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Herman's Hideaway 1578 S Broadway, Denver, Colorado, Stati Uniti

Join us for the Denver show on this multinational death metal tour at Herman's Hideaway, brought to you by Comatose Music.

Execration and Eye Of Minerva will open.

Monday, June 16, 2014
Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

21+ $5.00 Adv | $10.00 DOS
Ages 18-20 $10.00

Tall boy of PBR & a shot of well whiskey ~ ONLY $7

The history for Lust of Decay really goes all the back to 1996. In the very beginning they were called Pure Hate and had a more hardcore / thrash metal style similar to Pantera and Slayer. The original line up consisted of Steve Green on guitar and vocals, Duane Short on guitar, Flounder on bass, and Brent Williams on drums. Pure Hate established a decent local following during their early years and in 1998 the band encountered a line up change that included the addition of Jay Barnes on vocals. However, soon after those changes Pure Hate decided to quit and broke up.

After a four month hiatus, Steve contacted Brent about forming a new band. This time they really wanted to attempt a much more brutal approach. With influences like Deicide and Cannibal Corpse, that was the direction they wanted to go. Steve suggested recruiting friend and guitarist Pete Stroupe, then asked Jay if he was interested in the new project. Everyone agreed to give it another shot, and with the new style came a new name, Mindkill...

Mindkill also developed a small local following playing quite a few shows, most notably opening for Diabolic! In late 1998 Mindkill recorded a self titled three song demo and it was in extremely limited circulation, only given to local clubs and bands. After going some time without a bassist, Robert Mcfarland joined Mindkill as the permanent bass player.

It was brought to their attention that another band was also going by the name of Mindkill. It was decided that a new name should be adopted. Dissent was the name that was agreed upon, but after having the new name several months they had discovered that Dissent was also being used by another band. This time being more creative, Jay and Brent came up with the new name, Lust of Decay. As all of this was going on, the band was recording a five song demo titled "Rest in Hell". This demo was recorded at their band room using a variety of different equipment and released in 2000. The disc was produced on computer in CDR format, most with a tray card and a one panel insert. The production numbers were small, perhaps only 300 or so were made.

Lust of Decay continued writing material in hopes of putting out a professional full length CD. They stayed busy playing shows with bands like Rupture Christ, Reprobation, Exhumed, Mortician, and Lividity to name a few. For the longest time they promoted their upcoming CD, at the time titled "Stricken With Disease". Unfortunately they were never able to acquire the funds necessary for a studio quality recording. They attempted to record it themselves, but that was a failure. So in early 2002 after countless months with no success, Lust of Decay encountered a line up change that replaced their drummer Brent Williams with Jordan Varela, and the departure of bassist Robert McFarland.

Jordan's drum skills were absolutely phenomenal and he clicked well with Lust of Decay. They practiced persistently for a solid two months and scheduled a trip to the studio in March of 2002 to record their debut CD. The title of the CD was changed to 'Infesting the Exhumed', and was to be released on Comatose Music, an upstart label that was run by their guitarist, Steve Green. The release date was set for Summer of 2002, and in June it was finally available worldwide!

In October 2002, Pete Stroupe decided to part ways with Lust of Decay due to personal reasons. Lust of Decay marched on as a three piece and continued writing new music throughout 2003. During this time they also auditioned multiple guitarist and bassist with little success. Finally in late 2003 Joe Payne was announced as the new bass player. And in 2004 Lust of Decay went back to the studio to record their follow up album titled 'Kingdom of Corpses'. This new recording showcased a more technical style compared to 'Infesting the Exhumed', yet still maintained that signature groove style that the fans expected. 'Kingdom of Corpses' was released in May 2004 on Comatose Music. Later in 2004 Lust of Decay teamed up with Czech Republic sickos Despise and released a split CD on Bizarre Leprous Productions. In September 2004 Joe joined the band Nile as their touring bass player, but he did maintain a part time position with Lust of Decay and would still rehearse and perform shows when he was available.

In 2005 Lust of Decay worked hard writing more new music for their third and ultimately final release 'Purity Through Dismemberment'. In late 2005 they recorded with Bob Moore at Sound Lab Studios for what would be their best effort yet. Musically and certainly production wise this was their most mature and polished recording to date. And in January 2006 'Purity Through Dismemberment' was unleashed worldwide, again on Comatose Music. This album was very well received with positive feedback and strong sales.

During the Lust of Decay years (2000 - 2007) they stayed very active playing many shows and fests including the first ever Maryland Deathfest and nearly every Central Illinois Metalfest, plus many other smaller festivals. Sadly in 2007, following their last ever live performance at Central Illinois Metalfest, Jordan decided to quit Lust of Decay and the band broke up. However, all of the members had other projects to keep them busy... Steve was performing with Brent again in their band Atrocious Abnormality, Jay and Jordan were busy with Cesspool of Vermin and Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement. Since 2007 Lust of Decay faded away silently, but there was always some chatter about a possible Lust of Decay reunion at some point. Steve and Jordan discussed it multiple times in 2011, but it just never happened. Somewhere along the way Jordan lost interest in death metal and it seemed a reunion would never happen. However, in late 2013 Steve and Brent reconnected with Jay and started to hang out and become close friends once again. They would sit around and reminisce about the old early days of the band. Being that all three were original members they decided to entertain the idea of resurrecting Lust of Decay. And just after one rehearsal in early 2014 it was apparant that there was still some life left in the band and now it can be made official... Lust of Decay has returned! Not only have they returned, they are in the process of booking a US tour in June 2014 along with label mates Coathanger Abortion and Devangelic for ComaTour 2014 which will include a performance at the Las Vegas Deathfest!

