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Room 680 Level 1 / 680 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn Victoria, Australia

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤100 EARLY BIRD TICKETS¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤
•• http://melbournepsyfamily.eventbrite.com.au ••

// Welcome Seeker to Area 51 (OFFICIAL LAUNCH).

For as long as humans have contemplated the cosmos, we have wondered if we are alone in the universe.

Ancient mythologies and contemporary science fiction have presented imaginative answers over the years.

One thing seems certain; there is more than just earth. There are more worlds and the possibility to harvest life on other planets seems inevitable.
Our presence on earth is measured by the value of how we live our lives. However many found an exception to ordinary life with the ability to expand their consciousness threw alternative forms of meditation
and mind altering states.

Area 51 is one the greatest stories told and known for introducing some of humanities greatest and unanswered theories. Now it is time to invite you on a journey to explore these worlds.
Without bias or judgment, this is an invitation to travel with us, to find unique places to explore unique perception and other planes.

Our aim is to bring to you, artists known around the world for creating mind-bending rhythms and help you reach a state of self exploration. Using the latest in broadcasting technology, we offer this to you
at a fraction of big ticketed festival prices. Furthermore we believe diversity has been lost over the years. Recent trends show common events cater only for 1, 2 or 3 genres the most. We believe music and
genres on all levels can help the mind explore and hence, one should not focus on just one - but embrace many, be open for the new and the old ways. With this said we would like to take you on a journey that
is not only visually stimulating, but will also caress your ears with genres such as Drum & Bass, Deep and Mind Haunting House, Banging Techno to the Subtle, Uplifting Melodic Trance going to full Psychedelic
sounds with the exploration of various sub cultures along the way.

Area 51 creates a humble surrounding, providing you the opportunity to inner exploration, accessing a space and freedom for your mind to explore and potentially awaken or feed your 3rd Eye to new unexplored dimensions.

To begin this journey we thought of no better place where old memories have been created and cherished than ROOM 680 - a creative venue to let our ideas and imagination run free over 3 generously sized areas.
The venue features a lush outdoor chilled area as well as plenty of comfy seating in the main room. This will all be complemented by a full industrial and mystical art display upon entering for the first time
thanks to a state of the art visual/decor team, G-WIZ. A State of the art Sound System in conjunction with a Laser spectacle provided by Jonny Blaze from BlaZin LaSers to mesmerize your senses not to mention
a complete multiple Visual Art display by E-Fekt Productions sure to make you question your own visions! And finally, all of your warm smiles, laughter and light will be captured throughout the night by our
beautiful photographer and artist Miss Frenchie from Beauty Sniper Photography.

¤¤¤¤ // Your tour guides on this journey are // ¤¤¤¤


ZYCE is a solo progressive trance project created by Nikola Kozic from Serbia. After years of performing on guitar in rock and reggae bands, Nikola found himself in electronic music and the Zyce project was born. His debut album "Hyper Cube" was released in 2008 on Synergetic records. Soon after he started releasing music for the major psychedelic/progressive Trance labels like Spin Twist, Iboga, IONO Music, Blue Tunes.
The second album "Transgressive" was released on Spin Twist records in March 2010. With this album Zyce project had a chance to perform at the biggest festivals at Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Israel, Germany, France…

At the end of the 2010, Nikola established record label under name "TesseracTstudio" for which he have released his third album under name “8 Cell” in collaboration with Flegma project in 2011. Album took first place at psyshop charts. Finally the last and the fourth album with symbolic name “Alignment” was published at the 21st December at 2012.
Nikola is also part of several side projects like:
Ectima is a collaboration project created with Dalibor Delic (aka Flegma). Unique style of this project can be described as fusion of the psychedelic sound with a mix of techno music followed by deep atmosphere and tribal percussions! Two albums was released with this project !

Vertex is a collaboration project with Slobodan Gacesa (aka DJ Merlin). This project represent beautiful connection of progressive house/trance and ambient chill out sounds. Two albums was released with this project !

Orison is one more collaboration project with Dalibor Delic (aka Flegma). With this project Nikola and Dalibor had a vision to return the true progressive trance sound on the scene. Debut album was released at the end of 2012!



