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The Secret Garden Weekend // Irish Village // Pune // June 7th & 8th 2014

Irish Village, Koregaon Park Irish village Brewery at chillies restaurant, Ahead of Koregaon park plaza, Mundhwa road, Pune, Maharashtra, India

The Secret Garden Weekend is a two day experiential journey of awakening your five senses of SOUND, SIGHT, SMELL, TASTE & TOUCH



SO WHAT REALLY IS The Secret Garden Weekend all about?
The Secret Garden Weekend will challenge your daily mode of life and uplift your spirits by creating a hidden oasis of an imaginary world where everything beautiful co-exists and magical experiences pertain at each moment of your presence there.

TSGW is a two day weekender which will be held on June 7th & 8ththe end of the page). We have transformed this venue into a hidden world of Alice's Wonderland, which will take you a euphoric journey of exploring the highest capacity of your five senses: SOUND, SIGHT, TASTE, SMELL & TOUCH. Yes, even smell & touch.

With two stages & 30 live acts ranging from Indie and World Music, to fusion of Carnatic sounds & unheard rare instruments mixed live with Techno, to new genres of Electronica, the Secret Gardeners will be thrown into an array of fresh sounds that they have never heard before. Trust us when we say rare instruments and fresh unheard sounds!
Carefully scouted, the SOUND segment will feature music that combines two extremely different genres together. Imagine, dancing to a live Techno Set that is combined with Carnatic Vocals and a mouth harp. Imagine a Jazz quartet featuring a Deep House

Before Sunset: A Journey of World Music, Unheard instruments, freshly scouted Indie & Jazz bands

After Sunset: Deep House, Techno, Bass lines, Electronica artists from all over India

2 stages –

Main Stage – “ZEITGEIST” – The spirit of the times

Day 1 – 15 acts
Progression of sounds from new age instruments shifting into live bands and eventually, ending the night with thumping electronic music from the genres of Deep House & Techno

Day 2 – 15 acts
Apart from indie and rock bands and Electronica, “The Grand Finale of The Celebration of Life” will showcase A confluence of 5 artists performing together for 90 minutes with a beautifully crafted concoction of electronic music coupled Carnatic vocals and rare instruments such as sitar, mouth harp, tabla in Pune (venue details below at

Second Stage – “Gulmarg” – The spirit of you
Gulmarg- meaning The Valley of Flowers will be a sub stage, smaller, more enclosed, more for those who want to lay back, lie down, and enjoy music along with 70 different kinds of flowers of different colours and exotic aromas.

Unplugged sounds, sufi souls, music and sound therapies, drum circles and community circles of talks, music and chants amidst flowers and installations of illusionary dreamy beds and chirpy bells.

When you enter the world of fantasy in your dreams, what do you see? Really, stop a second and think what do you see? The Secret Garden lifts you, turns you, holds you and throws you into a sudden burst of colours and art installations that make you feel that you are indeed in an illusionary surreal world.

Imagine living your dream of walking through Alice's Wonderland. If this wasn't enough we have set up confusing mazes for you to further evoke your 6th sense. Imagine climbing the Tree of Secrets & making a confession or going on a blind folded fragrance trail, maybe losing your imagination under the Bed of Sound & Light? Should you be thirsting for more to please your sense of SIGHT, then lie down on our VERTICAL hammocks with your friends whilst watching the world's rarest musical explorations or allow yourself to witness live walks on burning coal , aerial performances and the dance of Fire.

There will be visual treats in form of each art installation and thematic zone that will be created at The Secret Garden Weekend, adding to the dreamy and surreal world of the Secret Gardeners journey. These visual treats are explained in detail as under:

1. The Road of Thought Labyrinth
The Road of Thought Labyrinth is a geometrically designed walk through maze of about 10 x 15 metres that The Secret Gardeners can walk through after consuming The Secret Potion- a drink made of spices and absinthe, of course with the intention of welcoming the gardeners to the festival already with “high spirits”

The Labyrinth is filled with visual art, moving objects, fantasy characters posing thought provoking questions that are aimed to awaken the ̈Sixth Sense ̈, at the same time extending the concept of five senses experience to a possible sixth one.

2. The Tree of Secrets

The Tree of secret is a pyramid structure of ropes where the Secret Gardeners can climb in and drop off their secret confessions in a box. The idea is to take the audiences through a relieving journey of making a confession and getting it off their shoulders. This box of secrets is emptied every one hour when the church bell will ring, and the secrets of hundreds of Secret Gardeners will be displayed as clothes hanging on a rope all over the festival. Imagine walking through The Garden of REAL SECRETS. Don't forget to make a confession at The Tree of Secrets.

