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Twice as Proper - Pristine Generation Album Release - Olivia (Brooklyn, NYC)

Olivia 1073 Atlantic ave, Brooklyn, New York, Stati Uniti

Party People unite in Brooklyn!

Join us for some Proper techno in a massive dark warehouse venue with a huge stage, smoke effects, full bar and massive sound system installment ready to rip.

Presenting Craft's debut album "Pristine Generation" on Aerotropic. With over 15 years of music production, this journey through time in the mind of Craft spans over a decade unveiled by unreleased Original Audio Stories. A collection of ambient atmospheres, driving techno and dark broken beats that have been brought back to life in a special way from the earliest days of his creations throughout until today. The album includes 2 compositions featured in a Mexican gangster movie named "El Ocaso" to be released summer 2014.

Read more about the album release on Aerotropic website:

The return of Shadi to Brooklyn! Co-founder of Twice as Proper events since 2007, Shadi has been djing at underground techno showcases in the city since the mid 90's. He is back in NYC and ready to take the stage after a year spent playing gigs around the volcanos of Hawaii. His hunger for dirty beats and warehouse walls is dangerous.

As a producer and DJ, James Kelley is known to tour around US cities and is often featured on podcasts, radio shows and interviews. He runs the notorious Source 20/20 warehouse events in Dallas, Texas featuring top international techno artists from around the world.

Chamomile is amongst the most active techno producers in the New York. He has countless releases on over a dozen international labels including many collaborations with Craft and has recently released his "Replicant" EP on Aerotropic.

Label-boss onda Skillet is a dedicated and passionate artist in NYC, notably releasing 3 concept albums on his Aerotropic label as well as other original works by established artists. He is often featured in international podcasts, interviews and has toured with Craft in Mexico and Costa Rica over the years.

We promise to rip it Proper. No crap.

Twice as Proper - Olivia Brooklyn
Friday June 27th 2014
1073 Atlantic Avenue
(Corner of Franklin Avenue)
10:30pm - 5am
$10 all night.
Advance tickets just $5 on RA:

Proper lineup:
CRAFT (Twice as Proper) - NYC
SHADI (Twice as Proper) - NYC
JAMES KELLEY (Source 20/20) - Dallas
CHAMOMILE (Aerotropic) - NYC
ONDA SKILLET (Aerotropic) - NYC

- Twice as Proper website:

-Twice as Proper Facebook group:

See you in the dark room.

- CRAFT (Twice as Proper / Party People / Feed The Raver)

Born in NYC, Craft bought his technics 1200's & Vestax mixer at age 14 with his own life savings in 1994. He taught himself the skill of beat matching and studied the art of blending tracks smoothly to perfection with persistence. He began producing music in 1999 under the name "Craft". He performs regularly in the NYC underground techno scene for his established "Twice as Proper" techno events and international showcase events and festivals. He evolved from the Vinyl-only days to CDj’s of all types, and now often performs with live layers of effects with his controllers.

In 2010, Craft traveled to Europe for his Italy Dj tour to Milan, Rome, and Terracina, then experienced an incredible Costa Rica DJ Tour covered by much media attention (national radio and TV) and hosted 8 Twice as Proper events in 5 stunning venues of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

In 2011, Craft performed on the main room at "The Works" during Detroit Movement Electronic Music Festival, as well as debuting in Washington DC at Funxion and Sweet Spot clubs, and at Boston’s famous Rise afterhours club as headliner in the main room for 5-hours. He was approached by countless labels for remixes and original EP’s and is now signed on over 25 top labels based in a dozen countries. Craft currently has 10 EP's released and countless remixes and collaborations.

In 2012, Craft showcased for "Cultured Citizens" event at The Old Miami in Detroit, and performed at 5 official afterparty events during Detroit's 2012 Movement Festival, including performances at The Works, Belle Isle, Bookie's, TV Bar, and Motor-City Wine. Later in the year, Craft headlined again at The Works for a "Devolve Detroit" event.

2013 performances continued with monthly shows in NYC for his "Twice as Proper" events. Live recordings were often featured on relevant techno podcasts from around the world. Craft returned to Detroit for performances at 2 events during the 2013 Movement Electronic Music Festival performing at The Works and The Magic Stick and was back in Detroit for a large summer stage performance at Sindbad's Marina in July for "Dirty 313 Productions" Riverside Groove day festival-style event held in front of the APBA Gold Cup hydroplane boat races on the river bordering Canada. Abroad, Craft hosted a "Twice as Proper" event in Mexico City at Suburbano basement.

