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Commediestate - Masks lives in the city

via Manzoni 4, Bologna, Italy

"Commediestate. Masks live in the city," August 23 to 27 shows in FRATERNALCOMPAGNIA IN THE COURTYARD OF MEDIEVAL MUSEUM.

Wednesday, July 23, as part of Well BolognaEstate, 2014, inaugurated the fourth edition of "CommediEstate. Masks lives in the city ", a series of performances of Commedia dell'arte, by the Fraternalcompagnia, in collaboration with the Region of Emilia-Romagna, Bologna Institution Museums - Medieval Museum, Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and AICS - Italian Association of Culture and Sports of Bologna.

The shows will take place in the picturesque courtyard of the Medieval Museum, Via Manzoni 4, at 18 and 21 and will be preceded, at 17.30 and 20.30, by a cocktail offered by 'AICS and a meeting between the public and filmmakers, historians and journalists on the Commedia dell'arte.

On the day of August the show will take place at 18 and will be preceded dall'aperitivo / meeting at 17.30.

Along with the shows, you can visit the exhibition
"Impressions Byzantine. Thessaloniki through photographic images and drawings of the British School at Athens (1888-1910) "at the Lapidary Museum.

From 23 July to 27 August, the courtyard of the museum also hosts a small exhibition of leather masks, made ​​by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

The exhibition is open during the opening hours of the museum.

Program Masks lives in the city

Wednesday 23 and Thursday 31 July, Thursday 21 August, at 18 "Masquerade mask" directed by Massimo Machiavelli. The show, presented in English, traces the history from birth to reform Goldoniana, the Commedia dell'arte: a theatrical genre that has its roots in the Middle Ages to score, starting from the migration of poverty, a path that leads to rebirth the arts, to the birth of the trade, the roots of the Italian theater.

The Comedy can rightly be considered one of the works of art along with sculpture, painting and music to make our country a cradle of human culture.

The show has been prepared to introduce a theatrical genre from which they launched their first steps opera, pantomime, mime, improvisation and techniques of the comic and especially some character types with their characteristic masks, which still today are the heritage of the Italian theater and allow to draw a picture of several centuries of theatrical history, social anthropology and of Western culture.

Admission: € 5,00 plus museum ticket

Thursday, August 7, at 21
"Lancelot and the Dragon" show loosely based on "The Dragon" by Yevgeny Schwarz. Directed by Massimo Machiavelli.

Who is the Dragon? The Dragon in the reading proposed by Fraternalcompagnia is basically the political power, a primordial power that comes from the waste, the waste of human intelligence; born and does not die, always ready to take any lively intelligence and turn it into a rejection of herself.

Working on the scene, masks, costumes and current content but keeping the characters, techniques and structure of the Commedia dell'arte, the show is meant to represent an idea of ​​Commedia dell'arte adapted to current content.

Admission: museum

Thursday, August 14th, at 21, and Friday, August 15th, at 18 "Canvas Summer" by Carlo Boso, Massimo Machiavelli, Claudio De Maglio.
Now in its tenth edition, the stage of international Commedia dell'arte is now a landmark in the training of the actor.
Eighteen students each year compete with a program that sees them work eight hours a day on the Commedia dell'arte and build your own leather mask. At the end of the internship the student actors coordinated by three great masters work on three different types of Canvas, by constructing the text through improvisation.
After performing in Camp, home of course, and Monghidoro, the young actors calling for "CommediEstate", testing the intensive work and team spirit that has animated for sixteen days were.

Admission: museum

Wednesday, August 27, at 21
"Don Quixote" by Tosco Company / Veneto Stivalaccio Theatre. Text Zoppello March. Directed by Michael Mori and Mark Zoppello.
Tragicomedy of Art Young Company Tosco / Veneto Stivalaccio Theatre, starring and directed by Michael and Marco Mori Zoppello, with the artistic collaboration of Maestro Carlo Boso. February 25, 1545, climb the scaffold actors Julius Pasquati, aka trousers, and Jerome
Salimbeni, aka Piombino, accused of heresy. The only way to gain another hour of life is to tell the story of Don Quixote and his squire Sancho Panza, filtered by the inspiration of the two tumbler that between pranks, jokes, duels, masks and improvisation will try to solve the thorny matter . Who will save them?
Admission: museum

From Wednesday, July 23 to Wednesday, August 27 "Exhibition of leather masks" by Fraternalcompagnia and Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.
The Commedia dell'arte is not only an actor but also handicrafts handicraft mask.
On display are presented masks made during a course held at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna by Tania Passarini and masks Matteo Ferrari.
They also presented the casts at various stages of processing.

Museum ticket
€ 5,00 full / reduced € 3.00
(With the ticket, you can watch the show and visit the
exhibition "Impressions Byzantine. Thessaloniki through pictures
photographs and drawings of the British School at Athens (1888-1910) ")

Time Medieval Museum (and show)
Tuesday to Friday: 9-15 hours
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays during the week: 10-18.30 hours

Visit us
from 23 to 27 August 2014





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