Lust of Decay has claimed since early 2002, and it still holds true to this day... "PREPARE FOR THE SICKNESS..."


Formed during the month of August 2012 in Rome (Italy) by members of Putridity, Vulvectomy & Indecent Excision with the aim to play the most brutal Death Metal possible inspired by US brutal GODS Disgorge, Condemned, Gorgasm, Disentomb and more.
In November 2012 the band enters the 16th Cellar Studio in Rome (Hour Of Penance, Blasphemer, Fleshgod Apocalypse and more) to record two promo songs "Indulgence For Butchering" & "Unfathomed Evisceration". Thanks to this promo the band signs a deal with USA label COMATOSE MUSIC during January 2013. One month later, on February, founder bass player David Cetorelli leaves the band due to some personal problems but soon replaced by Damiano Bracci. After a long period of song writing the band completed the songs for their debut album "RESURRECTION DENIED" that will be released in June 2013 by Comatose Music followed by a USA tour from 6th to 22nd June and an European tour in September 2013. More info to come ...


In 2010 Derek Duvak, guitarist/vocalist and founder of Eye of Minerva, moved to Denver, Colorado from Orlando, Florida, to form a band. After being in quite a few bands, playing someone else’s material and the Orlando, Florida scene for years, at 26 years old, he was done and ready to play his own material. With a huge collection of songs and lyrics written, he began his search for other band members. It didn’t take long, in a place where musicians and artists alike, seemed to be everywhere. Denver, pretty quickly, seemed to be the right move to make.

The start of Eye of Minerva came to be in September of 2011. Derek had crossed paths with Joey Maurer, bassist/vocalist, and started jamming with Joey, teaching him some of his material and getting to know one another’s styles and musical goals. Joey picked up Derek’s riffs pretty fast and the two of them, early on, decided to take this all the way. Next in line would be to find a drummer and to everyone’s surprise, through Craigslist, they would find Chris Moen, one of the sickest drummers they had ever had the honor to play with. With the three quickly meshing together and seeming to be on the right page with their musical styles and goals for the band, they started to look for a vocalist. This proved to be the most difficult part of the process. So after what seemed like months of trying out vocalists and not one being able cut it, Joey started to practice and learn all of Derek’s lyrics and stepped up as a vocalist. With Derek and Joey doing switch off vocals, Joey doing the lows/growls and Derek doing the highs/screams, they started coming up with a solid set for shows. At first they thought this was just going to be temporary, until they found a lead man, but as it turned out, it didn’t take long to get comfortable with keeping the band a three piece. And so became Eye of Minerva, as you see them now.

Eye of Minerva spent their first 8-9 months writing material together and becoming a tight three piece. They decided to start recording, on their own, in the studio and ended up with a 7 song album. From this they created a 3 song demo, that they give out free at shows and record stores like Black and Read. They are currently working with Kevin Elrod (Execration) in his studio, Clovenhoof Audio, as he professionally remixes and masters the bands 1st album, Spherical Perdition.

After about a year of actively playing shows and festivals, all the hard work and personal leg work, prior to playing a single show, seems to be paying off.

Eye of Minerva’s first show was June 13th, 2012. The guys opened up for Vale of Pnath at Moe’s BBQ Bar in Denver. Since that 1st show, it has been non stop brutality as they have created quiet a stir in the scene in Colorado.

Eye of Minerva has had the honor of sharing the stage, in Colorado and surrounding states, with amazing bands like Execration, Exussum, Vomit God, Isolation in Infamy, Arkiak, Severed Savior, Cephalic Carnage, Shawn Whitaker, Putrid Pile, Fields of Elysium, Duckling Fantasy, Horde of Draugar, Legion of Death, Insentient, Syrebris, Impaled Offering, Abolishment of Flesh, Midgard, Scalafrea, Impaled Offering, Skinned, Genocaust, Defleshment, Entrails Eradicated, Embalmer, Mentally Murdered, Face of Oblivion, Embalmer, Zombie Hate Brigade, Hemlock, Uncleansed, Torn the Fuck Apart, Deceive, Nihilitus, Nuclear Reign, Defleshment, Abhorration, Crypt Infection, Iniquitous Deeds, Fetal Disgorge, Condemned Remains, Harvest the Murdered, Despise the Sun, Vimana, Try Redemption and many others.

Eye of Minerva’s original sound comes from old school death metal and a refreshing new and unique blend of technicality, a hint of melody within the riffs and of course a constant and pure brutality. It has been said, when people try and find a band to compare them to, that they “sound like” Death, God Dethroned, Origin, Bolt Thrower, Embryonic Devourment, but truly they don't sound like anyone other than Eye Of Minerva.

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il 17 giugno 2014

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