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Distorted Frequencies The Weekender: 5 Arena’s and Pub

Share and Coulter petanque club Owl's Hatch Road, Herne Bay, Kent, Regno Unito

Distorted Frequencies The Weekender

5 Arena’s & Public House
70+ DJ's
25+ Live bands
3 Days
Cheap Tickets for the whole weekend
Limited £20 Early birds till 30/03/14
£30 Normal tickets
Both Full Weekend & Inc Camping !

Bay Sick Soundz Arena // Twisted Frequencies Arena // The Mess Tent // Free-dome // Kentish Mischief// Live Music Matters Band Stage

Fri 13th Sat 14th Sun 15th June 2014
The Share & Culture
Owls Hatch Rd
Green Hill
Herne Bay

We aim to bring you a small and intimate local weekend event in the heart of Kent. Showcasing an impressive rota of Kent based artists, djs and producers with over a decade of experience that will deliver a wide and varied selection of genres and styles that'll absolutely blow your mind! The Mischief weekender will feature well known labels and promoters including Nokturnal, Twisted Frequencies, Inside-Out, Baysick Soundz ,Kentish Mischief, Good Vibrations, Phat Pilgrim Records, Snatch & Run Audio, Substance, TVC, Live Music Matters and Lab Rat Records. The Mess Tent , Liquid scape & Druidwerks will be providing the decor along with others. Mr Phill V and Jake G will be providing the visual entertainment for the event which will feature locally hand-crafted decor around the site.Tickets available now £30 inc camping online here https://www.theticketsellers.co.uk/tickets/distorted-frequencies-the-mischief-weekender-5-arenas-and-pub-cheap-tickets-30/10029928 or limited early birds available £20 inc UNTIL 30/0314 do not delay from any of the hosts just send them a message

Bay-Sick Soundz Arena
Decore by Druidwerks

Friday- EZ Duzzit & X-Static // Saturday-Inside-Out// Sunday - Nokturnal

EZ Duzzit & X-Static


Dr Duzzit - EZ Duzzit/X-Static
Wayne Burgess - EZ Duzzit/X-Static
Joel B - EZ Duzzit/X-Static
Ant Hornsby - EZ Duzzit/X-Static
Fabio Seramota - EZ Duzzit/X-Static
Jamie Tennant - EZ Duzzit/X-Static
Richard Holdway - EZ Duzzit/X-Static
Herman - EZ Duzzit/X-Static
DJ Mai - EZ Duzzit/X-Static



AudioScope - Gutsy Production // Beatz & Freakz // - https://soundcloud.com/audioscope
Aquatex - (Sweden) Goa Trance Live P.A
Paul Psr-Ryder - Climactic records/Kentish Mischief - https://soundcloud.com/paulpsrryder
Master Bucks - Inside-Out
Sean Inside-Out - Bioshokk/Inside-Out/Nokturnal - https://soundcloud.com/sean-inside-out
Rikki B - Bay-Sick Soundz/Nokturnal



Fire Dancers/Poi supplied by VECTORFIRE

Lucy Fur - Frantic/Storm/X-Static/Toolbox
Sean Inside-Out - Bioshokk/Inside-Out/Nokturnal - https://soundcloud.com/sean-inside-out
Andriko - Strike
Kinermanic b2b Dex - Institution/Disturbed/Spangled
Rich Piper b2b Pixie - Inside-Out/Twist/Encoded
Steve Marwood - Crank Digital
Andy Simpson - Bioshokk
Matt Draper - Inside-Out/Nokturnal
Craig Mac - Nokturnal/Inside-Out - https://soundcloud.com/craig-mcintyre-hayley-wells
Luke NRG - Strike
Scott Mason - Hi Frequency
Aquatex - Hard Trance live pa from Sweeden
Jimbean - FireBall
Master Bucks - Inside-Out


Nrg Djs - Hard Impact/Devious
Matt Mara -Hardstock recordings
Deten-8 - Bay-Sick Soundz/Nokturnal
Craig Mac - Nokturnal/Inside-Out - https://soundcloud.com/craig-mcintyre-hayley-wells
Dale West - Nokturnal - https://soundcloud.com/dj-dale-west/dale-west-may-2014-demo

