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The Bold Sopranos 膽壯的高音手

Gallery EXIT 3/F, 25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

The Bold Sopranos
15 May – 14 June 2014

Opening: Thursday, 15 May 2014, 7 – 10 pm

Gallery EXIT 3/F, 25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Hours: Tue - Sat, 1100 – 1800

The Bold Sopranos is a group exhibition co-organised by Gallery EXIT and Manila-based SILVERLENS. Works on various media by Pio ABAD, Poklong ANADING, Mariano CHING, Christina DY, Gary-Ross PASTRANA and Maria TANIGUCHI will expose the fictitious nature and the absurdity of closed systems of thoughts, presumptions and de facto realities.

The title of the show is a direct reference to Eugène Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano. Based on linguistic exercise, The Bald Soprano explores the possibilities of a narration devoid of purpose and content. Despite the seemingly senseless nature of the play, clichés, non-sequiturs, oxymoron and nonsense repetitions speak to the inherent fallacies of society, ideological conformity, hopelessness of communication and the general absurdity of it all. Language is an artificial construct. Manners are manufactured. Images are fragmented renderings of one’s own understanding of the world. What are the ends of these rules to us? What would happen if we are no longer rule-bound?

In the same vein, the exhibition, The Bold Sopranos, features works on canvases and scarfs, videos, collages, sculptures and installation in a surreal mockery of logic. By making use of visual symbols and idiosyncratic languages, the exhibition unfolds a sense of bewilderment by alienating audience against the world of things. Poklong Anading’s Locus is a great example of such formal speculations -- a two-channel video of street-performing monkeys walking on stilts at traffic lights. By means of cinematic techniques of suspense and slow-motion, Anading presents the ritual as that absurd, surreal alchemy between a demising reality and an over-positive projection towards progress. Maria Taniguchi’s canvases from US Letter Painting series also appear as an evident corollary to the absurdity of a predefined system of norms and the subsidiary cultural influence that the US have shed onto the Philippines.


開幕:5月15日 (星期四) 下午7時至10時

地點:安全口畫廊 香港香港仔田灣興和街25號大生工業廈3樓

辦公時間:星期二至六 1100-1800

《膽壯的高音手》是由香港Gallery EXIT安全口畫廊和馬尼拉SILVERLENS畫廊合辦的群展。藝術家Pio ABAD,Poklong ANADING,Mariano CHING,Christina DY,Gary-Ross PASTRANA和Maria TANIGUCHI以不同媒介的作品,向我們展示出蘊藏於封閉的思想、充滿假設的制度和現實之內,那虛構的本質以及荒謬感。

是次展覽取其名自歐仁‧尤內斯庫(Eugène Ionesco)的《禿頭歌女》(The Bald Soprano)。《禿頭歌女》以語言練習為本,從不同面向探索一種沒有目的和內容的日常語言。話劇看似荒誕無稽,但劇中陳腔濫調、不當結論、矛盾語、無理的重覆這些種種技巧,無一不是指向社會裡根深蒂固的謬論、意識形態的一致性、絕望的人際溝通以及生活中普遍的荒謬。語言是人造的產物,行為是製定出來的,而影像則是一些零碎的演繹,展現出一個人如何理解世界。那於人而言,這些規矩的目的是甚麼?若沒有這些規距束縛我們的話,這個世界會是怎樣?

是次群展《膽壯的高音手》將異曲同工地以超現實的方式嘲諷理性邏輯,作品的呈現方式分別有油畫布、圍巾、錄像、拼圖、雕塑以及裝置。透過視覺象徵及別樹一格的語言,展覽將展示出一種與塵世間萬事萬物對立起來的景色,將觀眾置身於茫然困惑之中。Poklong Anading的Locus正正呼應這種對形式的反思——猴子們在交通燈旁踩高蹺的街頭表演雙頻錄像。Anading以電影的懸疑手法加上慢鏡的使用,把正步向死亡的現實和對於進步過度樂觀的投射之間,那些荒謬和超現實的行為表現出來。對於已預設的規範制度和美國在菲律賓留下的次文化影響,Maria Taniguchi的畫作系列US Letter Painting同樣亦是有力的說明。

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