Ovnimoon is psy progressive project created by Hector Stuardo, born in Santiago de Chile in 1979, one of the most famous trance projects in South America.
His first track "KantuM" was released for "Synergetic Records" in December 2003. After this, Hector continues to work with the same label and releasesd his debut album, called "Camanchaca”.
One year later, on April 2007, with a new sound and with new approach,he released his second album called "Human Spirit". The album shows a stronger sound and become more distinctive, with a great sales success.
Several tracks on this album were re-edited on several collections of major labels such as: Yellow Sunshine Explosion & Ministry Of Sound. In 2008,
Ovnimoon published third album called "Family of Light" with which he had great success ..

His last released work was a complete change. Changing label and style. On August 2009, Ovnimoon launches 4th album called "Geometric Poetry" under the German label “ IONO music”.
Geometric Poetry rapidly achieved bestseller in the stores like Saikosounds and Psyshop, reaching # 1 on both stores at once by more than one week.
Hector has participated in several important events in his country, being considered an ambassador of Chilean trance music, a great artist and creator.
Playing in venues like Earthdance Chile, Chile Love Parade, Monte Mapu Festival and endless festivals throughout his hometown "Santiago". Creating compilations for labels such us: Synergetic records,
Geomagnetic records, Goa records. He has participated in compilations for labels like: Magma , Iboga, Spliff Music, In grooves, Future Lovers, Geomagnetic, Ministry of Sound, Leguan, YSE, Ajana, Revolver Magazine,
Freeze Magazine, Moonsun rec, Kagdila, Usta, Hadra records, Groove Control, Joof and prepares to edit in Solartech, IONO, Aleph Zero, Dharmaharmony and Sony Music Germany



Level D started his journey into music in his youth and as he mastered instruments such as guitar and keyboard he realised he was able to channel his own sound, thoughts and emotions into the melodies he created. Curious to expand his musical range and knowledge Level D began to explore electronic methods to create new sounds and so, he moved from traditional formats into the world of trance. Over time he felt more at home with electronic mediums but grew restless of the restrictive nature of trance. Slowly but surely he stepped outside of the “norm” and into the world of psytrance.

It is now in this world of psytrance that Level D remains, creating far off lands, unique characters and astounding adventures to share with his fellow travellers.
With joyous highs, breathtaking atmospheres, sinister sounds and peculiar characters, Level D will take you to another level and beyond, into another world


• » SUNTRIBE/ DIGITAL SUN « (Interface, GOA Records, Universal Dance Records) • **LIVE

Suntribe aka Ash was born in India. Blessed with a family that gave him liberty to choose his own creative path.
This freedom gave Ash the scope to learn more about music. Choosing Australia as his base of evolution “Suntribe” was born.
With a kind of psychedelic sound that reflects every atom of his personal experiences Suntribe's complex beats with hypnotic overtones
are a sound that’s managed to uplift dance floors on a global scale.

Having played at Australian events including Honto, Traincore, Bliss, Freebase, Digital Mayhem, Southern Oracle
and Earthcore Global Carnival 4 years in a row, Suntribe was ready to take on the world.
Touring countries including India, Chile, Argentina, Dubai, Bolivia and many more Suntribe’s live shows and 1st album –
India Trance Rediscovered received rave reviews across the spectrum of the dance scene.


• » SIMON MURPHY « (Substance, Prognosis) •

Influenced by a solid foundation of techno, a love of all things melodic and a passion for outdoor bush festivals and clubs alike,
Simon Murphy's fascination with a wide array of sounds has helped spawn a deep understanding of the music which he loves.
A true music aficionado and devotee of the Australian scene, Simon Murphy strives to find the perfect tunes to capture the mood and his passion is reflected in every set.

Adaptability is one of his greatest accomplishments with an intricate musical knowledge that sees him complement the vibe of every event
whilst stamping his own trademark energy and sound wherever he plays. Turning heads and captivating dancefloors for close to a decade,
Murphy has cemented his place in the hearts and minds of Australia's dancefloor warriors and global listeners.