In 2014, Craft performed at the Electric Planet Music Festival in Toluca, Mexico and hosted several Twice as Proper events in Mexico City at Rioma Club and Celestina. He performed at a Space Craft stage event in Dallas hosted by "Source 20/20". Other US performances include several shows in Detroit during the 2014 Movement festival, "Sensory" event in Washington DC and Twice as Proper events in Brooklyn at Olivia and 407 Bushwick. Europe tour in July 2014.

Craft continues to release music on important techno labels and collaborating with major international artists. More original EP's and a slew of remixes scheduled throughout the year and leading to his first full length concept album on Aerotropic label in June 2014.

Craft co-created the NYC techno movement "Twice as Sweet" with his partner Shadi in 2007. It was later renamed "Twice as Proper" and has reached over 250 events and counting in the past 7+ years with an illustrious list of over 120 guest DJ bookings. "Feed The Raver Podcast" is a techno show founded and hosted and produced by Craft himself with Jenny Arredondo. It debuted in March 2012 with notable interviews and bi-monthly guest's techno DJ set from a different city around the world. Detroit Movement festival officially includes Feed The Raver media coverage in 2012, 2013 and 2014 interviewing international techno DJ's as well as promoting the festival itself. Craft also created and designed the "Party People" T-Shirt trademark in 2008 which has a history of its own....

About Craft's music production software choices:
Craft first began producing in 1999 with programs such as ReBirth (which emulates two Roland TB-303 synthesizers, a Roland TR-808, and a Roland TR-909 drum machine all at once) and Cakewalk for final arrangements. He then used strictly Reason for five years, from its first version launched in 2000 through version 3 when he finally migrated to Apple’s Logic 7 in 2005. Today he continues to use mainly Logic, which has now reached version X as well as Maschine, Ableton, Reason and other plugins using multiple keyboards and controllers in the studio. Craft taught himself everything and is a true master at using the complicated features of various professional music production software. The results are evident with the continuous smashing releases which have now earned him an international reputation, 15 years in the making..

- AeroTropic
- Dystopian Rhythm
- Next Week Records
- Concepto Hipnotico
- Reloading Records
- Kaputt
- Freitag Limited
- Hidden Recordings
- Rawhard Audio
- De-Konstrukt
- Subtrack Records
- Ill Bomb Records
- Tekseven Records
- Resorted Recordings
- Cromatiq Recordings
- Elastic Gun
- Nosi Music
- Jyre Records
- Syncope Records
- Uberkontrol Records
- Funk Lab Records
- Miniaturesrec
- Faucet Music
- Gee Records
- Mindchip
- Ungeklart Music
- LW Recordings

Podcasts, radio shows and event recordings:

Craft Music Productions:

Facebook page:

Twice as Proper website:

Twice as Proper Facebook group:

Feed The Raver Podcast show hosted by Craft:


Resident Advisor

Dystopian Rhythm Detroit label artist page:


- SHADI (Twice as Proper)

Born in Cairo, Egypt....raised in NYC from age 12, where he met up with his mentor and friend Daniele Ciocio (Dj Craft), who helped him manipulate vinyl ...and sound through a mixer. Flash forward to December 1999, Twilo, Sasha and Digweed & Mitsubishi = Lifelong Sound Obsession.

Along the way residencies at Mark Cafe With the Buyrum Crew, leading up to gigs with the likes of Jeff Mills, Eddie Richards & Silicone Soul and many more good friends and amazing musician party people like Lance Jordan, Amos Damon ( Dj Fame), Adam Collins, Francis Harris, Connie, Elon, Taimur & Fahad, Steven Letigre, Matias Jofre, Sleepy & Boo, Derek Marin, K1w1, Deepak Sharma and many more over the span of many New York City Venues such as Sullivan Room, Bar 13, Cielo, Rebel, Le Souk, Porch, Crudo, Boom, Stay, VDP as well as gigs in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico & Egypt PLUS Afterhours everywhere...
Currently Shadi is actively Running The New York City Based Underground Techno Events and Movement "Twice As Proper" With his Musical Partner Dj Craft Who together co-created the movement "Twice as Sweet" which then merged with Los Franzetti's "Proper Sessions" resulting in "Twice as Proper Sessions" with an impressive over 200 events and counting in the past 5 years alone with quite an illustrious list of guest DJ bookings.


