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Porto Santo Stefano

Porto Santo Stefano, Grosseto, Italy

Porto Santo Stefano, is the capital of the municipality of Monte Argentario, and is a true gem that is located right in the middle of the Mediterranean Basin on the Tuscan coast.

In addition to Porto Santo Stefano, at the foot of the Argentario is also another fishing village, which is worth visiting, Porto Ercole.

Coves and beaches, villages and small towns with historic forts dating back to the Spanish rule. The Forts of Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano Fortress, imposing coastal fortification, historical and cultural charm.

Admire the breathtaking views along the scenic road to Porto S. Stefano or the scenic route from Porto Ercole. The Crag in Capo d'Uomo equipped for climbing. Go up the car with the top of the Argentario and visit the Convent of the Passionists and Punta Telegraph. A walk or bike ride in the Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve. Discovering the vacation spots of the Roman Villa of Nero Domitii Enobarbi. In Porto Ercole found the body of Caravaggio. At the Polo Club exciting polo matches, and finally the mysterious Tower dell'Argentiera and the Cave of the Straits about one kilometer long.

What to see in Porto Santo Stefano: itineraries and excursions in and around Porto Santo Stefano.

Arriving by car, since the descent leading into the village, you can admire a beautiful view of Porto Santo Stefano. The first thing that you will encounter will be the shipyard, where the shipwrights refurbish of the true gems of the sea. At this point, especially in high season, we advise you to leave your car in the parking areas and then continue on foot. Along the coast will cross the entire port of Valle with sailings to the islands of Giglio and Giannutri, pleasure boats and the fleet of fishing vessels; if you arrive in the afternoon there may happen to witness the landing of fresh fish.

Once the port starts the splendid promenade of the Navigators, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, which leads you to the marina Pilarella. However, before you can continue to cross the street and visit the Aquarium, inside of which is reproduced in the marine environment typical of the Mediterranean.

Now resume the Promenade, where the many benches facing the sea, will allow you to take a break enjoying the spectacle of the Argentario gulf that "looks" to be enjoyed. At the End of the promenade you will arrive in Piazza dei Rioni which, overlooking the marina, we call it the "living room" of Porto Santo Stefano. A must stop in the many bars and restaurants with a terrace overlooking the sea at any time of day, from breakfast to after dinner all'apertivo, the relaxing atmosphere of this place gives you really nice moments. In the summer you will have fun even to watch the local kids who dive repeatedly into the waters of this small harbor.

After recuperating, go up through the picturesque streets of the historic center and stairways, to reach the Spanish Fortress. The climb is not long but definitely steep, then we advise you not to deal with it during the hottest hours of the day. We have a special dedicated to the Fortezza card found below, however, we anticipate that the view is worth admiring, alone, a visit to this place.

Spanish Fortress

Entering the village is enough to look up to see the imposing structure of the Spanish Fortress. Situated in a dominant position in the country, was built to control the port in the seventeenth century during the Spanish domination. The building is in perfect condition, it houses permanent exhibitions Submerged Memories and Shipwrights and from its terraces you can admire a panorama of extraordinary beauty. Details on Spanish Fort.

Road Overview

This road will give you a series of breathtaking scenery. Drive along the Argentario coast overlooking the open sea. Besides the beauty of the natural landscape, you can see the remains of several towers built in the period of the Spanish Garrisons.
There are many places where you can stop to take pictures of the places that you will be hard to forget.

Cala del Gesso - Argentario
The beaches of Porto Santo Stefano are many and varied, from the most evocative reached by sea (we suggest you rent a boat) to the most convenient way to reach the ground. Photos and details at: Beaches Porto Santo Stefano

Roman Villa of Domitii Enobarbi

On the end of this pretty little beach are the remains of a large Roman villa of the first century. a. C. You can still see the remains of the half-submerged tanks for fish farming. For details visit: Villa Romana of Domitii Enobarbi.

Convent of the Passionists - Monte Argentario

The monastery of the Passionist Fathers is located along the road that leads to the highest peak of the Argentario. It is situated in a splendid panoramic position, a place of peace and tranquility. After passing the convent, if you continue the climb to arrive at Punta telegraph, Argentario summit with breathtaking views. For details visit: Convent of the Passionists and Punta Telegraph.

The Crag in Capo d'Uomo is a wonderful vertical wall overlooking the sea and equipped for climbing. Photos and Description of: Cliff of Capo d'Uomo

Ancient medieval tower located on the inland hills of Porto Santo Stefano, always surrounded by mystery and legends, had tasks sighting and was especially useful at a time when these waters were infested by Barbary pirates.

