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Via Giuseppe Verdi, San Martino Siccomario Pavia, Italy

A San Martino Siccomario at the Sports Centre in the day Sunday, September 14th there will be a great event, a great event, with the moral support of the City of San Martino Siccomario, all focused on animals, both with the classic pets like dogs and cats but also ferrets and unusual animals to see each other live as reptiles and birds of prey. In the event that takes place at the Sports Center of San Martino Siccomario Via Giuseppe Verdi in the day Sunday, September 14th all day from 10 am to 19 pm you will be able to see the world champions in many competitions cats cats in a survey where you can admire close to the most beautiful cats in the world. Inside the PalaBrera you will find beautiful specimens of cats of different breeds like the Persian with its long and fluffy coat; the Norwegian Forest Cat, proud and mighty like a Viking; the Main-Coon, the great American cat, good swimmer and fisherman; l'Abissino, the cat of the pharaohs; the Carthusian, whose enigmatic eyes d'ambra inspired mystical medieval legends and all other races are able to capture the attention and interest of the public. Of course without missing l'Europeo, thousands of colors in the coat of this cat. Also present were the puppies future world champions taking part in this survey; soft tufts of hair of multiple colors. Also within the PalaBrera you will be able to closely observe the animals most unusual, mysterious and fascinating of the Earth. REPTILIA EXPO presents the fascinating world of reptiles that you may encounter in this exciting live shows where you can admire contained within glass cases, many snakes among the most beautiful and fascinating from all over the world. A unique opportunity to closely observe many specimens of snakes and reptiles but also unusual ectothermic: pythons Africans, Australians and Indians, among which a magnificent specimen of Indian python albino six meters 130 kg heavy python and a green forest the Amazon in South America, a couple of powerful boa constrictors, the dreaded python and anaconda seba, colubrids Asian, African and American false coral, poisonous snakes opistoglyphous, but also snakes rare to behold live as the false cobra South American Hydrodinastes gigas, the biggest snake, poisonous opistoglifo, Madagascar but also the very rare (to be seen live) Boa Dwarf Dwarf El Salvador and many others including the American snake eater snakes. And then you can also admire many other reptiles such as the Skink of the Australian desert, a specimen of Teide (the South American lizard), the geckos in Asia and Africa, including the two-headed gecko, bearded dragon, a young African tortoise, frogs Asian poisonous, the dreaded Ceratophrine of the Amazon, and many others for an exhibition really special! Over seventy species of animals which is really hard to see up close in a safe (and in one occasion!) In the largest and most qualified Exhibition of reptiles in Italy. To continue with other animals, too little known but equally fascinating, there will be a display of birds of prey, both day and night. Would you like to get in touch, even for a single day, with the birds of prey? Hawks, kestrels, owls, barn owls, horned owls, buzzards will make a fine show of themselves along with their falconers who will explain the features of these great predators who hunt using their beaks and claws, and the fact that you have a very acute sense of sight. And in the afternoon, falconers Orobie show the Art of Falconry, which is one of the oldest relationships between man and raptor dating back more than 4000 years ago, in the outside PalaBrera where their magnificent birds of prey show their ability of flight demonstrations and breathtaking performances. The purpose of these exhibitions, both of reptiles that birds of prey, is to bring people closer to these animals, to get to know them and respect them. Animals that are very useful to the ecosystem for the control of harmful birds and rodent pests, to the benefit of agriculture, the ecological balance and, consequently, the survival of man. In return for most household pets you can get to know even ferrets; a cute and playful animals that can be considered a match between the dog and the cat. A great pet is smart, funny, lively and loves to play; very attached to as a dog owner but is also quiet and very clean like a cat. A ferrets show visitors will be the volunteers of Furettomania that illustrate advantages (and disadvantages) of this unique pet, still little known in Italy. A corollary of the event LIVE ANIMAL EXPO will be held at the Multipurpose Sports Center Field the canine event "Dog Talent Show" in which parade, along with their owners, many purebred dogs such as German shepherds, bearded collie, Bernese Cattle Dogs, Newfoundland, Chihuaua, poodles and other breeds; including not miss the affectionate and intelligent mestizos. In addition to the parade of elegance, the cute four-legged will be challenged with various tests of agility, poise etc.., Decreed that, before a panel of judges the dog more beautiful, more elegant, more sympathetic, more ...... .. the event. There will also be many other moments of interest such as pet therapy dogs, dog agility or see in action the retrievers and many other initiatives starring the greatest friend of man. To spend a beautiful Sunday in the company of so many animals the event LIVE ANIMAL EXPO SAN MARTINO SICCOMARIO is just right!

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il 14 September 2014




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