JAMES KELLEY (Source 20/20, Dallas TX)

Hailing from somewhere deep in the shadows of the Dallas (USA) underground this veteran artist, with over a decade of existence in the scene, is no stranger to orchestrating dance floors into a late night mind f*&k. Influenced by dank dark warehouses and all night marathon sets, his weapons of choice have been known to span several genres including minimal, techno, and tech house. Beginning his exploration of electronic sound in the late 90's, he then spent the next 7 years hypnotized by his love for vinyl. During this time of experimenting with almost every source of music available to him, he always leaned toward the darker side of sound, finally finding his home with dark minimal techno. In early to mid 2010, he decided that producing his own music was the only way to go deeper into his own thoughts and express himself as an artist. After finally making material available to the public, he was immediately signed with Kontrol Records Rome and Mischkonsum Records of Stuttgart, Germany. His debut release "The Spell EP" and follow up releases "The Seven Year Detour EP" and "Time Machine EP" quickly seated themselves amongst some of the genre's elite at #17, #7 and #49 respectively on "Beatport's Top Minimal 100" in 2012. He is constantly locked in the lab formulating a unique brew of sounds ranging from haunting and deep, dark and moody, to twisted and diabolic so prepare yourself to get lost in an audio journey into the depths of your own mind.

Source 20/20 website:




CHAMOMILE (Aerotropic, Resorted Recordings)

Techno producer Roman Chamomile (aka Chamomile) is currently released on multiple well-established record labels, such as Miniaturesrec, Subtrak, Kynatix, Imperial/Border Recordings, UrbanVibe Records, Truth Underground Rec, Footmusic Records, Lung Filler Rec, Cromatiq Rec, Pool 8, Resorted Records and multiple others. His exploratory vibes have been perceived as astray from the mainstream EDM sound and should be regarded as Dark Techno. His latest productions include elements of dark atmospheres, gritty evil vocals, sci-fi/mechanical sounds, and industrial elements, with each track superseding the last by higher quality and intricate creativity. Born in Ukraine, Romanmoved to NYC at the age of 10, with a profound knowledge of music theory, and proficiency as a young pianist. At the age of 13 he was introduced to Fl Studio and began familiarizing himself with the DAW he learned to appreciate above all others. By the age of 19, Roman was an accomplished guitarist, keyboardist, and bassist, playing in numerous Black/Death Metal bands which opened up for a multitude of revered acts in that scene (from which he achieved his darker tastes for music). His secondary passion was always dance music, which he discovered has a darker edge within the many EDM genres he listened to, such as DnB, Hard House, Minimal, and Techno. After frequenting mainstream and local events, Roman became discontent with the direction of the music industry and started getting into the underground techno scene in NYC. He became a producer/dj after he broke ties with his previous music career and had his first release with Kynatix in January 2012. Within a year he opened up for numerous techno pioneers like Carl Craig, Sebo K, Carlo Lio, Connie, John Selway, alan Fitzpatrick, Joel Mull, Troy Pierce, Subfractal, Craft, Mike Parker, Onda Skillet, Duckhunter, Monoloc, Brian Sanhaji, Splatter, Monktec, Christian Smith, Umek, and many more. Roman is also the co-producer in Destroy Date along with d_Verge, with their recent release “More Disk Space” currently available via Kynatix. Chamomile’s tracks have been featured on the genre top 100 charts by Beatport, Traxsource, Juno, Trackitdown and have been charted by many techno heavy hitters. Check out the various social media sites for more on this emerging techno artist.




ONDA SKILLET (Aerotropic) - NYC

"This level of density would not make sense if there was no sound to this physicality, therefore we create sound to take us wherever we want. A unique selection of the effects of specific types of sounds and how they influence our body and mind through the vibrational complexity inducing redifined energies in motion."

"Listening to his Aerotropic sound will make you want to close your eyes and imagine you’re flying just above the beach with the wind blowing through your hair.. images of vivid palm trees and blue waters come to mind when listening to his mixture of sounds with the occassional space travel over the horizon. Onda Skillet’s music is charged with profound emotion, penetrating the inner depths of the soul, and warming even the coldest of hearts. What begins as a time machine journey through your memories, evolves into a constant racing and harmonious vortex of sound. The abstract yet melodic complexities within his music send us flying into a more cerebral dream like dimension. The ability to read a crowd and play into their vibe is a gift Skillet expresses fluidly without missing a beat or losing focus, covering and creating the atmosphere of the party and for crowd."