3. Fountain of Secret Desires
The Fountain of Secret Desires will be held in the backzone where you can cool off by the fountain, sun bathe, and relax with live jams and drum circles with other Secret Gardeners.
If you have a secret dream or desire, make a wish with a coin in the Fountain of Secret Desires where the energies of so many desires and prayers will push forward your wish to become true soon. Whatever money is collected through this fountain – however little or much will be used to accentuate a “needy” “not-so fortunate” individual / family.

4. The Bed of Light

The Bed of Light will be an installation at The Gulmarg Dome amongst flowers and sounds where The Secret gardeners can take a nap, discover new smells and contemplate on new sounds with visuals that will stun their imagination. Come alone or come with your best friends but we promise you will leave the Bed of Light with newly forged bonds

5. The Hammock Party
For those who wish to enjoy the Secret Garden in a laid back and slow way, you can climb the Hammock Beds placed in different corners of the Secret Garden and watch your favourite artists, from right above the crowd, lying on the hammocks with other Secret Gardeners.

6. The Walk of Fire
Witness an astounding "walk of fire" by Mitesh Khatri who will be performing this nail biting act that shows that the strength of the human mind can accomplish every daunting task. Fancy testing your inner strength and courage by walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers or stones? We have a Fire

Walking workshop planned for you at TSGW
Besides these zones, there will be fire jugglers, aerial acts, magical characters, voodoo dolls walking through The Secret Garden. Keep your mind open as you will not only see magic through your eyes, but your mind as well.

Love treating your taste buds to exemplary food? We have the perfect arrangement for you! For those of you who would like to explore the boundaries of your taste buds, The Garden of Love comes with a selection of gourmet world cuisines, ranging from Swiss Racklettes to local Japanese cuisine. There will also be live experimental impromptu creations by 6 talented chefs. Not enough?

Your hunger extends this variety of gastronomy? Then go a step further. There will be a Table of 10 which will select 10 random Secret gardeners and put them on a table where they are taken on an eight course tasting menu of molecular and blindfolded treats.

Live BBQ | Farmer ́s Fresh Produce | Live Cooking | Masterclass with Chef | Patisserie | Fresh Fruits | Molecular Gastronomy and Molecular Cocktails | Gourmet Food |Blindfold Food Tastings | Spice

The Table of 10
The Table of Ten will be held two times on each day, where ten Secret Gardeners can participate to experience a seven course meal, with each dish curated by each of the participating chefs and food teams and dine with new people while enjoying the fresh experience of varied tastes.

Day 1:
First Seating: 7.00 p.m.
Second Seating: 9.00 p.m.

Day 2:
First Seating: 3 p.m.
Second Seating: 7.30 p.m.
For pre- bookings of Table of Ten, register your name at The Box Office with your entry ticket and desired seating
(* The Table of Ten is meant for ten strangers to dine together while meeting new people and exploring new tastes. Not more than one friend or acquaintance at the table is permitted)

Involving a concept of smell is a sheer rare thing in any festival. The Secret Garden Weekend aims to awaken the aromatic sense of all Gardeners by taking them through an array of different aromas that will be brought to life through the following concepts:

1. The Dichotomy of Flowers
A variety of over 70 flowers resourced from different parts of India with different smells will be placed in the Gulmarg igloo for The Secret Gardeners to experience their sense that they use the least in this hectic urban life.

Flower Shows, Floral installations will fill up the Gulmarg igloo with aromas that will be a therapeutic journey with the music that will be played inside. With a combination of experimental lighting that will make these flowers glow in their glossiest best, the Secret Gardeners can experience the beauty of nature in the middle of the city.

2. Blindfolded Sensory Trails
During the afternoons there will be workshops on fragrances and sensory experiences along with Blind folded Sensory trails, where adults or children alike can be a part of detecting delectable scents by closing their eyes and trusting their basic instincts of Smell.

3. The Aromas in Wines
There will be workshops on aromas of scented wines where The Secret Gardeners can smell different wines and learn about their diverse smells and their identification.

There will be a Grand Finale performance of Sound, Fire, Air & Dance where The Secret Garden lets you celebrate your life with a COLOR BATTLE made of flowers that have shed their fragrance in the Gulmarg stage and been converted into an array of organic colours that you share painting each other and end the carnival to the tunes of unstoppable beats of freshly scouted electronic music.

The COLOR BATTLE begins on Day Two at a countdown where everyone is showered with colour bombs that explode at The Zeitgeist Stage before the Finale Act.Colours and paints are given to The Secret gardeners to connect with each other and endure moments of merriment and togetherness.

The Secret Gardeners are advised to wear clothes that they do not mind getting painted in.The Colour Battle will take place at 6.30 p.m. at The Main Stage. Every Secret Gardener is invited.

Venue and Location: The Secret Garden Weekend is a two day boutique festival to be held on the 7th & 8th of June at the lush green backyards of the Micro- Brewery-Irish Village, in Pune city.

For more info & passes:


09922085160 / 09860144261

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