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「輿圖計畫Atlas Project」 SLY x AIR Taipei 藝術創作國際交流主題論壇

台北國際藝術村 台北市中正區北平東路7號 , Taipei, Taiwan


2014,我們與「台北國際藝術村」(Artist-in-Residence Taipei) 合作辦理「輿圖計畫」藝術創作國際交流主題論壇,借由台北國際藝術村 (Artist-in-Residence Taipei) 的推薦,邀請於臺灣進行三至六個月的短期駐村的國際藝術家和新樂園的藝術家,透過群聚及主題性的論壇活動,作為認識彼此與互動的起點,與觀眾、新樂園的藝術家、和藝評、或更是到策展人面對面,進行不僅此於在作品介紹、對談與交流,並期待在這個相遇、對話的平臺上,開啟未來更多合作的可能。

「輿圖計畫」 SLY x AIR Taipei 藝術創作國際交流主題論壇,今年度共有4場,於三、六、九、十二月份,分別以創作中常見的「社會關懷」、「城市地景」、「家」、「身體」等議題為主軸,透過彼此間的交流,激盪出更多關於藝術創作、實踐與理念上的火花,並邀請專業藝評人士與會,深入探討不同藝術形式之間的差異與類同,同時分享跨界交流上的個人經驗,也加強藝術家之間的聯繫,以及藝術家與民眾間的對話。


活動地點:台北國際藝術村 遊藝廳/台北市北平東路7號
TAV藝術家:Anne-Flore Cabanis、Josef Bare、高怡良

主題:「液態城市(Liquidity city)波浪進擊」

現代性的稍縱即逝,使得城市變得不可預測。如同厄瑞的說法,全球流動顯現出一種「沒有確切出發點」,「沒有特定結尾與目的」的波浪般移動(Urry,2003:60)。 現代城市的時間與空間壓縮,人口流動、溝通與交流,變得更加輕便與流動,如在網際網路的連結下,使得不同國家的城市人口只需輕指觸控貼身屏幕,隨即與陌生人雲端相會,如此時空的壓縮改變,生活便充斥著簡短「訊息」輕易瀏覽、傳遞無目的性的擴散交流,空間變不再設限。此外,城市也由機械時代「沉重」、「固態」轉為「輕型」、「流動」的現代性帶我們走入另一個時代的風潮,如同探討大時代的社會改變轉由敘述小時代裡頭的「微型」結構,由繁冗嚴謹的大結構轉向趨近瑣碎飄渺的小敘事。此場論壇藉由中西藝術家對於當下所處環境觀察探討眼下城市的轉變與脈動。

SLY Art Space and Taipei Artist Village will be collaborating to host an international art exchange forum, the "Atlas Project". With recommendations from Taipei Artist Village, 3-6 month short-term artists-in-residence have been invited to participate in this forum along with artists from SLY Art Space. The themed group discussion will serve as a launching point for introductions and interaction amongst audience members, SLY Art Space artists, art critics, and curators. This event will not just be a venue for the introduction of artwork, but also a place for conversation and exchange through exciting and interesting encounters. It will serve as a platform for dialogue that opens more opportunities for collaboration in the future.

The “Atlas Project” SLY x AIR Taipei International Art Exchange Forum will consist of four sessions through March, June, September, and December. Covering the respective issues of “social care”, “urban landscapes”, “family” and “body”, these sessions will attempt to spark new inspirations in the creation, practice, and ideals of art. Furthermore, professional art critics have been invited to lead in-depth discussions on the similarities and differences between different art forms. They will also share their personal experiences regarding inter-disciplinary exchange to help strengthen the links between artists, as well as the dialogue between artists and the public.

About the Sessions of the Forum

Topic: The Wave-Like Onslaught of Liquidity City
Date: 2014/6/14(Sat.)
Time: 14:00-17:00
Venue: Taipei Artist Village / No. 7 Beiping E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan
TAV Artist: Anne-Flore Cabanis、Josef Bare、Yi-Liang Kao
Discussants:Mingtsung Lee、Eric Chen

The fleeting attributes of modernity makes the city unpredictable. This is like John Urry’s statement that the manifestation of global liquidity “doesn’t have an exact staring point”, and is a wave-like movement that has “no specific end or purpose” (Urry, 2003:60). Time and space are compressed in modern cities, where a population’s mobility, communication, and exchange have become more portable and mobile. The connections across the Internet have made it possible for urbanites from different countries to connect with one another through just a click on a screen. At any time, a person can meet up with random strangers via the cloud. This compression of time and space has caused life to be filled with brief "messages" easily browsed and transmitted with no particular purpose. It seems that space has been shed of its limits. Furthermore, the city has seemingly evolved from the "heavy" and "solid" attributes of the mechanical era into the modern "light" and "mobile" wave of a new era. This is like exploring a great era of social change that has now taken on the "micro" structures of smaller eras. The large, burdensome and rigorous structure has shifted towards trivial little narratives. This forum invites Western and Eastern artists to observe and discuss urban changes and pulsations at the moment.

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