satellite locations. As part of the course fee, instructor candidates will be provided with four IKMA training shirts. More training shirts will be made available for purchase and instructor candidates are requested to email their respective size requests prior to arriving for the course.

IKMA Gidon Logo Usage

Once you successfully complete the course, the IKMA will permit you to use the IKMA Gidon logo as long as you are in good standing with the Association.

Advanced Training & Certifications

Our ongoing re-currency training and up-certification program is designed for those who pass the initial basic instructor course. We believe in providing the best training and wish only to produce the best instructors who can sustain our training and method of teaching.

What to Bring

Instructor candidates should prepare for a warm training environment. As noted, each instructor candidate will receive four IKMA Gidon training shirts. In addition, plain t-shirts may be worn in the training facility. Candidates should were suitable gi type training pants. Shorts are discouraged. Male instructor candidates must bring groin protection along with quality MMA type gloves and shin-guards. Mouth guards are optional. The main gym floor is a mat; training shoes are not permitted on the mat. Ballet type slippers may be used or purchased at the facility. The alternative is to train in bare feet. A notebook should also be brought to record the day’s lesson for curriculum purposes. Lastly, a copy of your passport and recent doctor’s note must also be presented at the beginning of the course.
Water, meals, and snacks are may be purchased two blocks from the training facility.

Travel Arrangements

Instructor candidates must make their own travel arrangements to Netanya. All international flights land at Ben Gurion airport. Taxis are available from the airport and charge a set fee. In addition, rental cars are available from all major international agencies. To ease in your passage through security, we may be able to provide a letter of introduction simply stating that you invited to attend our course.

Money Exchange

You may exchange your local currency for Israeli shekels at Ben Gurion or use an ATM machine. The best exchange rates are usually found in Netanya at the local money exchanges or the banks. So you may wish to exchange enough money to get you to Netanya and for a few meals and then seek out the best exchange rate. The fare from Ben Gurion to Netanya, depending on what time of day, should be about 200 Shekels.


There are many hotels in Netanya, however, you should make your reservations as soon as possible. Netanya is popular resort during the summer months and hotel rooms can be difficult to find last minute. We highly recommend the Zyvotel chain (www.zyvotel.com) as it is located near the heart of Netanya while the staff is both professional and courteous. Israeli hotels provide substantial breakfasts to fuel your training. There are many good restaurants located within the town center for evening meals. There is a set rate of about ___ shekels for taxi rides in and around Netanya (inquire within your hotel.) The training facility is about ___ km from the main hotels.

Excursion Trips within Israel

On Saturdays (or prior to or after the course) students are highly encourage to visit Israel’s historical sites and absorb its wonderful culture. The IKMA occasionally provides tours. Students share the cost in renting a vehicle. Alternatively, regular tours to the most popular destinations run from the various hotels.

Israeli Combat Shooting

Students may also elect to learn Israeli shooting tactics. The IKMA uses the range located in Netanya. Fees depend on the length of desired training and ammunition expenditures.

For More Information

For additional information, please feel free to contact us at yigal289@gmail.com__________________. Our international representatives may also be contacted to provide feedback on their positive training experience and why they chose to train with the IKMA. Notably, after considerable due diligence, people, especially international krav maga instructors, are contacting us daily to learn Israeli krav maga in its latest and most advanced evolution, from the source.

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