Twisted Frequencies & Kentish Mischief Arena

Drum & Bass\\ Dub Step\\ Old Skool\\Minimal\\Jump Up\\Breaks\\Electro\Garage\\Ragga Jungle & more

Visual Projections By Psykle Visions

Lights // Lasers // Decor

Fire Dancing Performed by Twisted Freq

Crisp Audio’s
Hi Quality Crystal Clear
Turbosound / Opus & Funktion One Sound System
Powered by over 7K of Mc2 & Opus

Friday - Kentish Mischief Festival Opening - 1pm till 1am

NationalELFservice - Kentish Mischief
Lego Man - Kentish Mischief - https://soundcloud.com/effirgy
A9ent0ran9e - Phat Pilgrim Records // TPIF - http://www.thankphat.com/
Wonkey Dan - Kentish mischief
Damn Right - NSB Radio // Phat Pilgrim Records - http://www.thankphat.com/
HAZEE - Reputation FM // Liquidation // Expressions - https://soundcloud.com/user8173485
"Simply Dread" - "Junglism" and "Sound Crumpet" -https://soundcloud.com/simply-dread
Generic Mammal Mickey Dot Promotions - D’N’B
New Boy - D’N’B - https://soundcloud.com/dan-lake-5
Jamatix - Beat Therapy - D’N’B - https://soundcloud.com/dj-jamatix
Cropz & Mace - Rough Tempo - D’N’B
Tony Pockets - Sub rapture // Monkey Dance - D’N’B - https://soundcloud.com/tonypockets/tony-pockets-summer-2013-mix

Saturday Snatch & Run Saturday - 9am till 1am

Ben Kelly - Good Vibrations
Jack Greenhall - Good Vibrations
Jack Krow' - Good Vibrations
Inkadelica - Good Vibrations
Sebliminal - Kentish Mischief - https://soundcloud.com/sebliminal
Shelley - Climactic Records // Kentish Mischief - Breaks // Electro - Ireland - https://soundcloud.com/shelley23/loves-it-or-hates-it
Soundboyee-wot - Leisure Center Boom Town Fair // Armarda - https://soundcloud.com/Soundboyee-wot
Zigga Mc - Rudy Rudy Soundz - https://soundcloud.com/zigga-mc
DJ Treaks Twisted Frequencies - D’N’B
DJ Real Deal - Pure Science // Directors Cut - D’N’B
Phoenix - Crooked Halo - D’N’B - https://soundcloud.com/deejay-phoenix/the-take-preview
Eko & MC Dasha Snatch & Run Audio - D,N,B - https://soundcloud.com/aidanlewis
3 Deck Mixing
J-Impact Snatch & Run Audio - D’N’B - https://soundcloud.com/snatch-6/j-impact-replicant-kre-remix
Venser & Bad Morals Snatch & Run Audio - D’N’B - https://soundcloud.com/snatch-6/bad-morals-bad-deeds-free
Sub Element Snatch & Run Audio - D’N’B - https://soundcloud.com/snatch-6/j-impact-sub-element-time
Dub Zero - Formation // Easy Records - D,N,B - https://soundcloud.com/dubzero187
Warren B - Sound-bully Audio - Jump UP

Sunday Close Down - 9am till 3pm

Komo - Kentish Mischief - http://www.mixcloud.com/mwrbaker/
Billy 2 Blunts - Kunt Soundz // Black Box
DJ Nam - Old Skool
“Mr.Rude & Lil Miss Naughty” - Love Deh Records // GMASS
Richie Weaver Pure Science: Vinyl only - D’N’B - https://soundcloud.com/badboy-weaver
Critical Matter - Rough Tempo -D’N’B