At the Argentario Polo Club, in Le Piane between Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, in a fascinating context dominated by vineyards and olive groves, you can watch exciting polo matches, with galloping horses that reach speeds of fifty miles times. Every year, from May to September, are organized many tournaments that attract players from all over the world.

Other points of interest:
Tower dell'Argentiera, Caves Straits.

What are the most beautiful beaches of Porto Santo Stefano?

In Porto Santo Stefano, there are many beaches, which are the most beautiful and less crowded?

You could rent a boat to circumnavigate the Argentario. Otherwise, you have other options:

Giannella Beach
Giannella is the pillow to the north of the Argentario, I see on the right a few kilometers before arriving in Porto Santo Stefano. It is a sandy beach about 8 km, with beach facilities, beach, bars and restaurants by the sea. The beach slopes very gently and then makes this beach very suitable for small children. To access the beach you can just go in stain the pillow to meet the numerous access points. This beach lends itself well to sailing sports. Finally, remember that behind the beach is a pine forest that covers nearly the entire length Bolster.

Baths of Domitian
The Baths of Domitian, also known as beach Gerini for the presence of the villa of the Marquis Gerini, is a little beach sand free (no bathing facilities) located along the road that leads to Porto Santo Stefano. From the road, however the beach is not visible and also the access trail is barely visible hidden among the olive trees. Also this is a beach suitable for children because of the backdrop that keep you down. The main feature of Qusta beach is located in front of the old home of the Domitii Enobarbi family of Imperial Rome from whom the Emperor Nero. Even today, during the days of low tide, the sea emerge from the ruins of the ancient tanks used for rearing fish; are also visible just behind the tip is on the left, the ruins of the ancient villa dating back to 36 BC

The Soda
We find this beach heading towards Porto Santo Stefano, is visible from the road and access is easily identifiable. Divided in two by a small pier, right there is the beach, left the bathhouse. It is a beach made up of small pebbles, we also find a bar and a restaurant right on the sea front. It is also frequantata by divers who are the "beginnings", because here are easily able to access the sea with all the equipment without the need to use a boat.

The Pozzarello
The Pozzarello is located in the cove succesiva Soda and its beach made up of small pebbles and sand, lies below the road journey. The access is located in several places of easy identification and is also suitable for the disabled. There is a beach club with restaurant and bar but most of the beach is free. This is a very quiet place to relax and indicated also when there is a south wind the sea is clear and calm as a "table".

The Blonde
The Blonde is a lovely quiet cove located after the Pozzarello. From Porto Santo Stefano can also be reached on foot (the stretch is not short but it's all flat and suggestive) passing beneath the galleries where from 1913 to 1944 the train was passing; at the end of the three tunnel you will find this lovely beach and its coral reefs, within which the sea is always calm. The beach is free, there is no bar nor bathing. You can also reach the road that leads to Porto Santo Stefano, taking the end of the bay Pozzarello, the road that runs along the sea.

Beach of small pebbles and sand reached from the village Porto Santo Stefano on foot, through the tunnel, which from 1913 to 1944, allowed the passage of the train coming from Orbetello. Access is also suitable for disabled. On the left side you will find the beach, while on the right the beach with bar and restaurant. Roadhouse is a cheerful beach and very popular especially during the afternoon. The cliff on the left is a haven for local children, who spend hours diving from the rocks. In the days when the sirocco wind beats the sea is calm and clear.

The Moletto
The little beach Moletto is located in Porto Santo Stefano, on the left of the marina Pilarella. It is very easy to reach on foot and is also accessible to the handicapped. The beach is small, but also the bathhouse is not so great. There is also a bar and restaurant right on the seashore. In the summer in the waters of this beach is set up a golf polo.

The Cove
Homonymous beach hotel which is located right behind him. Although the creek is located in the town of Porto Santo Stefano and is easy to access for everyone. Here you will find a bar, a swimming pool, a restaurant with terrace overlooking the sea, and also a diving center with guides for the observation of seahorses. The seabed is now deep (ideal for relaxing swims), however, artificial recess also allows children to "wallow" in peace.

The Cacciarella
Leaving the town of Porto Santo Stefano and taking the scenic route, the first beach is accessible from the ground Cacciarella. From here on the beaches do not have bars bathing, the accesses are never comfortable, however they are very beautiful and wild. The Cacciarella is very small, consisting of sand and placed between two cliffs. You have to let the car along the scenic road and down a steep path for about 500 meters. Do not forget mask and snorkel because the water is beautiful. On the side of the cliff to the east lies the Cave of the Turkish, access is hidden, but the interior of the cave is very large. A note to local legend has assigned the name of this cave: it is said that here the fishermen managed to hide Santostefanesi with any boat, thus escaping capture by Saracen pirates, who after a long chase saw the fishermen disappear among the rocks and were able to locate the access of the cave. Finally, we report that at a depth of 15 m is the statue of Christ the Redeemer, marked by a plaque on the rocks on the surface.

