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Rome Gay Village 2014

Parco del Ninfeo, Rome, Italy

Gay Village 2014 'Stadium' - at the start of the thirteenth edition of the Roman, 2014, from 19 June to 13 September 2014. Nymphaeum The Park returns to be the scene of so many events that are taking place until September 13, from Thursday to Saturday , between spectacular temples, two areas for performance and disk space for meetings, seven points bars, three restaurants and a special area for games and sports.

Summer event that celebrates - between political commitment and unbridled fun, art, culture, sports and catering - the "gay culture" in Rome.

Laid out as a true temple of Sports rainbow hues and inspired by the architecture of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece, this year the village gives a nod to the tradition of the Olympic Games, but also to find the latest techniques such as projection mapping combined with unique extreme novelty of the Drone, a sort of camera-drone helicopter, which will resume the activities of the village from above, rewritten in live on a large screen ...

One of the most significant innovations of the season will be just the sport at its most playful and aggregation, which will find its climax in the Gay Village Gaymes, a sort of gay-themed Games without Frontiers.

Every Friday from June 20 will alternate games, demonstrations and competitions conducted primarily by the public of the event, with the dual purpose of having fun and raising public awareness on the issues of homophobic discrimination. And it is always the star of the sport communication campaign with the slogan: GAY VILLAGE Stadium - Parity is the best result, who is himself already won, is to combat homophobia in all its forms.

For this reason, the artistic director Vladimir Luxuria is inviting athletes from all disciplines to join the awareness campaign sponsored by the village. Cloudy with a Chance already accessions such as athlete's Giorgia Bag (Italian champion Athletics), the Association of Volleyball Volleyball Roman and Nicole Bonamino (keeper of the National Women's Hockey), the first and only coming out in 2014, adhering to the already successful winter campaign Let's Kick homophobia. The program also includes cultural encounters theme, such as those with authors Paul Foschi, with his book Vengeance at the World Cup (June 27) and Giorgio Clementelli with the book On Tips (July 4). It will also be possible to follow the most important games of the 2014 projected onto a large screen.

A large number of special guests who costelleranno the open sky in Eur and which shall be given the label "Straight Friendly", being invited by Vladimir Luxuria. Thanks to the successful formula of the interviews show and presentations of books and early works, the artistic director will give way to let the public know of the unpublished Margaret Mazzantini (26 June-presentation of the Book Splendor), Nicola Savino (June 28), Sabrina Impacciatore ( July 5), the Hyenas Pio and Amedeo (July 10), Paola Minaccioni (August 23).

Gay Village 2014La live programming, which opened June 21 by Luxuria with the musical Tonight I sing them, will pass from the comedy by Carlo Giuseppe Gabardini (26 June as part of Homophobia Zero), Francesca Reggiani (July 3-Fifty Shades of Francesca) Michela Andreozzi (July 26-Cursed Peter Pan), Karma B (31 July-Dive Divine TV), the music and the colors of the Sisters Marinetti (24 July-The Family Canterina) and group Catania Ipercussonici (August 14 - Carapace Tour ). Focus on the world of prostitution with the theater: battuage company's award-winning Sicilian Vucciria (August 2) Dialogue and a prostitute with his customer, Dacia Maraini (August 7).

Thursday, June 26 after meeting with Margaret Mazzantini, will turn the spotlight on homophobia ZERO, a show that is a topic never before shown on a stage in choral form, designed by Mauro Leonardi and Carmelo Pappalardo. The authors of the evening will be accompanied by Charles and Joseph Gabardini Vladimir Luxuria, as well as the actors Francesca Reggiani, Alessandra Mortelliti, Alessandro Intini and Lorenzo Balducci, along with Galliano Mariani (from the cult theatrical Sissy Boy) and with the special participation of the choreographer of Friends Giuliano Peparini along with his dancers. All this is topped by the projections of short films curated by CondiviviLove, followed by the animated short titled Plugins, Sergio Di Bitetto, produced by Vancouver Film School.

From July 17 to 19 will be on stage DRAG FACTOR, the competition for drag queens most important in Italy and three days long, with twelve selections on national soil, competing over one hundred and thirty, sixty, between tutors and presenters, who arrives at the Gay Village Final contest where contestants showgirls, androgynous and classic drag, will compete in rounds of music, color and irreverent look. From 21 to 23 August is the time of VENUS RISING FESTIVAL, an event that sees a programming in shades of pink that is renewed in time now thirteen editions.

