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Giorgio De Cesario from current events to fantasy (Eighth stage)

Via Lepanto 1, Gallipoli Lecce, Italy

By Massimo De Luca, Maria Cristina Maritati, Vera Amber. Under the patronage of the Municipality of Brindisi, the City of Gallipoli, the Humanitarian Foundation See of Rome, the Provincial Committee of Catania AICS Department of Culture, the Association Akkuaria (promoter of the art movement and thought "Alienismo") and with the collaboration of The Artists' House of Gallipoli, the Center Artistic-Cultural "La Casaccia" of Francavilla Fontana and associations: 51 Pegasi, The Invisible City Foundation, the Department of Social Affairs of the Province of Catania CAD, ZeroMoneta Records, The Prize Committee red scrolls, Ethos 3000. seat will be available in the exhibition catalog, edited by the Banca Popolare Pugliese and with texts by Maria Cristina Maritati, Vera Amber, Eugenio Giustizieri, Biagio practiced, Augusto Benemeglio, Beppe Costa, Paula Berardi. The catalog can be downloaded at the following link: http://www.giorgiodecesario.it/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Catalogogiorgiodecesario.pdf office: Exhibition Rooms of The Artists' House Gallipoli (Le). Opening: Thursday, July 24, 2014, 18.00 Duration: from 07/24/2014 to 09/30/2014 hours: daily from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 18.00 to 21.00 Free entry PRESS RELEASE The Itinerant Solo Exhibition "from current events to fantasy, a project alienist" Giorgio De Cesario returns to The Artists' House of Gallipoli, after the great success achieved in stages of Rome, Chieti, Gallipoli, Brindisi, Francavilla Fontana, Matino , Parabita. It will remain open to the public every day from 10:00 to 12:00 / 18:00 to 9:00 p.m. until next September and then start his journey in various Italian locations. This is the first exhibition "alienist" by Giorgio De Cesario, one of the founders, along with Vera Amber, the cultural movement and of thought called "Alienismo." This exhibition has already made its debut at The Artists' House of Gallipoli, which Permanent houses the Galleria Giorgio De Cesario, where he enjoyed considerable success with audiences and critics alike as recounted by the writer Ilaria Ferramosca: "A busy evening, made up of culture, emotions, and especially with the focus on socializing and discussion ; with the aim of finding ourselves through others, awaken our humanity, now sold in exchange for a false ideal of progress, and of which we can and must reclaim to be able to produce the actual evolutionary change. " The new collection of paintings by the artist along an interesting route between the various pictorial news stories widely publicized by the media in recent years: the cases of Melania Rea and Yara Gambirasio, the numerous victims of the Costa Concordia, Belen Rodriguez and his butterfly, Melissa Bassi and his tragic end, many women today who disappear without a trace of self, the crisis of values ​​in modern society, the dangerous situation of Italian politics and many more. There are also some works out of print, as the canvas on the historic resignation of Pope Ratzinger and those relating to suicide in despair of recent years. Today the mass media spread images any time of the day or night and in remote corners of our global village, and here some of these images often become "icons" of an event. Precisely from these icons Giorgio De Cesario has started its journey figurative. The novelty consists in the transfiguration of these symbolic images, not just playing graphic-pictorial but a re-reading of all the details, a fantastic reworking by color and color effects. And 'then the' contamination 'of these two worlds, the reality of the present and the unreality of the fantastic, which are born new works by Giorgio De Cesario. This is complemented by the elements that have always characterized its production: the unmistakable technique of the faces in clay in relief on canvas, real earrings that dangle from the lobes of the female characters, vivid phantasmagoria of color in the background is that in the representation of details. The observer is once again transported to a fantasy world, but at the same time, it led to reflect on what is today's world: a dramatic setting where mental distress, superstition, superficiality and ignorance cause unspeakable tragedies. The works in the exhibition is also based on the principles of '"alienismo," a new art movement and thought, founded by Giorgio De Cesario two years ago in Rome with Vera Amber, writer and editor. This movement aims at the revival of the artistic message in a broad sense and his "alienation", ie to its wider sharing in the global village in which we live. After a stop at the Center Artistic-Cultural "La Casaccia" of Francavilla Fontana (BR) and one at the St. James Bastion of Brindisi, the show had to interrupt his career because of a bad illness that struck the artist fortunately is now reborn after a fierce fight with his unseen antagonist, as evidenced by some of the works, the most recent and also out of print. The writer Ilaria Ferramosca has described the works in this new collection, "The work of the new production of De Cesario identify some of the highlights of today's news, tabloid or black; examples that underscore the expulsion of man from the values ​​of the past and his feelings, until it became almost alien to himself. Only art can inspire and awaken consciences to sublimate the ugliness of everyday life, transforming them into metaphors and warnings, as did the fairy tales in the past. " And the poet Vera Amber, godmother of the opening night of the first event in Gallipoli, it was so pronounced on these latest efforts of the artist: "Through his work George has tried to distance himself from the madness that suddenly seizes and makes all of us unwitting victims of record that advertises through the screens and the newspapers made so scary to look fake. " And finally Sardiello Vincent, President of the Arts Centre - Cultural "La Casaccia", it is stated: "The project of De Cesario offers a journey through the maze of contemporary life and gives the visitor the gradual abandonment of the men of his own nature and feelings to embrace a path of alienation from themselves. " Maria Cristina Maritati

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from 24 July to 30 September 2014


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Driving highway to Bari, Bari-highway Gallipoli.
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By plane to Brindisi or Bari
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By train state railways up to Lecce, Lecce, Gallipoli railroads south-east (the station is just 100 meters from Information).



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