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Here is the poster of the seventeenth edition of the Giffoni Theatre

Giardino degli Aranci - Arena Alberto Sordi, Giffoni Valle Piana Salerno, Italy

The theater of August, which in Giffoni Valle Piana recognizes its open-air stage, back, on time, this year to mark the summer with a rich program that stand out previews and big players, but also the professionalism and the 'commitment of stable companies of the territory, the dream and aspirations of the youth theater, and comedy of the south. It summarizes these characteristics in the seventeenth edition of the Giffoni Theatre, an event sponsored by the same name, led by Mimma Cafaro, under the patronage of the Campania Region and the City of Giffoni Valle Piana, scheduled for August 2 to 23, at the Orange Garden Alberto Sordi Arena and the Citadel of Cinema. Fourteen appointments billboard entrusted to the most representative mask in Naples at the time, provocative and famous fiddlers of Vesuvius have exalted culture and tradition, showing how, even today, even in the memory of those who unfortunately is no longer there, the classical theater is extremely defendant with an incredible artistic heritage weblog Naples. Open and close the 2014 edition of the four great friends Giffoni Theatre, to which is added a show in preview. In the middle of five dates entrusted to stable companies of the territory, to say the least singular an appointment with a group of Police of Padua in the role of actors and three meetings with the TeatroRagazzi. GUEST Opens the 2014 season at the Garden Federico Salvatore, a versatile and charismatic Neapolitan artist who, after two years, back in Giffoni Saturday, August 2nd with "... And we shut up under," his new play in the Neapolitan language. After the consents obtained with "Making the Neapolitan tired" and "If I were San Gennaro," Salvatore register does not change, but persevere on the path of Theatre - Lyric tying the score copyright monologue parody, addressing issues of social impact and culture. (Tickets cost 22 euro, including presale). And if he is inspired by the famous quote in the title of Massimo Troisi in the movie "We just have to cry," on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the death of the great actor and director, Giffoni Theatre continues Tuesday 5th with an absolute preview, "What do I think of Switzerland, "the recital memorial written by Gian Paolo Never played by Giancarlo Giannini. His extraordinary voice marks the artistic and human Massimo in a show in memory of one of the most significant players in the Italian scene. Musical compositions and video contributions, a trace a path that will be traced not only his career, from the first steps of the Grimace blockbusters, but also personal moments to help the viewer to understand better the nature and the irony that had in private life. It will all be enriched by contributions from new videos and never transmitted as a world absolute and assembled exceptionally granted by the director Stephen Veneruso, grandson of Troisi. (Tickets cost 27 euro, including presale). We will move to the Arena Alberto Sordi Citadel Film, exceptionally Saturdays only 9 to accommodate Vincenzo Salemme, the protagonist of his new summer production titled "Dreams and needs." The play, which refers to the famous novel by Moravia, revolves around two characters: Rocco Pellecchia and his "penis", but unlike the Moravian story where the "he" in question was only a rumor, here in the reading of Salemme , the most famous and significant organ of the male is physically detached from the body of his "owner" and himself becomes a man, claiming some sort of recognition stage. Stage a duel between the two contenders. (Cost of the ticket 22:32 euro, including presale). Penultimate Thursday 21 with Paul Caiazzo in "Welcome home Esposito" by Paolo Caiazzo, Pine Emperor and Alessandro Siani, a new way to tell and expose the underworld, perfectly in line with the content of the novel Bestseller. Dialogues irresistible, twists and messages of great ethical value, the work shows the peasants and the most ridiculous crime, dusts off the grand tradition of Neapolitan comic and laugh and reflect. (Tickets cost 22 euro, including presale). The closure of the seventeenth edition, (23) is entrusted to the great return of Simone Schettino and his show "If you allow I would like to go further," in which the protagonist is granted, in his imagination, a show to an audience with perfectly the lineup is not decided based on what the audience wants, or more likely "should" listen, but it is the artist himself who chose the topics without being influenced, believe that you can go over at least for an evening. (Tickets cost 18 euro, including presale). COMPANIES OF STABLE AREA The Night of San Lorenzo (10) touches the Company Tandem "Needle, Cuttone and cunfietti," a vortex of compromising situations and hilarious behind the organization of the perfect wedding, while on Wednesday 13, will be the turn of the Company of the Moon, the singular theatrical team that brings together the entire staff, (artistic director, director, actors, choreographers, costume designers, singers, dancers, graphic designers) a part of the staff of the police headquarters in Padua, together on stage always and only for beneficial. The group will perform "Two policemen in heaven," show that, in addition to make to the profession of the protagonists, starring audio and video by Ricky Tognazzi and Diego Abatantuono. It continues on Saturday 16th with the Company Arcoscencio in "Naples is Femmene 2" performance that goes back to draw with both hands by the immense artistic heritage Neapolitan, ranging, as was the case in the first edition of the show, from traditional to contemporary and new authors. The next day (the 17th) will stage the Company in The Proposal "Amphitryon," a classic of ancient theater written by Plautus, while 18 will touch the Company in the Noble Mirko "Filumena Marturano", one of the most famous works of Eduardo De Filippo. Closes the installment of the show on Tuesday 19, "Uocchie c'arraggiunate ...", with Claudia and Angela Balsamo Rosa D'Auria. Even here we refer to De Filippo, and to their memory. With the exception of the night of 19 - free admission with reservation - the cost of the ticket for all performances of the section is 6 Euros inclusive of pre-IL TEATRORAGAZZI inaugurates the section of the Company Philip Sgruttiendio Scafato that Monday 11, reintroduce the magic of Raffaele Viviani and his play "A 'death' and Carnival"; the night of August will go up on the stage of the Theatre of Orange Garden Smile with "Love's Labour's Lost"; Finally, on Wednesday 20 Officina touch of ancient drama of the Liceo Classico De Sanctis of Salerno in "The Bacchae", another classic this time of the greek theater. All the shows section TeatroRagazzi are free admission with reservation USEFUL INFO This year, the Association of Theatre Giffoni offers back to his loving public the opportunity to subscribe for 10 paid performances (the price of individual tickets range from 6 to 32 Euros) at a cost of 95 Euros. The appointment for all is at 21:30 at the Orange Garden, except for the date of Salemme at the Citadel Film Giffoni Valle Piana. For more information: Association Giffoni Theatre - tel. 339 4611502 - www.giffoniteatro.it - ​​e-mail: info@giffoniteatro.it; Youth information via P. boot Giffoni Valle Piana - tel.089 866 760, ticket www. go2.it, Theatre Box Office on show days 19.00 - 21.30.

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from 4 to 23 August 2014



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