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StarGate 2: "Transfiguration of the Heart"

Boulder, CO, United States Boulder, Colorado, Stati Uniti

What is asked of you?

*Trust in the process of being

*Allow your being to be delivered to

*Be open to all the suggestions given to you from source they are for your highest

*Let go of externals, they are based on past circumstances

*Your new path is waiting.... Be ready to embrace it

*When you feel the need to comment on anyone’s behaviour...don’t! Just let it go!

*If you comment on it.... It belongs to you

*If it affects you ...it’s yours

*Simply ob-serve

* Only allow yourself to see the true being...anything other than that is your projection and belief based on your conjecture.

* In other words the truth can only be felt and known from a deep place of release and opening in the heart.

* The minds light can be fully lit from a heart that is filled with radiant energy

* Be willing to love your-self in all your ways

*Your expectations interfere with your intentions if they do not line up

* The only expectation you ever need ....is that everything is always happening for the highest and the best benefit for you and all others.....period that’s it!

*When expectation and intention match harmonically things form because your field has agreement, concordance and coherence.

* Expect that every-thing is for your benefit and you will successfully be able to manifest anything you choose!

* Every-thing that is produced with the seeds of ease, grace and beauty will bear fruit of the same.....in other words your state of being at the moment of creation is far more important than what you are producing.

* That is why things of great beauty are prized because of the radiant energy they give, emit and send forth into the field of all possibilities.

* Beautiful things last because beauty is of the highest vibration

* Beauty is grace, harmony and flow combined in perfect proportions of ratios radiance.

*Phi is inscribed in all living things and creates perpetual torsions fields that expand effortlessly in perpetuity

* First you must prepare the soil to receive the seed: preparing yourself to open the potentiality and possibility fields of awareness

*From seed to seedling: cracking open of the hard shell hull yielding to the geometries of growth,

*From plant to blossom: transformation and transmutation the process of the germ of creation non-locally at the heart of all manifestation into this physical local universe

* From fruit to seed: every-thing continues up the spiral of formation supplanting one form to another

* Your creations occur because you have maintained enough energetic agreement for them to form.

* As the opposite occurs in equal measure

*Inertia occurs when one is out of alignment with the deeper and higher harmonics…..In other words your expectation and intention are not in agreement

* So come into agreement with the collaborative forces of All That Is and every-thing begins to line up!

Boulder Colorado

KA'ryna SH'ha Will Offer:
"Sound of Light" transmissions...
Ascension Teachings
Sonic Alchemy
Divine Dispensations of Grace.
Luminous Leadership and Mastery Matrices for human and planetary tranfiguration.

Gaspar Magistar Will Offer:
Sacred Geometry Structures,
Stargate Technologies
Heart Harmonics.
Infinity Walks for the dance of spirit and soul.

Together they will share the transformational power of Love to live a life filled with Radiant Bliss.


KA'ryna's Portal:
Website: www.karynashha.com
Contact: 647 379 2072
Email: karynalove@live.com

Gaspar's Portal:
Website: http://karynalove.wix.com/gmagistar
Contact: 647 464 6337
Email: gmagistar@gmail.com

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il 21 giugno 2014

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