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Little Black Helicopters- Call For Art

Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom 715 East Milwaukee St , Detroit, Michigan, Stati Uniti

Little Black Helicopters- The Conspiracy Theory Show
Brought to you by Funhouseproductions.

Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you. -Joseph Heller, Catch-22

Conspiracy theories have been around for centuries (just google "who really killed Jesus"), but the concept didn't really become embedded in the public psyche until the aftermath of the JFK assassination. Even then, the JFK conspiracy movement was relatively slow to develop. It took years to unfold, relying on good old fashioned paper-literally thousands of articles and books- that took time to publish and disseminate. Flash ahead 50 years, with the exponential expansion of the internet, some might argue we’ve entered the golden age of conspiracy theories. Not only have old conspiracy theories gained new life, new ones can begin to germinate literally hours after a given event. For those that catch on and become a bona fide conspiracy theory, the scale and the speed which information and misinformation spreads in cyberspace is mind boggling. For a given event, there’s no longer just one Zapruder film, there’s often dozens if not hundreds of film segments, along with photographs, official reports, and endless media reports to be dissected. And dissected they are, relentlessly in the blogosphere, social media, and of course youtube by thousands of arm chair researchers. Along with ubiquitous seemingly endless debates between conspiracy theorists and skeptics with their own esoteric lexicon- truthers, hoaxers, sheeple, straw man, rabbit hole, Occam’s razor, shill, troll,psy-op, and ad hominum. In regards to the latter, personal attacks tend to get pretty ugly on both sides as anyone can attest who’s perused some of these online debates. Despite the explosion of activity on the internet, one thing hasn’t changed about conspiracy theories- they are still generally ignored and marginalized by the main stream media. Debunkers will of course argue this is obviously because they have no merit, while the conspiracy theorists insist the MSM is part of the conspiracy, duh!

With this in mind, we felt the time is ripe to re-examine the conspiracy theory in the form of an art show- especially while we still can, before the impending illuminatapocolypse completely shuts down our freedom of expression. In jurying the show, we’re not looking to promote any specific conspiracy theory or perspective- we’ll be looking for a variety of themes and points of view. We’ll certainly embrace an artist who feels strongly about the merit of certain conspiracy theory, and wants to make a strong or even controversial piece with the intent to open the sheeples eyes. But we’ll equally embrace the skeptics point of view- the debunker that uses art to slap some sense into the tinfoil hat wearing crowd. And while we’re well aware that some people take the subject very seriously, there’s always room for artists that want to have some fun with the concept- certain aspects of conspiracy theories are and always have been ripe for parody.

SHOW: June 20-21st Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom Detroit

SUBMISSIONS: All media welcome including film and performance art. Submit up to 3 pieces via jpg, email to mikelly63@yahoo.com. All submissions must be received by May 30th, artists will be notified of acceptance by June 1st at the latest. There is 10$ entry fee only if your art is accepted, it's free to submit. Artists will be emailed an artists agreement upon acceptance.

DROP OFF: There will be several drop-off opportunities for local artists beginning in early June. Out of town artists are responsible for shipping costs to and from the show.

GALLERY COMMISION: 30% of sale price.

CURATOR: Mike Kelly
History of shows I've curated:

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