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Whites Bar 2609 State Street, Saginaw, Michigan, Stati Uniti

https://www.facebook.com/events/870822852943272/ Come and Join us for some great Michigan Music, Wrestling and Great Michigan Swag on June 7th at Whites Bar in Saginaw Michigan from 1pm - 10pm.

Tickets are just $8.00 for Ages 18-Up, and $10.00 for 17 and Under. Yes, you read that right. This is an ALL AGES show! So go ahead and bring grandma, your kids, your mom, your friends, heck anyone you can think of!

Some of the Great Michigan Musicians and Bands that will be playing are;

Dead in 5 - Motor City rock still has its hard and honed edge that was pioneered by the likes of the MC5, The Amboy Dukes, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Iggy and the Stooges and Grand Funk Railroad. Born of this powerful legacy are melodic hard rockers Dead in 5. This forceful five-piece performs with a raw energy and hunger that can neither be bought nor faked. You either have “IT” or you don’t. And Dead in 5 has “IT” in spades.

Bloodline Riot - Bloodline Riot is a band formed to bring together the influences of their previous bands, explore new horizons & to release their heavier inner demons. Bloodline Riot was formed by members from 3 different prominent Rock bands in the Detroit area. "The idea was to find the best members from bands that we respected & that had made an impact musically. It was also important that we all had the same positive outlook, work-ethic & drive to take Bloodline Riot as far as possible.", says guitarist Jason Caine.

Rocktropolis - Guitarist/Producer/Session Player
Pete Metropoulos (Rocktropolis) is the guitarist for the progressive rock band Rocktropolis. Pete Metropoulos (Rocktropolis) has worked with The Process, Gabe Gonzalez (George Clinton) and former drummer John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen, ARK and VOX). Pete Metropoulos (Rocktropolis) is a Nominee of the 2013 Detroit Music Awards.

ROCKTROPOLIS is represented by Howard Hertz/Joseph Bellanca (Hertz Schram, p.c.) Mr. Hertz’s impressive roster includes George Clinton, Sippie Wallace, The Romantics, The Bass Brothers, Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Russell Simmons, O-Town, Pantera, Marcus Belgrave, The GO, Mike Posner, Elmore Leonard, Warner Tamerlane and Atlantic Records.

Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” was born July 15, 1984, In Bay City Mi. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” came from a family who shared a deep love for music and many of Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” family members are highly gifted musicians. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” was introduced to music and musical instruments at a very early age. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” was exposed to many different styles of music ranging from Classical, Ethnic (traditional and contemporary Greek, Polish, Russian, Spanish), Pop, and of course, the many different types of Rock. Because of this exposure by people with intense love for music, Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” love for music grew exponentially. When Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” was 11 years old, his dad gifted Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” with his first guitar. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” has been playing for about 18 years. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” started to really take off with his playing after age 13. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” life, from 13 years old and on, was everyday to make music or be with the greatest musicians in his area. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” father Sam Metropoulos (bass/keys for ROCKTROPOLIS), played a huge part in Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” early years. Sam kept Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” very busy playing and sharpening his skills on the fretboard. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” had a tight group of friends that had a similar mind set, one of which was his best friend growing up. He was heavily influenced by Rock, Jazz and Blues. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” really learned a lot from him as he helped open a new door which expanded Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” ability. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” chops are due to all the years of practice. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” would easily spend 8 hours a day while I was a teenager and young adult writing, playing and improving with or without other musicians. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” owe a big thanks to his father Sam Metropoulos for having such a big part in jump starting his musical carrier. One of Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” most memorable moments was with John Macaluso (former drummer for Yngwie Malmsteen). He has always been a big inspiration to Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis”. Another close friend of Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” is Gabe Gonzalez (George Clinton P-Funk All Stars). David Asher (The Process) has always been a tight friend of Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” growing up and he will guest appear on our upcoming ROCKTROPOLIS album 3113.The list of players Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” has played with can never be too big. There's a lot more players Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” would love to work with. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” said “it has been very special to have the experiences and friends I’ve made so far. I really am looking forward to what the future may bring for me.” In 2013 was Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” first time for a nomination in the Detroit Music Awards. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” ended up with 3 nominations in all. It was very flattering to know that Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” had that much support from such a strong music community. When Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” was learning music Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” never really learned how to play his favorite guitarist's style or favorite band's music. When Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” knew enough to play, Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” would let feelings take it away and start to hone feelings and techniques to create something magical. Music isn’t about being the best or being the greatest. It’s about being YOUR best, YOUR greatest, by being the best that YOU can be. No Competition...we all just do what we do said Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis”. Some of the gear Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” use for live performances: Yamaha and Parker guitars, Engl 530 tube preamp, CryBaby DCR-2SR rack wah, Alesis Quadraverb Digital Effects Processor, BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer, Crate SPA-200 power amp, and Fender Stereo Ready 4X12 cabs.
Official website: www.RocktropolisMusic.com.
Facebook: www.facebook.comPete Metropoulos Rocktropolis

