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Andersen 2014 scene in Naples

Via Concezione a Montecalvario 34, Naples, Italy

THEATRE GALLERY TOLEDO - NAPOLI on 20 and 21 September 2014 - 21:00 and 18:00 pm REVIEW FOR NEW STATIONS CREATIVITA'- EMERGENCY ACT VI via Conception in Montecalvario, 34, 80134 Naples KAOS Cultural Association under the patronage Embassy of Denmark in 2014 has ANDERSEN FAIRY TALES THAT ARE NOT FABLES conceived and directed by Emanuela Ponzano texts drawn from the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen Serena Grandicelli, Matthew Day and the dramatic line of Emanuela Ponzano with: Graziano and Piazza Alberto Caramel, Emanuela Ponzano, Yamila Suarez, Davis Tagliaferro, Yavan Wolde music Teho Teardo scenes Paki Meduri construction scenes of Claudio Petrucci costumes by Marco Calandra lighting design Cesare Lavezzoli assistant director Ester Tatangelo collaborators Christian Mario Angeli, Francesca Beatrice Vista Puppet Ivan Franek and Antonia D'amore lighting technician Samuel Ravenna scene photographer Zipporah models Rocioli organizer company Annalisa Siciliano redevelopment spectacle not supported by Bodyworks and creative residencies at the Teatro Potlach, Corviale and Theatre Space creation in collaboration with Teatro Stabile di Toscana METASTASIO KAOS production Plot: A writer of fairy tales defeated and disillusioned by the modern world wants to stop writing. Decides to change his life symbolically burn his manuscript in a fireplace. Lost in an unknown place during a stormy night, the writer finds a giant fireplace and confronts his fears that come magically to life in the shape of its shadow. While the confrontation with the Shadow is becoming increasingly tight, the characters of his tales emerge from the fireplace to tell their story and claim the right to the imagination in its indissoluble link with this ... Once upon a time fairy tales. Small and poetic mirror of the society that entertained readers and listeners. Today, just browse to discover the reality that fairy tales are everywhere. Between violence, cruelty, and the poem "What are our fairy tales today?" Urban Legends, cruel fairy tales, nursery rhymes and lullabies. The fables remain today our heritage communicative oldest and fairy tales are not just ... let's use this as a metaphor, we leave to them the task of paraphrase reality. The "Ugly Duckling", "The Red Shoes," "The Little Match Girl", "The New Clothes' Emperor", "The Tin Soldier", "The Little Mermaid", "The Puppet Master", "The Shadow." .. Pass on from generation to generation, the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen stories are real and invented by people, things and animals, which have a footprint indefinable subtlety of irony and naive commoner. A world that is often cruel, sometimes generous, which expresses the fears, the hopes, the difficulties of life. What these stories and leave us because we can not forget them ?. Between criticism and fascination, between politics and fantasy, ANDERSEN 2014 revolves around the story of childhood and the impact of hard and raw contemporonea era, the Italian reality which dulls creativity and imagination. ANDERSEN 2014 is first of all a journey into a world, our world, that of the poorer and richer, that of materialism and television that destroys the ideals, knowledge and free thought. The choice of the Society KAOS falls on Andersen, the Danish poet who has given us a kind of fairy tale helpful to the formation of the mind, an open mind in all directions: a fundamental lever for the education of man, who is not only a executor and ordered limited, a consumer easily mouldable, a subordinate. The Andersen's fairy tales are fictional stories based on the author's imagination and above all based on the social reality of his time. Yet these stories are not changed. Who is now the little duckling or the little match girl? By mixing different languages, sounds, suggestions and silences, with original music by Teho Teardo, the fundamental themes of the tale emerge - life, death, rebirth, diversity, appearance, and the power-and the characters come out of the shadows as book to immerse themselves in the contradictory reality of today, like the ghosts lost and in search of truth. From the myth of consumerism, from the heroes to the loss of identity. After "Dream (but maybe not)" by Pirandello and "The Strong One" by Strindberg, directed by Emanuela Ponzano, The design of the show "Andersen 2014" that the Company proposes KAOS, the confrontation between reality and fiction and wants to put emphasis on the current rewriting of some of Andersen's fairy tales to address the issues of today including lack of communication, loneliness, poverty and hope in a staging that remind us today of Tim Burton films. All this in the most intimate facets of Andersen through puppets, light and shadow, between paper drawings irony, cruelty, truth and poetry. Useful links: http://www.compagniakaos.com/ http://www.emanuelaponzano.com/ For more information: Maria Cuono Communication Web Agency info@mariacuonocommunication.com

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from 20 to 21 September 2014



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