• » TECH-AID « (SoundKraft Recordings) •

Shantaraam is a music project that aims on bridging the divide, the sounds encompasses a wide spectrum of eastern influences blended
with modern electronic instruments. The influences range from Sufi, Muslim, Jewish , Persian(farsi), Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, South and North Indian,.
In Melbourne, Tech Aid established a name for him-self through a circuit of infamous house parties and Renegade dj sets,
starting off with some minimal tech building up to hard-driving full on psy trance.

What truly sets him apart, however, is his transformation of regular sets into dynamic performances. Equipped with bewitching tunes and boundless energy,
refusing to confine himself behind the decks, preferring to interact consistently with the crowd with a skilful approach to audio effect wizardry and live remixing.

Tech Aid has had the honour of sharing stages with some of Psy trance and Techno's most reputable producers.
Nawaf Al Alawi is now a recognised as local favourite amongst the Melbourne’s psy-trance and progressive crowd.


• » NIKKI SIG « (NSW, Unstable Sounds) •

Nikki Sig first hit the Melbourne dance scene in early 2003. A vinyl pusher at the beginning of her music career.
Coming from a Hard House/Trance back ground for 7 years and playing at small club parties all over Melbourne to large events,
She has attracted a huge following. Known for her charismatic style, technical skills and her passion for electronic music,
She definitely knows how to please a crowd - upfront delivery with precision, emotion and attitude.

As music evolves it's time to be more versatile with unique, nail biting, bass driving & crowd satisfying sounds.
In the last 5 years Nikki has now found her passion and love for Progressive Techno.
More leaning towards the techno side but elements of progressive, a dash of psy and earthy organic elements to make a difference.
Most important adding her favourite touches of deep fat chunky bass lines, grind & dirtiness in her taste of music building up to driving techno beats.
Always looking for quality tune-age with a difference to please and intrigue the punters for that underground feel.


• » PSYDTRAK « (QLD, Mental Drop Records) •

Having learnt to dj mid 2002 Jason (now known in prog psy circles as Psydtrak) has played through many genres from, electro,
breaks, drum & bass, hard house, U.K trance, techno and has now finally settled on his true passion, progressive psytrance. Playing in Melbourne,
victoria for well known crews, Colour of Sound, Solar Empire, Yellow Sunshine, Unstable Sounds and various others, Psydtrak is and will keep tearing up the psychedelic scene for years to come.
Do make sure you check him out while he takes you a musical journey of driving melodies and fat chunky drops!

A relative newcomer to the psychedelic scene, Psydtrak has secured himself some prominent gigs around the Victorian scene,
with each supplying a dose of 'exactly what the crowd wanted', with flawless skills and ability to take the punter on a journey.
If you haven't seen this guy before, you will soon as he is taking a big chunk out of Melbourne's progressive pizza" !!

• » MISH'CHIEF « (Instinct) •

• » D.T.M.X. « (Universal Tribe Records) •

• » SOLARFLEX « (U-NEQ Records NYC) •

• » JONNY BLAZE « (3rd Eye Productions) •


• » DJ VERMIN « (Offworld) •

• » DOOLZ « •

• » FOSTERS « •

• » CHRIS HÄTZ « (Korova) •

• » SCHUMANN « (Mental Madness Records, Future Shock, U-NEQ Rec) •

¤¤¤¤ // TICKETS & OUTLETS // ¤¤¤¤

**** OUT NOW! LIMITED (x100) $15 +bf early birds. ****

• » 100 EARLY BIRDS: $15 +bf
• » 200 SECOND ROUND: $25 +bf
• » 700 GENERAL ADMISSION: $35 +bf


Available from Selected promoters. Please contact,

Christian Schnitz'Mgee Schumann (Port Melbourne)
Melbourne Psytran (Melbourne)
Bonnie-Jayne Rose (Frankston)

General Ticket requests and info email:





¤¤¤¤ // VENUE & INFO // ¤¤¤¤

680 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122
(03) 9818 0680, www.room680.com

An Airconditioned Paradise, Chill out/ Smoking Area within.
Easy accessable by vehicle, Tram, Bus and Train.
Hassel Free Parking available.
Dresscode: Be yourself - Feel Comfortable

ROOM680, staff and security has the right to refuse entry.

Drink Specials on the night. More info soon.


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