Doogie - four kids from Saginaw who think that too much music today highlights all the bad shit in life. Yeah, bad stuff happens, but at the end of the day you have to look at the good things to keep your head up and keep you going. That's what we're all about: Care-free, sing-your-heart-out, screw-what-everyone-else-thinks, dance-like-nobody's-watching F-U-N...FUN! You might as well join along, we're catchy as hell

The Distorted Waltz - Starting around 2007, Andy, Cody, and Matt began jamming together for fun, writing a large amount of original material and honing their musical chemistry. Years later the trio reunited as a formal band to record a collection of new and old songs as their first album under the name "The Distorted Waltz". Using a wide variety of influences and techniques, The Distorted Waltz presents a style of rock music that is hard to describe

Polychromic - Polychromic, an original hard rock band composed of five members from Midland, MI, formed in early April of 2013. Polychromic, derived from “polychrome” and casted into the hard and soft side of the music spectrum. Ripping guitar riffs with melodic rhythms and clean melodic vocals are occasionally complimented by the gritty screams of the backing vocalist.

Hyper Lytics - Pop punk band with a lot of attitude!

Spitshine Tommy - A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away ..

Narc Out the Reds - Narc Out the Reds specialize in progressive pop music that is both unnerving and catchy.

The Hat Madder - The Hat Madder is a 5 piece Indie Rock group from Lansing, MI Their music is often compared to many of the great bands of the 90’s including The Pixies,The Afghan Whigs, Teenage Fanclub and Archers of Loaf.

The Kincaids - "FROM EVERY ACT OF PLEASURE COMES AN EQUAL ACT OF PERVERSION...." the story of two men,immoral and indulged.satisfying their weird,warped desires, these are...THE KINCAIDS. tainted with sex,liquor and drugs,what else drives them in their crazed pursuit of kicks?ROCK&ROLL has provided the answer.THE KINCAIDS are a two man rock band that have been breaking hearts and blowing minds at every mud bog and tractor pull this side of the mississippi.known for their live shows that usually result in the venue looking like a warzone,THE KINCAIDS provide an experience for the mind and eyes that has to be heard to be believed.lock your liquor cabinets and arm yourselves to the teeth.....be a part of the counter culture..... THE KINCAIDS/SUMMER OF 2006. taken from:THE KINCAIDS"MOONSHINE AND MAYHEM"copyright 2002. claude kincaid-bass&vocals clyde kincaid-drums&vocals

Seritas - From two hours north of Detroit come the duo, Seritas. Combining heavy yet melodic riffs and the soulful vocals of guitarist/singer Ryan Evans with the urgent, pounding garage rock drums of Misty Evans and you have a style of music that doesn't easily fit in to a genre, though Garage Doom comes close. Both heavy and melodic with a proclivity for live improvisation.

New World Order -

Mare Crisium - Bringing the disrhythmic heavy.

PonyWorm - We have been around for a little bit now, From Marquette MI, Played some shows and we are going to be recording a CD here pretty soon.

