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Liber Null VII

Fiesere Miese Köpenicker Straße 18-20, Berlino, Germania

Liber Null VII


Dancing in the dark, isolated bodies in a strong and dynamic motion creates the intense desire for more...

Liber Null VII devotes its actual night the first of seven deathly sins and captures this theme in a naive but unapologetic composition of music, art and performance.

Lust is an emotion or feeling of intense desire in the body.

The sound creates a unique and powerful psychological force producing an intense desire to sacrifice the night to another spectacular chapter of the darkest side of underground.


Opening Performance : Stephanie Ballatine "LUST"

Mauris Floor

Monica Hits The Ground - LIVE [Horizontal Ground - Ready Made - IT]
Lower Order Ethics [Ready Made - DE]
Unhuman [Liber Null Berlin - Shift - DE]
Alex Jakupović [Liber Null Berlin - DE]

Terra Floor

Marieu [Restoration - Hypercolour - DE]
Kynn - LIVE [ Noisekölln - DE]
Kike Diaz [Electronic Mood - Liber Null Berlin - DE]



Underground DJ and producer, vinyl lover and activist, vintage-synth junkie, Analogue Cop. Marieu was born in Padua, Italy, during the emerging years of House Music. In the mid 90s his first club experiences with house and disco set in, and eventually he found his way into more refined or complex electronic styles.
Dissatisfied with the Italian club scene at the time, he moved to Barcelona in 2004, where he began DJing, under the influence of some of the biggest Techno DJs visiting the clubs there. In that sunny city he also met fellow countryman Lucretio, sharing a passion for true house and techno, and Detroit's melodic influence.
Marieu’s first solo appearance on the label came out in summer of 2008; 'Hammer', on the 'Resistance On My Mind Ep'. In that track, Marieu showed the development of his own sound: warm and funky, solid and relentless. The track was lauded by a wealth of 'True Techno' DJs around the globe.
In the spring of 2009, Marieu and Lucretio began a collaboration with Steffi (OstGut / Dolly / Klakson), naming their project 'Third Side'. Their first full EP, 'Nyx' (rst010) was highly acclaimed and quickly sold out, naturally on vinyl only. Third Side now offer up their first album, 'Unified Fields'; a heavy debut of purist house, techno and electro made only with outboard, hardware equipment.
Since September 2009 he has released more raw and pumping hardware-only tracks on the 'Live Jam Records' label, as 'ACE' (together with EMG and Lucretio) and as 'Appointment' (with EMG, John Swing and Lucretio).
In summer of 2010, Marieu founded the 'Appointment' imprint together with Lucretio and his friends from 'Relative Records'. As Appointment they made 2 official remixes of Moodymann´s track 'I Can´t Kick This Feeling When It Hits', which saw a release on the 'Decks Reworx' label.
In 2011 Marieu started his solo label Enlightened Wax, with focus on his own material. Always pro-active, together with Blawan and Lucretio, Marieu started a new project called 'Parassela', focussing on raw punchy underground techno. The first release as Parassela is already a collector’s item.
His relentless mixes (absolutely vinyl-only) range from the funkiest Chicago tracks to the heaviest Brooklyn techno, but always affected by a strong Detroit/Berlin leaning.
Marieu is a connoisseur of anima and manga, being deeply fascinated by the Japanese culture. He draws all the artwork for the Restoration label and is also in charge of creating the videos for the label. Together with Lucretio he works at a record distributor in Berlin, nurturing the deep cultural values that vinyl brings with it.



Monica hits the Ground

We don't know much about Monica hits the Ground, apart from the massive EP released on the mysterious Horizontal Ground in 2013 (that included a killer remix by Regis) which introduced us to the artist's refined taste for the darkest shades of industrial techno, tribal percussions and gothic atmospheres. Sneaking humans, constant imperfections, lowered eyes, scattered sorrow, feelings not to reveal, something to confess, something is going to happen... expect this and much worse noise in your head.