The Mess Tent
Liquid Scape Designs

Chill out music till early hours

Frobb Scottle - Liquid Scape Sound System
Sebliminal - Kentish Mischief - https://soundcloud.com/sebliminal
Messy Geoff -The Mess Tent
Wax Hands - Truespin Records // Toast Club Recordings // 9G Records - https://soundcloud.com/wax-hands
AC selekter - Out of the Box - https://soundcloud.com/ac-selektor
Zigga Mc - Rudy Rude Soundz - http://www.mixcloud.com/zigga_mc/roots-street-radio-guest-mix-rudy-rude-sound-zigga-mc/
Ska-face & Amber Fry-beat - Blinding Promotions // CSR Radio
Stoney - Subsdance sound system
Charlie - Subsdance sound system
Taccini - Subsdance sound system
Iffy Boatrace - Subsdance sound system
Hari Mau Matt -Liquid Records / Mess Tent
Mista P -Subsdance sound system
Oz - TVC sound system // Lounge on the Farm
Dr-uggs- The Mess Tent
Lego Man - Kentish Mischief -https://soundcloud.com/effirgy
SunRhea - liquid scape/The Mess Tent
Mayo - Floating Bush

Chilled out cafe/lounge tent serving hot & cold drinks, cakes & snacks

40FT X 25FT army style marquee cafe with comfy chill out area and room to dance,chat with friends over a cuppa & bacon sarnie. always with a chilled out vibe for any event.

Mainly serving teas/coffees, homemade cakes, bacon/egg sandwiches/rolls,chilli & rice, sweets & bottled water at prices you can afford.

The Free-dome

Live Music Jam Tent

Enjoy the comfy humble setting of the Free dome, listen to music, pick up a instrument and play.

Live Music Matters Band Stage:
Powered by Panda Audio Sound System

Come and Chill out with some Top Local Bands and Vocalists, Hip Hop acts DJ's and a Beat Boxer

Opening Friday: - 1pm till 1am

Andy Collier
Josh & Milly - Panda Audio Recordings
The Chandeliers - https://soundcloud.com/lukeliam10/we-the-people-by-the
Natalie Evans - https://soundcloud.com/kspacekase/you-bring-me-down-ks-ft
KS and MC Stern - https://soundcloud.com/sternrhymesmith/everywhere-i-go
grandmaster prang - dimension steppers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6iKJ5Mi5bU&feature=youtu.be
Mr.Wolfe - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4_7QmkPNdk
Lab Rats - Lab Rat Records - https://soundcloud.com/labratrecords-1
Spins & Needles - Turn Tablealist Duo - https://soundcloud.com/deejay-buttaphingaz/dj-race-buttaphingaz-aka-spins
Flame Pilots - https://soundcloud.com/flame-pilots

Saturday: - 10am till 1am

Ska-face & Amber Fry-beat - Blinding Promotions // CSR Radio
Wax Hands - True-spin Records // Toast Club Recordings // 9G Records - https://soundcloud.com/wax-hands
Craig Francis - https://soundcloud.com/mrcraigfrancis
Liotia - https://soundcloud.com/liotia
Boxing octopus - https://soundcloud.com/theboxingoctopus
Tree-lungs - https://soundcloud.com/tree-lungs
The Witch doctors
Colonel mustard - http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/266598622
The merchants
Lego Man - Kentish Mischief - https://soundcloud.com/effirgy/dirty-basslinen
Soundboyee-wot - Leisure Center Boom Town Fair // Armarda - https://soundcloud.com/Soundboyee-wot
Damn Right B2B A9ent0ran9e - Phat Pilgrim Records // TPIF// NSB Radio - http://www.thankphat.com/

Closing Sunday: - 9am till 3pm

RoKoKo - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6fMT_kuXvU&app=desktop
Wild-fowl Music - https://soundcloud.com/Wildfowlmusic
Sequoia - Panda Audio Recordings https://soundcloud.com/sequoia-5
Hey Maggie - Panda Audio Recordings - https://soundcloud.com/hey-maggie
AC selekter - Out of the Box - https://soundcloud.com/ac-selektor
MYSTERY DJ (sorry cant reveal who they r until the day but all iam gonna say u asked 4 them as it would b oldskoll)

Share & Coulter
Public House

A warm cosie place to relax have a drink and grab some food with family and friends , there will also be a grill for burgers, sausages and bacon sandwiches for those who want a quick bite to eat
And if Ur a football fan don't panic world cup games will be shown inside so get ya England shirts an flags ready.

Liquid Scape Designs

Liquid Scape Designs is a collective of artists that bring you the latest in stretch fabric decoration.

Ergonomic aesthetics that will fit any space , whether you want to create a Chilled out Zen Paradise or Psychedelic Playpen stretch fabric will warp to its surroundings and give you a totally immerse environment.