From August 28 to 30 lights aimed at MISTER GAY WORLD 2014. For the first time in Italy, the world-wide competition that sees the arrival in the village of more than 30 participants from all over the world, already winners of international competitions that contribute to the most coveted title . Will present the winners of the most important international competitions, which will give rise to the challengers, the ongoing challenges that will determine more titles over the three days and will culminate Saturday 30 August, with the appointment of Mr. Gay World 2014. Coexistence Note the competition No Homophobia Campaign will be entitled NOH8, founded by Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parshley, that in the last four years since its inception, has collected thirty thousand portraits of people who posed with his mouth sealed by a piece of tape and NOH8 impressed with the writing on the cheek, to symbolize the silence of their voices under the Proposition8 and other similar laws around the world. The acronym literally means NOH8 No hatred (using the game between phonetic English words EIGHT, eight, and HATE, hate).

And the fight against homophobia is a natural thread that binds these various initiatives have arisen spontaneously and only apparently similar to each other. Real evidence that the desire to blow a headwind is the common denominator of these artists. From Little Italy to America, through Europe and then to Canada ... is a transverse open war traversing the world mainly affecting the sensitivity of the artists. Have their say about it also GIAM ACADEMY, staged on July 12 with the show Dreams and Prejudice and the unprecedented ART against homophobia, and starring David Papasidero, Francesca Pignatelli Gavazzi and Tommaso.

From 4 to 6 September comes the fifth edition of the Gender Festival documentary film directed by Jonas A. Nazzaro. The GDFF is a unique event of its kind, dedicated to the exploration of the issues and problems related to the issue of gender identity and which, since its inception, has hosted the works of the most interesting documentary and discussed at the time, as Mike Palmieri, Kimberly Reed, Marcus Lindeen, Yariv Mozer. GDFF participating in the 2014 film Melee Mario Brenta and Karine de Villers, Unique Gianni Torres, Change over Time by Ewan Duarte (short film), Come on, Scumbags Madina Mustafina, Luigi and Vincenzo Giuseppe Bucci and finally Off- Elisa Amoruso, film event of the winter season, remained for over two months to film L'Aquila. At the Park of the Nymphaeum to talk with the audience the authors and directors of the works presented.

Arts, sports and nightly entertainment with the hottest party of the Roman nightlife, from GIAM VENUS RISING, through YEP, KORU, GLOSS, TOMMY, FUCK YOU, SafeHouse, DEVIATE / GORILLAS, MIAMI, TEA LIGHT RECORDS SPACEROUND, BeQUEER , GMF and many more, which will bring in the new console's flagship international dance, including in dancefloor pop: Paul Dee, Brezet, Fabrizio Marini, Charlesgold, Matthew Mattia, Fabio Lanzone, Anne Cullen, The Strulle, Ross, Salvo Venditti, house dancefloor in mind are: Gaia Logan, Erik Loud, Marco Grimm, Fabian Croft, Lorenzo Rossi, Sharon O'Love, Olivian, Blade, Sylvin Wood, Vanessa Laino, Sisko and still Electrofanatic Shana Dee and Manuel Rotondo, in these days protagonists on Sky1 in the talent TOPDj.

Worthy of attention will be the Special Guest sonoritàdelle Pagano, Patrick M, Siwell, Mark Knight, Emanuele Inglese, Ivan Gomez, Isaac Escalante, Nacho Chapado, Oscar L, Federico Scavo, Micky Friedmann, Chris Bekker, Umek, Bushwacka. All this to emphasize the artistic proposal of the village racchiudibile into three main channels such as culture, sport and entertainment, which are in the permanent program of this new, hot summer of the Gay Village.

The event this year takes advantage of the partnership of the National Radio M2O - Pure Music to the State. Stakeholders will also be DJs issuer, who will be on the console to heat up the track in a way loro.Manuela Dorians, Provenzano, Renee Petrova, Leandro Da Silva, Alberto Remondini, Patrizio Mattei & Denny Omich, Clare Robiony, Renée The Bulgarian, Andrea Rango and many others, will provide the public notes and nights of fun. Proprioin occasion of renewed collaboration with M2O, will set up a radio station in the village, which will be stable throughout the 2014 season and which will be broadcast every night and the atmosphere within the life of the event.

From Thursday to Saturday - from 20.00 to 21.00 Admission free
Thursday: 8 € - Friday: 10 € - Saturday: 18 € (including drink)
Roma Eur - Park of the Nymphaeum - Via delle Tre Fontane corner of Via Agriculture
Info: 393 0046560 - www.gayvillage.it

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from 19 June to 13 July 2014



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