Cala Grande
You can admire the panoramic road, when after a curve will appear in all its beauty. You have to stop with photos for all the tourists who pass by this road. Being sheltered from the winds is also the many drop more frequented by boats. Access the identified right in the middle of a long straight where a path descends fairly steep. Just leave the car along the scenic route, and get off to walk along the path for about 500 meters. After the first 100 meters, the path runs along what was an ancient ditch called the Cautious, then pass through a green beautiful stain composed of tall ilex, and slowly, through the branches of the trees, you'll see the clear waters of this cove . The route is not very challenging, however it is not suitable for the elderly and very young children. There are three beaches in this cove and are composed of pebbles. The backdrop is beautiful, so great for snorkeling and relaxing swim.

Cala Grande Trail (ancient ditch of the Cautious)

Cala del Gesso
Cala del Gesso is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Argentario. To get there drive along the scenic road up to the right after 5.9 km Moorish cove, where you will take the right lane named because of the Pioneers. At the end of the descent left the car along the road, crossed a gate with pedestrian crossing, and descend on a tarmac path (on the way down you will enjoy breathtaking views) about 700 meters long (the return uphill is not recommended during the hottest hours) . The path is arduous but will be amply rewarded by the beauty of this cove. The beach is pebbly very small and smoothed, opposite the islet there Argentarola, while the tip of the cliff to the right, are the remains of a Spanish tower of the sixteenth century. The beach is all clear, the sea is crystal clear, you will be immersed in the nature of the Argentario, but do not forget to bring an umbrella and water, here the sun "is felt."

Cala del Gesso - Argentario

Cala del Bove
Cala del Bove is located a few hundred meters ahead of Cala del Gesso. The path to the beach is accessible only on foot, it is in excellent condition and is 700 meters long, more or less. Cala del Bove is a cliff with no beach, people used to the comfort of the beds of the beaches is not just comfortable, but the rocks are smooth and you can lie in a relatively comfortable. This area is never very busy and snorkelers will find a bottom of the first level.

Cala Piccola
To reach Cala Piccola from Porto Santo Stefano you will have to follow the signs to the Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola. It is a small pebbly beach where you will find the bathhouse Hotel. A few hundred yards off, in front of the beach, there is the coral reef, a reef that from a depth of about 45 meters, dates back almost to the surface, it's a dive spot among the most beautiful Argentario.

Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is the wildest of the Argentario cove accessible by land. From Porto Santo Stefano, take the road of campone, walk across the hill, past the turnoff to the Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola, go ahead, at the end of a descent found a fork in the road and take the road on the left, still 4.3 km and on the right side of the road you will find a path that leads to the sea. They are recommended sneakers, the trail is 500 meters long. but apart from the very first stroke, it is not too challenging. The name Dead Sea comes from its characteristic natural barrier of rocks, which form behind natural pools where the water is always calm. Bring a mask because here you will find the most beautiful backdrops of Argentario, made even more fascinating by the quantity and variety of fish that inhabit them. The sun in this area "beats down" and since there is no natural shelters bar it is necessary to bring umbrella, water and sunscreen. Once we arrived we advise you not to position yourself on the beach near the escarpment, because from there access to the sea is not the most simple, it is also the point at which the heat feels stronger. Better instead the rocks closer to the pools, or the barrier in front of the open sea. Remember, however, that the Dead Sea is not a place where it still remains in the sun all day, go exploring the many forms of life in the pools, and walk up and down all the depths, facing off, it is definitely penalty.

Le Cannelle
The way to go is the same as the Dead Sea, but you have to continue for about 700 meters, at which point you will find the right gate with a pedestrian crossing, leave your car and walk, you'll have to walk about 150 meters wide and paved road and you are there. On the left side of the bay there is the tower of the Spanish Cannelle now completely restored but is not open as a private residence. Here there is a bar and a bathhouse but are accessible only to members of the residence. Under conditions of very rough sea you can enjoy watching the evolution of the surfers. The beach is composed of large pebbles and sand. Skilful swimmers to recommend a good swim to the right side, to get to the next haul, the Dead Sea described above, where the seabed is of a rare beauty.



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