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Super Pingolf Summer 2014 At Sunshine Laundry in Greenpoint

Sunshine Laundry 860 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York, Stati Uniti

Francesco La Rocca , with help of Koi Morris ,is glad to announce the Super Pingolf Summer 2014 !

- Cost for participant : $ 10 and all games will be on coin drop .
- Start time will be 11:30 am(place will open at 7 :00 am ) and last entry will be at 4 :30 pm ( if anyone will come after the last "call" then i might put in at penalty with 7 strokes for each game missed ). 1 Re Entry ($10) will be allowed until 6:30 pm (this apply to the players that did one entry before 4:30 pm !! )

-Players will be put in groups of 3 or 4 for the finals while on qualification they can play with someone or by themselves . Each player plays for the target score indicated on the score card. The number of balls played to reach the target score will be counted as "Strokes". An officer/director of tourney MUST be present when you play !

-Each game will count as one hole played. When the group is done on a hole it will move on down to the next one. Each round will be 9 games (holes)

-The 9 games will be a mix of DMD, SS & EM (where possible )

-There is a course maximum of 7 Pin-Strokes per Pin-Hole. Should you not reach the Target Score after playing six balls, record a score of 7 and move on to the next Pin-Hole.

-It may take multiple games to reach the Target Score. In this case, any additional games played will be added to the score accumulated from previous games.

-If a player earns an extra ball, this will not be counted as an additional Pin-Stroke, but rather as a continuation of the current ball being played.

-Player delays- Since this is a one day tournament we need to keep things moving. Please stay close to the tournament area during rounds. Any player that is not at the game when it is their turn will have their ball plunged after 3 minutes which will count as a stroke.

-If a player passes the Target Score and continues to play subsequent balls of that game, those additional balls will be counted as additional
Pin-Strokes on that Pin-Hole. Please keep things moving by stopping play once target score achieved and letting the other players play their balls.

-The player with the lowest score at a Pin-Hole takes the honor of playing first on the following Pin-Hole. The competitor with the second lowest score plays next and so on. If two or more competitors have the same score at a Pin-Hole, the play in the same order as the previous Pin-Hole.

-Scores are cumulative for all rounds including round 2 and/or finals !!

-Round 1- at the end of round 1 (9 holes) the top 12 players with the fewest strokes qualify for Final Round .

- Tie Break - In case of any ties to advance to next round ( including finals ) a single game(randomly picked ) will be play until one of the 2 ( or more ) players will reach the target score .

-Final Round- Machine target scores will increase of 25% . The top 12 players will play 5 more holes split in 3 groups of 4. Machine target scores will increase of 25% . Players will be grouped according to seed so the players in the lead will be playing the ones closest to catching them. Remember that scores are cumulative ! Order of play will be reverse (player with lower score will go last )

-Anyone caught cheating will be bounced from the Tourney. Everyone is expected to be on their best behavior.

-Tilting someone else ball will result in a one stroke penalty for the offender. The player whose ball was tilted will wait until their turn is up again and play with 1 stroke subtracted from their score or play an additional ball in another game ( in any case no game will be restart unless Slam Tilt ) .

-Slam tilting a game in progress will result in a 3 stroke penalty. A second offense will result in a disqualification from the tournament.All other players will repeat the game unless they have already reached the target score.

-Bang backs and death saves are not allowed.
-Ball stuck : call the officers we have the keys !
- If a feature/light on a machine is not working keep playing (that feature won't work for all other players !)
- If a machine reset then all players will repeat the game unless someone has already reached the target score !
- If a machine breaks beyond repair and will be before everyone has played 4 games then everyone will play an alternate machine otherwise that machine will be out and just 6 ( or 8 ) machines will be counted !

-playing someone else ball (playing out of turn) Will result in a 1 stroke penalty


Prize pool will consist of 100% of the entry fees. The top 4 players will split the prize pool:

1st place- 40%
2nd place- 30%
3rd place- 20%
4th place- 10%

Everyone who enters is eligible for WPPR points as full value annual tournament .
It will be also a side tourney ($5 entry with money back for top 2 or 3 )also as Pingolf using the Brackelope knockout with 3 strikes with 3 or 4 players per match using all available machines starting at 7:00 pm with half value of WPPR points .

Tournament Directors will make final decisions!

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