SEVERE HEAD DRAMA - Hailing from Saginaw, MI, with roots in metal, old school punk and bits of glam,- we are Severe Head Drama. We don't adhere to any specific style or sound,-or era. We do what comes naturally given our influences and backgrounds. There are no limitations on creativity. And while most of our songs are in the same "neighborhood" - there are obvious distinctions. What might set us apart, often times alienates us. Sound familiar? Welcome to our world. "Belong because you don't. "We like to think we're a bridge between the Heavy, and not-as-Heavy. We're more influenced by what we don't like. With a blend of melody & aggression without compromise, without apology, we are therapy for our own inner demons. We are our only salvation.
In the end, we're just a rock band. So get over yourself and enjoy!!! Get DRAMATIZED!!!!!!!!!!

Everyday Ghost - This band came together with the idea of pushing musical boundaries in a direction that feels right at home. Honesty and true interpretation of the life we live each day.

The Porcelain Doll Collection - The Porcelain Doll Collection is a hard hitting band out of Riverview, MI. The band consists of Alayna Brooke, Lauren C Reyna, Cam "Chim Chim" Anderson, Dylan "Rocky" Kissel, and Zoë Kissel. TPDC was formed on September 23, 2012 with original members Lauren, Zoë, and Alayna, whom all met at the same high school and entertained the thought of creating a girl group to carry on the legacy behind earlier punk groups such as Bikini Kill, The Runaways, and The Cramps. Members Dylan and Cam joined the next summer, replacing two previous members. Younger brother and "roadie," Dylan Kissel joined permanently while Cam, at first a quick phone call in order to fill an unanticipated empty spot, gained his permanence as the perfect last piece to the lineup. TPDC is heavily influenced by the ideals of the RIOT GRRRL movement and stands up for feminism (the crazy idea that all genders, sexualities, and races, et. are actually EQUAL), suicide awareness, and the individual right to choice in every aspect of life.

Solar Collapse - Two piece Rock/Metal band from Mid-Michigan. Jeremy was a member of "And The Sky Went Red" and Wes has played with "The Bearinger Boys" and "A Machete Fight

Everyday War - everyday war is a metal band from saginaw, mi.four members:Jsn(vocals)Baase(guitar)Austin(drums)Craig(bass)the band was formed in 2008

Desiring Dead Flesh - Punk from Bay City MI!

Bro-Bot - They built a reputation on professionalism and audacity. With a sound that unique they could play anywhere, to any crowd: jam-pack an open mic, beat up a battle of the bands, make metalheads dance, cause hip-hop heads to thrash out.

Neuro Sonic - NEURO SONIC, primarily an American instrumental prog rock project, is the audio alchemy of guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hill, drummer/backing vocalist PaulE Smash Cobb and bassist Alex Karasinski.

i am sunday - Heavy yet melodic. Loud but catchy. Sexy and awesome. These are the things that pop into the heads of people at an i am sunday show

Black Flower Blossom -

The Crushtones - Bringing new garage rock to the Saginaw area...

The Stick Arounds - The Stick Arounds bring toe-tappin', butt shakin' power-pop, sweeter than honeysuckle on the vine.

All For The Cause - All For The Cause, is a four piece Metal band, based out of Saginaw MI. With influences such as Slipknot, Pantera, & Primus; they also reach as far as Bjork, The Eagles, and KISS. This band, “All For The Cause”, is just that: all for the cause. “What cause”, you may ask, - any cause that someone is truly compassionate about & it does not cause harm to anything, or anyone else. Yes, it’s somewhat of a generic cause, but it is how they and many people feel today. While they are not extremely political, they care about what happens to people, and the governing of them. From all walks of life, not just here at home, and even though they don’t base their lives around religion they still let it influence their lives everyday, by respecting, and understanding the value of a belief.
-With that said, what is your cause? Do you even have one? Or better yet, … do you even care? …

Oeno - Mid Michigan based alternative rock quartet

Get your tickets at neptix.com.

Crispy Music Fest is currently sponsored by Radio OPIE, Whites Bar, Fire Hyena Recording Studio and Intuitive Readings by Anne.

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