Lower Order Ethics

Hailing from the murky depths of underground Budapest nights, Lower Order Ethics has been tasting Berlin’s veins for quite some time and liking it. Known for her tense and masterful transmissions on the edge of welcome sonic paranoia, flirting with borderline gothic and harsh industrial, her sets pry open the doors of techno’s secret chambers, conjuring up smoky, hypnotic images of endless nights spent in daze.

When not behind the decks, Lower Order Ethics takes part in A/V and noise projects, tirelessly researching ethnomusicology at the same time.



When Davyd and Benedykt met at the maya-apocalypse themed party in Berlin in late 2012, it was less the end of the world but more the early contractions of their upcoming project KYNN.
During their first sessions in a Neukölln based studio space which was later referred as being an interstellar spaceship they intended to make some sort of minimal wave/post punk (Benedikt was supposed to play the bass guitar). After some early sound experiments a TR-505 was being introduced to their world and everything changed. This machine gave birth to the future sound of KYNN. From there on they were about to define their own interpretation of what people could might label as technoized haunted house.
KYNN became the breed of extraterrestrial spirits, invading synthesized machines to make them talk. Through a black hole they arrived on earth, materialized in resonating frequencies, abstract loops and polyrhytmic drum patterns. Paralysed interstellar metamorphosis somewhere on the edge of the dancefloor. Their debut EP will be released on Noisekölln in 2014.



Kike Diaz

Inspired by the early electronic sounds of Detroit, along with nascent German techno, more than 20 years have passed since its beginnings in the world of electronic music. Sharing turntables with Oscar Mulero (Warm Up Rec. / PoleGroup), Leandro Gamez (Fieber Records / Intec / Circle Music) and Gersound (Sugerence Recordings / Reactable), among others, and always in collaboration with Electronic Mood (BCN), Kike Díaz is an energetic mixer who skillfully weaves together his own distinctive blend; his sets are a mix of techno, dub-techno, and electro.



Alex Jakupovic [Berlin]

Probably our youngest artist-dj born in Berlin on 94.
One of his first experiences with electronic music was when a friend invited him over to listen to some Prodigy tunes. Ever since Alex' interests have been expanding to all kinds of electronic sound explorations, spending countless hours digging through releases, looking for the true gems. Now he plays an experimental-industrial techno with many breakbeat and noise influences."




Unhuman is a noise project founded in 2012 in Athens Greece by releasing his first tape Emperor Black from species records. First release party was an art exhibition at Junk records with a contact - piezo mic system run through amplifiers and creating an outstanding loud feedback. Guest at this exhibition could demonstrate noise by themselves by walking inside the 'creepy room'. He also released a split tape at Red Venice Records with To The Lovers Farewell. Now he is back on studio recording for his first 12" vinyl. The Unhuman project is all about darkness and misanthropy. A radical extreme sound with drone and rhythm influences mixed with the worst human's nightmares. As a dj he spins industrial, power noise and dark tech. He is also the founder and organizer of Lärm-Alarm-Lärm, Liber Null and member of Species.



Stephanie Ballantine

Stephanie Ballantine uses photography, performance, installation and text to expose research on the psychological effects of aspects of Capitalism and Neo Liberalism focusing on areas such as: the commercial gaze, commoditized sexuality, political identity, and political agency. She aims to illustrate alienating boundaries and find therapeutic remedies that can run ‘alongside’ these structures.

Stephanie Ballantine resided in Berlin for the last five years where she has entered various fields of work outside of her conceptual art practice: as a dancer in bars and starring in various music videos as a performer including work for Sony music, EMI, and Ninja Tune she uses these experiences with mainstream pop and 'nightlife' culture to inform her artistic reflections.



Poster by: Michał ANdrysiak


Veniteci a trovare
dal 11 al 12 luglio 2014

Che Tempo fa


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