Druidwerks is a decor production team specializing in UV string art.
We offer an arsenal of ultraviolet geometry for music events and social gatherings.


Zenden & Silver Birch fine foods.
Offering a range of sweet and savory organic locally sourced dishes, fresh from the garden of England with a space 2 chill out an relax.

A selection of T-shirts , Hoodies & caps
hand printed clothing and custom pained produce including one of hand painted base ball caps neon hoodies, t shirts and much more from mutiny

Twisted Rainbow Clothing.
We collaborate with some of the UK’s finest, most distinctive artists to bring you quality clothing with a psychedelic kick. Coming out loud from our Brighton-based studio, our technicians use the latest in Direct to Garment Printing Technology, bringing you a range of high quality products!!
Amazing T-shirts and Hoodies. You can also fully customize your garment just send your image and we'll make it happen with our in house designers!! :)

Lara's General store.
If u need Ur phone charged or Rizzla ,lighters, tooth paste, toilet roll ,batteries, glow stuff and hair stuff also face painting by local tattooist Zoe

Unique handmade Silver jewellery, Designed & created by Me,Myself & I. Anything you wish for or desire, please don't hesitate to ask... All commissions are welcome :) I fix broken bling too.

Jazz Hands / Petit Fleur.
Handmade & unique.I never make 2 the same so your Hair Flower will always be 1 of a kind.Made with love, a gas mask and a bit of Boom-Ting for good measure!
By combining heat, plastics, patients and some casually extensive time I make these hair flower fascinators in my studio in Brighton. Each one is individual so you can have a design that be all yours.

Jasmine Rose Pure Magick.
Provides gifts for the Mind, Body and Spirit, ethically sourced and fairly traded. Amazing one off items from India and around the globe as well as unique local craftspeople. Workshops, holistic healing and much more!!

we will also have a small record stall for artists seling there albums or e.ps

The first 150 early bird tickets will only be sold by our tickets outlets, Please Private Message any of the hosts via Facebook for more info

Online tickets will be available from

Hot link: https://www.theticketsellers.co.uk/tickets/distorted-frequencies-the-mischief-weekender-5-arenas-and-pub-cheap-tickets-30/10029928

Group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/387687408028572/?fref=ts

Terms and Conditions of Entry

No dogs (expect guide dogs)

We have the right to search anybody as a condition of entry to our event.

You will need either a ticket or a wristband to gain entry to the festival.

Anybody refusing a search will be evicted from site. There is a no return policy on those refusing searches.

The site is accessible by wheel chairs users.

An attendee is not to bring any more alcohol than is required for personal consumption.

Sorry but due to the deal we get with the land you are only allowed to bring in either.

One six pack of beer or cider
1/4 Litre bottle of spirit
One bottle of wine
but please don't bring glass to the site transfer in to plastic bottles

There is a pub on site which sells alcohol and food at standard pub prices.

We have the right to refuse entry if you have large quantities of alcohol.

Any parent of a minor suspected of consumption of alcohol is liable for eviction.

No under 16's

Any parent or guardian of a minor suspected of committing or planning to commit an act of crime or anti-social behavior will be evicted along with those in their car.

No glass bottles.

No fires or fire poi, starffs, or devil sticks but u can use them as long as they r glow toys or there not lit.

We have the right to confiscate PAs, generators, glass and other banned articles. All illegal substances and articles are banned from site.

The organizers reserve the right to change the bill without prior notification.

Persons and vehicles suspected of carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities on site will be searched and subject to eviction.

Lost wristbands cannot be replaced. Anybody found without a wristband is liable to be evicted.

Anybody entering the site is liable to be spot-checked for their wristband.

Anybody found to be wearing a wristband that has been tampered with will be immediately evicted by security staff.

Anybody entering the event site is liable to be filmed or photographed and for that image or video to be used for promotional purposes at the discretion of the organizers.

Defaced tickets will not be accepted. If you lose your tickets, we will blacklist them, they will become invalid and we will re-issue fresh tickets to you.

There is car park with limited spaces available, if there is an over fill please try and park sensibly in the surrounding areas.

No littering on site or surroundings areas.

- O

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dal 13 al 15 giugno 2014

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