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I AM - Independent Art-space & Management Jl. Nagan Lor 25 , Yogyakarta, Indonesia

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the opening exhibition of Nafa's Residensi Showcase 2013

Opening Night : Sunday, 8 June 2014 | 7.30 pm
at I AM, Jl. Nagan Lor 25, Yogyakarta

Music Performance by Answer Sheet

“Crossing Boundaries” ; Let Me Know You More

Art can be a dynamic and creative portal for artists to gain an understanding of the world surrounding them. Knowledge, exposure and awareness about the global society/community are particularly essential in this current era of social technology, economic, culture and political change. It is a trait which is important to the artists in their career development.
Since its commencement in 2012, Nafa’s Residensi has become an interconnection platform for Malaysian and Indonesian artists. The value of this relationship is not merely expanded via their connection but also in underscoring and delving a deeper understanding and also unleashing the unseen potential.
In 2012, we have showcased “Hydro-Dynamic: Cultural Exchange and Local Wisdom Exploration” featuring seven Malaysian emerging artists and six Indonesian artists in Yogyakarta as well as in Kuala Lumpur. A success from the first residency program has encouraged the artists to individually contribute to the art industry locally/collectively.
We could not have been more proud on the first year of success from Showcase 2012 when we received an astounding amount of applicants from Indonesia and Singapore in 2013. Two of them are from Malaysia, four Indonesians and a Singaporean emerging artist have been selected. This exhibition will showcase artworks from different genres and approach, which will unveil their personality through their techniques, subject matters, compositions, as well as their narratives. It is significantly demonstrated on the mutual respect for each other, and embraces the differences and unification

Nafa’s Residensi will present the artworks of 4 artists in residence on cycle two & an archive of 3 artists in residence on cycle one 2013;

Artists in Residence Cycle Two;

Hirzaq Harris
Hirzaq’s interests lays on things that happen in his surroundings especially in learning our root or history. Within the last three years, he has consistently produced paintings in the form of stamps. For Hirzaq, there are a lot of things we can learn from stamps and that has become his motive in using stamps as his main subject in producing artworks. He hopes that the audience will learn something from his works of art.

Meor Saifulah Lulaed
Meor puts his interest on the nature or characteristic of animals, as regularly used in Malay proverbs. Since childhood, Meor often hears Malaysian quoting Malay proverbs in their conversations. Learning so much from the values contained in the proverbs encourages Meor to convey these values, especially those that exploit animals as its subject, from verbal to visual.
The nature of animals is then linked to the nature of humans. In his works, he often presents human body with an animal head in accordance with messages he wants to convey, and complete the artworks with the use of Malay proverbs as the titles.

During his residency in Yogyakarta, Mulyana created a character of Octopus Monster named Yono, after his name Mulyana; Mul + Yana (Yono). For years he has developed the character, which he named Monster Gurita Sigarantang or Mogus (Gurita = Octopus). Yono has one eye with a large moustache as inspired by the character of Pak Raden from the TV series “Si Unyil”. He accompanies Mulyana wherever he goes. He once said, “He’s a kind of my alter ego” (the other me). And Mulyana has actually created Yono in telling his experiences during the residency.

Octo Cornelius
He is quite skillful in dealing with wood in his artworks. It is obvious that he got the skill from his hometown in Rembang, the regency at the northern coastline of Central Java where there are many craftsmen who specializes in wood, the place he was born and raised. Since his childhood, he loved collecting found objects which are no longer used and important for others especially wooden objects. Thus it is of no surprise if he has a niche in using wood as a medium in his artworks. Besides wood, Octo also makes full use of other materials like clothes and other apparel like shoes for his works. Clothes symbolize one’s individuality, what is seen on and in them. It is an identity at work while making interaction with others.

Artists in Residence Cycle One;

Hendra Priyadhani “Blankon”
Blankon who is also a vocalist and founder of a metal band in Yogyakarta, is very interested in lifestyle which revolves around his existing surroundings. Blankon –his popular name in his social circle– limits his subjects on things that are closely related to him, namely fashion and music. He himself calls the framework of his artworks as ‘fine art rock’; a blend of his main interests in fine art and rock music.

Roeayyah Diana “Capung”
The illustrations of the characters in Capung’s works originates from fairy tales while most of her imaginary characters are painted in the forms of women, with two hair buns on the right and left sides of their head, as if replacing their ears. Such depiction resulted from her exploration of mind and she believes that in listening to a message, we should use our heart rather than our ears.

Jacquelyn Soo
Jacqi has a high interest in exploring themes of nature, history, social issues, identity, myth and environment, in her artworks. As an artist who received her formal education in Sculpture at the LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore, she loves to explore various mediums in her artworks. In recent years, she has produced a few performance arts both locally and abroad. During her one-month residency in Yogyakarta, she took the inspiration from the eruptions of Mount Merapi that spewed ash and sand, burying everything and flowed with the rivers into the ocean of the South of Java.

Exhibition 8 - 25 June 2014 | 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

Nafa's Residensi
Jl. Ngadisuryan no. 7, Patehan,
Yogyakarta 55133
p/f : 0274 379054
e : nafasresidency@gmail.com
t : @nafasresidency
w : http://nafasresidensi.org/

cp. Ignatia Nilu : +6282227173094
Saksi Satria : +6281802170986

Veniteci a trovare
dal 8 al 25 giugno 2014

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