After playing in the NYC area for many years, in June of 2008 he was booked to play at a nighclub in San Jose Costa Rica and also at an afterparty in a west coast beach resort. The performances were a total success gaining a huge following where he has returned 4 more times to play at beach festivals, underground black parties, FM radio shows and clubs with more dates to come in the future.

onda’s electronic music vision and concept continue to be on a steady rise with the launch of his own label Aerotropic and regularly perfoming in major venues and underground parties in NYC and North America and soon Europe. Consecutively performing for three years in a row at the private festival Pink in Vermont US, every year he has closed the festival on sunday mornings with extended sunrise sets. Internationally he has recently toured Costa Rica and Mexico for the fifth time, with bookings that include headlining act for the 2011 New Years Eve Party, the Electro Beach Festival in Manuel Antonio for Circuit events in Costa Rica as well as bookings in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum, Mexico for Twice as Proper events. In summer of 2012, he was invited to play at the 16th annual three day WEMF festival held on top of the beautiful mountains of Madawaska, north of Toronto in Canada where he closed the underground stage on sunday morning with an amazing 7 hour set.

Contact: AerotropicBookings@gmail.com



Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/artist/onda-skillet/200968


ClubbersGuideNewYork interview:

-Costa Rica May 2010 Circuit Black Party sponsored by Converse
-NYC US September 2010 Trilogy
-NYC US September 2010 Twice as Proper
-Playa del Carmen Mexico November 2010 Twice as Proper
-Costa Rica April 2009 Easter Beach Festival April (Converse)
-Costa Rica Decmeber 2008 Electro Beach New Years Festival (Converse)
-Costa Rica December 2008 Electro Beach New Years Festival (Converse)

The PATTERNS Development **
The Patterns Development is an audio biography documenting onda Skillet's defragmentation of sound waves and notes creating form, energy and motion.

Development Listening Link:

**Patterns 1.2 (Flux II) soon to be released on Feed the Raver Podcast

"..in the spectrum of this universe between the frequencies and the waves, there are colors that exist we dont know exist that only few of us get to see and at that find out the real hidden treasures of beauty itself…good energy friendships throughout the planet, beautiful friends + beautiful music = good energy always” - onda Skillet

Aerotropic ** :

Aerotropic is a music label expressing different concepts of the Science of Sound through the mindworks of select artists blending their energy in motion with vibrational technology exploring the deepest realms of the sound spectrum.

onda Skillet's vision for his Aerotropic label is to express Original Audio Stories of the Organic Preservation of the Science of Sound.

--- The launch of the label presents its first three releases unveiling 7 Original Audio Stories from onda Skillet: "In a Quantum Flight through the Time Machine travels The Solitary Messenger Across The Universe on a Corinthian Whaleship to Avant Flux II"


"Twice as Proper" and their founders:

Twice as Proper is a New York City Based Underground Techno Events organization. Craft & Shadi co-created the movement "Twice as Sweet" in 2007 which then became "Twice as Proper Sessions". With an impressive over 250 events and over 120 guest dj bookings, it is now well established in the NYC underground techno scene.

2014 is the 8th year for the organization, and with quite an illustrious list of guest DJ bookings in venues across Manhattan and Brooklyn, there is always something exciting and different to expect from the events. In 2010, Twice as Proper hosted 8 events in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) during the winter, while keeping regular NYC events alive as always. 2011 was fantastic for the two artists bringing International tours in 5 countries (USA, Italy, Egypt, Mexico, Costa Rica), international radio shows, podcasts, music productions, TV coverage (Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica), Soundcloud recordings listened to in over 90 countries, new fans and friends. By 2013, the organization is internationally recognized and has focused on less frequent shows and hosting larger event productions both in NYC, in the US and abroad. Jenny Arredondo has been an active member of the team since 2009 being involved in graphic design, photography, PR and bookings. Craft & Shadi have been spinning since 1994 on those legendary Technics 1200's before the years of CDJ technology and mixers with effects, always keeping it dark, deep, dirty real serious. They now often perform live mixes with ultimate controllers and live effects. They are expected to experiment with explosive sets with layers of loops and samples all while in the mix. The result is always "Massive". In 2013 Jenny developed her own approach to live performances and joined the two founders carrying the name "Headliner" to rip it Proper on stage. No crap.

Twice as Proper website:

Twice as Proper Facebook group:

Twice as Proper - Olivia Brooklyn
Friday June 27th 2014
1073 Atlantic Avenue
(Corner of Franklin Avenue)
10:30pm - 5am
$10 all night.
Advance tickets just $5 on RA:

We promise to rip it Proper. No crap.

Twice as Proper website:

-Twice as Proper Facebook group:

See you in the dark room.

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