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The Great ReBirth: Divinized Sexuality & It's Pioneering Force on Earth

Ammarosa 2 Rue du Chemin des Rondes, Les Arnoulats , Puivert, Francia

This retreat is open to men, women, couples and singles.

Without a holy tantric revolution being at the heart of our Great Rebirth, it will last no longer than the duration of a fleeting ‘idea’.

Divinized Sexuality is the result of the complete blessing of the body and its desires into a Holy Communion and tantric adoration of the other. By healing all our sexual associations, our issues with masculine/feminine energy, our wounded ideas of manipulation and abuse, only then will we be able to seal in the energies that are coming to us. This is the most magical and holy of processes that can fuse together most quickly and most intensely matter and spirit and so participate in the great resurrection adventure at the heart of the second coming, the new Christ consciousness, the birth of the divine light in matter.

A Divinized Sexual being is not just radiating the divine presence but augmenting it, experiencing it in sacred relationship at the most edgy and incandescent levels, someone who is prepared to go to the depths of the mystery and the wonder of love, to the depths of desire to find that gold that can be lifted from that dark boiling cauldron and offer it to the service of the world.... This is the Pioneering Force that we are speaking of. And this is what we shall hear, taste, feel, see and discuss during these gatherings!

Anyone who pioneers a new divine humanity will have to be sexual because how on Earth could they have the fuel for such an epic and tremendous and devastating and glorious and heartbreaking journey without divinized sexuality at its core? That's the force that lights the flame of the divine human and keeps the divine human's passion for the whole of reality experienced as the tantric beloved in all of its forms.

There is no better place on the planet that is more perfect for this type of work than the Langedoc region of Southern France. This area is famed for its heretics, its 'royal' bloodline of Merovingian Kings, as well as housing the ancient footsteps of Mary Magdalene and the development of the Mystical Christ Path, along with other countless free-thinking radical mystics and the obvious, abundant presence of the Divine Feminine.

These gatherings are an open, transparent and intimate sharing. Our role is simply to offer the unconditional support; love and suggested guidance that can only come from integrated direct experience. There is no sexual contact or nudity during these retreats. It is suggested you come with your partner or close friend. This work is open to men, women, couples and singles and all sexual preferences.

The Inner Work includes:
Bodily movement, shamanic journeying, temple arts, meditation, discussion, transmissions, activations, and partner work and group work.

The Outer Work Includes:
Mary Magdalene Sacred Sites
Cathar Initiation Caves
Cathar Chateau's
Merovingian Seats of Power
Grail Sites

Divinized Sexuality…where spirit and matter become one…The Royal Tantra of Grail Kings and Queens

These gatherings are an open, transparent and intimate sharing with Anaiya and Tibor. Their role is simply to offer the unconditional support, love and suggested guidance that can only come from integrated direct experience.
Only through direct experience can we come to know the truth. During this gathering you will be invited to experience the alchemical forces of the threefold flame - Love, Power and Wisdom. We shall be working to activate, transform and heighten the energies of our sexuality, heart and soul to enter the rapturous states required to enter the Bridal Chamber.


Activating masculine and feminine energies
Empowering Sex, Love and Soul
Healing our intimate relationship with God
What to expect along the way
How to move through the resistance to becoming ONE in relationship to the other
The Bridal Chamber Ceremony
These gatherings are an open, transparent and intimate sharing with Anaiya and Tibor. Their role is simply to offer the unconditional support, love and suggested guidance that can only come from integrated direct experience.

Anaiya Sophia

Anaiya has been teaching worldwide for the last 15 years, co-creating rapturous and ecstatic transformation around the world. Her work reveals and celebrates around the secret teachings of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, the living ‘Christed’ experience of Sacred Union with the other half of your soul, leading to the eventual At-One-Ment with God. All her offerings invite the fullness of Divine Love (Holy Spirit) entering the heart and soul, penetrating every perceived block and resistance from this great love. All her books, music and teachings reveal her own lived experiences and practical ways of transmuting these limiting patterns and beliefs from the full expression of Shakti and Soul. Her books include: Open your Heart with Kundalini Yoga, Womb Wisdom, and Sacred Sexual Union (Inner Traditions) Pilgrimage of Love, and soon to be released, The Rose Knight.

Luc Tibor Erdos

Tibor has been a mystical artist for 18 years, drawing from his own experiences of Sacred Union. In 1997 he was drawn to the mystical area around Rennes Le Chateau, Montsegur, Bugarach and the Cathar legacy. The energies of Christ Consciousness and Gnosticism began to encircle him, revealing glimpses of the mystery that sired his soul. By following his soul purpose with total surrender and devotion he was reunited with his beloved Anaiya in 2012. He is convinced that the energies captured in his paintings orchestrated the time and space for them to be able to meet in the flesh once again. By joining with Anaiya, who is an author of Sacred Union, the Sacred Feminine and the Mysteries of Sophia they realized that together they contained the keys to birth the New Renaissance. This was to be the complete fulfilling of their Sacred Union.

Venue: AmmaRosa, 2 Rue du Chemin des Rondes, Les Arnoulats, 11230, Puivert, Aude, France

Price: £860 includes Accommodation, Breakfast and Supper, Transportation all week. This does NOT include airport pick up - but we can arrange this for you for an extra charge.

Register Here with a £250 deposit http://anaiyasophia.com/great-rebirth/hieros-gamos-june-2014

Times: Begins 6pm, 20th June and finishes at midday on 27th June, 2014

Email: anaiyasophia@gmail.com

Veniteci a trovare
dal 20 al 27 giugno 2014

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