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上海粗噪音虐待護士,杭州新媒體蔣竹韻 6/28@The Wall

The WALL Live House 台北市羅斯福路四段200號B1, Taipei, Taiwan

┗(・ω・;)┛ Asianoise Connection 亞洲噪音連帶 ┗(・ω・;)┛

(ノ・ω・)ノ゙ 上海恐怖粗噪音 虐待護士 根本犯罪!!
(=゚ω゚)ノ 杭州最強新媒體 蔣竹韻 有夠帥氣!!
(´・ω・)ノ 超台混沌菌種 梅斯卡林 宅男轟音!!
(シ_ _)シ 吉他光電超人 音速死馬 比活馬快!!

失聲祭域外音 X Kandala Records Gigs#37

§ 2014/06/28 (Sat) 20:00
§ The Wall Live House
§ 華娛預售 NT 600 (http://www.walkieticket.com/product.aspx?P1=0000002880)
§ 現場購票 NT 800

● 虐待護士 Torturing Nurse

2004年4月25日組建到永遠!來自中國上海的硬體 harsh noise/pure noise 團體,現有成員徐程和操俊軍兩位。目前已經在中國大陸、香港、日本、丹麥、瑞士、法國、比利時做了超過 150 場的表演;全世界幾十個國家的各類噪音廠牌發表的包括 CDR、磁帶、黑膠、CD等格式的專輯、分輯、合作、合輯出版超過 280 個品種!運行自己的CDR/磁帶/黑膠/T恤格式噪音廠牌Shasha Records、車床黑膠格式噪音廠牌爆音;運行噪音/聲音系列演出NOIShanghai、粗噪音/粗噪音牆/強電/碾噪系列演出 EarAgainstTheAmp!!!

started on 2004.04.25 till FOREVER!
from the Shanghai,China composed of analogue harsh noise/pure noise group,has now done over 150 performances in Mainland China、Hong Kong、Japan、Denmark、Switzerland、France、Belgium;has been published in various brands including the limited cdr、tape、vinyl、cd,ect in more than 280 recordings all over the world!!
runs cdr/tape/vinyl/t-shirt format noise lable Shasha Records、lathe cut vinyl format noise lable 爆音;organizes noise/free/avant series gigs NOIShanghai、harsh noise/HNW/power electronics/grind noise series gigs EarAgainstTheAmp in Shanghai!!!
Their portfolio features Incapacitants、K2、Government Alpha、Astro、GX Jupitter-Larsen、Sete Star Sept、Zbigniew Karkowski,ect who are well known in the scenes of extreme noise、free improvisation、grindcore,ect!!!!
In 2010,Torturing Nurse is sponsored to perform in contemporary art festival My World IMAGES in Copenhagen,Denmark;in 2011,Cut My Throat vol.1 in Hong Kong;in 2012,Against 2012:Fukuoka Extreme Music Festival,in that period joint Nojiji、Sin:Ned eight days tour and seven performances in Oita、Fukuoka、Osaka、Tokyo,Japan;in 2013,Festival Sonic Protest 2013,in that period eight days tour and seven performances in Geneva,Switzerland、Lyon、Paris、Metz,France、Brussels,Belgium、Marseille、Nantes,France!!!!!


● 蔣竹韻 Jiang ZhuYun (a.k.a jimu)

1984年生於杭州,2007年畢業於中國美術學院,新媒體專業。媒體藝術家,程式師,獨立活動策展人。曾多次參加重要展覽和演出,其中包括2006年上海雙年展,2013年中國聲音藝術大展的裝置和演出單元。在加拿大 Hexagram 駐留期間,曾與多位媒體藝術家一起合作研究。2004年開始聲音藝術創作,涉及實驗音樂,實地錄音,聲音裝置以及行為表演。在2009年開始自學程式語言,以電腦程式語言作為媒介將視與覺結合為目前主要創作方向。擅長 Processing 語言,及 Max/Msp 。

Jiang Zhuyun was born in Hang Zhou in 1984. In 2003 entered the China Academy of Art, New Media Department. Jiang Zhoulin in 2004 started working with 2PI records, also created the Audiomulch cubase computer software and many other sound related programs.
He was performing in 2P1 music festival in Hang Zhou, had a solo performance called Family Violenece and performed together with DODODO band in Shanghai and Nanjing.
Early this year Jiang Zhuyun participated Fruit Knives exhibition In Bizart art center and exhibition in Hang Zhou


● 梅斯卡林 Mescaline

梅斯卡林是一種墨西哥產仙人掌科植物提煉而成的迷幻藥,由於食用後會產生幻視感,據說曾被馬雅的巫師用來與靈界溝通。2003年,以「姚映凡」名義在臥室大量錄製作品,並將MP3作品大量上傳「滾石可樂」網站的黃大旺,在當時訊息來源有限的狀況下,仍想盡辦法接觸並且仿作西方與日本最尖端的電子音樂,於是找來當時朋友中於此方面造詣最深的謝仲其(wolfenstein,ex. 台北聲音小組)組成數位音樂二重奏,並隨機從字典上尋得此單字作為組合名稱,與化學成分、感官經驗或美國極微主義作曲家Terry Riley一概無關。2003年八月在高雄的現場演出,在後來由俄羅斯的Qulture Production發行網路專輯,是本組合唯一留下的正式錄音。

Mescaline is an experimental electronic sound duo held up by bedroom artist Dawang "yingfan" Huang and veteran internet geek / internet sub-culture watcher Zhongqi Xie since 2003. The name of the unit was randomly chosen from dictionary, without any connection with psychedelic alcaloid, beat generation and hippies culture. This unit only have less than 5 gigs in a decade, and released a live-recording online album at Qulture Production(Russia).


● 音速死馬 Sonic Deadhorse

latop 宅錄geek,台北各大live house票房毒藥,以live looping與controllerism這種如果一不小心就會出錯連連的表演方式形塑不一樣Glitch/idm/drill'n bass的現場風格。都會寂寞男女文藝青年搖滾漢子電音駭咖最適合聆聽的音樂,70年代的放蕩、80年代的哀愁、90年代的虛無與新世紀的孤絕自作聰明吱吱扎扎暴力小電音與假裝悲傷咿咿嗚嗚的破搖滾。當一切都隨著TR808 那低沉bass drum遠去,屬於愛情的屬於年少懵懂無知的,似乎也在楚浮的電影裡跟著消失了。所有的一切都發生在莫名的情感被抽離之後目前是大腦控制手指,指尖製造聲響,聲音觸發畫面的一人數位影音多媒體互動團隊。

This is a one-man band, but which also can be played around by joining many people. Because of being fascinated with “Sonic Youth,” because of having been hooked by “Guns N' Roses,” and the most main reason is because of “Sonic Death Monkey”—the band formed by Barry, the lippy clerk of a record shop in my favorite novel “High Fidelity,” I grudgingly pay a tribute to the inexistent band by having the name “Sonic Deadhorse.”
All the performances which are held by only one person, especially the guys with computers, are all like four-flushing, basically. Those guys who perform with backing are despised by me, basically. Moreover, the music I hate most is heart bleeding and with the popular tune of field of literature and art. Meanwhile, I also detest the electronic sound “dong-zi-dong-zi” appearing abruptly in a tune. “Sonic Deadhorse” therefore gathers genres which I am loath.
(from: http://www.painteddogrecords.com/og8003.html)


主辦:失聲祭 http://lsf-taiwan.blogspot.tw/、旃陀羅公社 http://kandalarecords.tw
平面:潘振宇 Chen Yu Pan

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