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Open the cages #

via Tommaso da Cazzaniga, Milan, Italy

Graffiti and murals in naturalistic subject to the Milan branch of the WWF, in the district of Brera in Milan, an event created in the context of BrerArt 2014 From 22 to 25 October, as part of BRERART 2014, the week of contemporary art, will be held Open # the cages, an initiative that sees artistic interventions in naturalistic subject on the walls of the Milan headquarters of the WWF (public gardens of Via Tommaso Cazzaniga from), a few steps from Corso Garibaldi. There are three artists involved, from the world of Urban and Street art, which boast the prevalence of animals in their productions: Spanish and Italians Kraser ReFreshInk and Orticanoodles. For the realization of their work, the technical sponsor Sikkens, a leading brand in the field of paints for building professional will provide their own paints. The event has obtained the support and contribution of the Municipality of Milan and of the Council of Zone 1 Open the cages # means "open the cages," which are not only the physical cages where the animals are locked up, but also those that capture visions in our minds narrow, utilitarian, exclusive. The initiative Open the cages # intend to stress the urgent need to revise the speciesist position that places man in a central position, authorizing him to commit, in the name of profit and this alleged superiority, unimaginable crimes against nature, animals, the 'environment, defacing balances and ignoring the respect for other living beings with whom parcel - unfairly - the resources and beauty of the planet. Whether for men or women of Altamira depiction of animals through the graffiti on the walls of their caves was a rite for hunting, these contemporary graffiti where the animals "will occupy the scene," they want to propitiate greater awareness and respect for others living. Another main theme of the initiative is the dissemination of artistic / cultural / social Street art, a form of expression that can be a means of involving the citizens in a constructive and conscious of urban spaces, especially the younger audience who will have the opportunity to follow the work in progress of the event and interact with the artists at work. In the light of the discussions that have animated recent meetings and roundtables on the legality and the artistry of graffiti, the event aims to set an example of cooperation, legality, usefulness, thus creating a "precedent" that could bring the city of Milan to other important European centers famous for the "walls," destination for sightseeing and cultural tours by tourists young and old. The WWF Italy is sponsoring the initiative in the wake of the campaign STOP THE CRIMES OF NATURE launched at Milan in early October, to the spotlight on the illegal taking of natural resources and the smuggling world of plant and animal species protected. Paola Brambilla, delegated WWF Italy for the Lombardy: "WWF has always been a challenge cultural biodiversity, embracing and promoting new forms of artistic expression of contemporary culture to which it recognizes the effectiveness, efficiency and the strong message transmission environmental values. # Open the cages open the cages in which a model of development would wrong to confine diversity, which is diversity of expression and biodiversity, freeing art and nature in the city. " Sikkens strongly believes in the principles of sustainability, working always respecting the environment and human health. The commitment to sustainability is translated into concrete action against all the professionals of the sector, through the use of products with low environmental impact that guarantee a long life. Attentive to the problems of urban decor, Sikkens responds effectively to the needs of the study and research of all those who strive for the recovery of peripheral areas abandoned or in a state of apparent degradation, and enhancement of the architectural heritage. Part of the multinational AkzoNobel Sikkens adheres to the international campaign Human Cities of AkzoNobel, a 6-point manifesto launched last June at the Venice Biennale, to deal with the phenomenon of urbanization in a sustainable and innovative. Sikkens also work at the local level with the Let's Colour program; a series of initiatives of Corporate Social Responsibility for local communities. Through the use of color space we want to improve the lives of people or places in disuse recover, thanks to the collaboration of associations, the efforts of artists, designers and young volunteers. The event, created by Cristina Trivellin and promoted by the Eleventh, a new publishing company and communication, is part of the thematic section The CARE - Contemporary Urban Art Scene, which summarizes and combines street art, graffiti, pop and New Urban. Photos and video of the work in progress of the three days of live painting will be available on the Facebook page of the event and published on www.darsmagazine.it, media partner that will follow all the stages of the event. The artists: Kraser is an artist and graphic designer; born in Cartagena (Spain) in 1977, he studied at the art school in Murcia in 2000 and since 2009 he moved to Milan, where he currently resides. As a boy he was attracted by painting, and because of his young age, he took his first steps into the world of art with the Street Art. Has participated in numerous national and international art exhibitions; has created in many live painting festival; has been published in numerous books and magazines and has edited several festivals and exhibitions. Kraser is influenced by classical painting and various art movements, Surrealism and Lowbrow among others. In his work emerge references to contemporary society and the world of dreams. Consequently recur in his ironic graffiti concepts and dreamlike created to convey suggestions whose interpretation is left to the sensitivities of each viewer. From the beginning and through all his work, it generates a line of work where they are almost always present letters of the alphabet, symbols and icons that blend and bind together articulated in a peculiar language. www.ilkraser.com Orticanoodles. Walter Contipelli and Alessandra Montanari, Orticanoodles in art, stencil artists are now among the most famous in Italy and abroad; have collaborated with the government more enlightened in terms of public art, such as Paris, Dusseldorf, Rio de Janeiro. Begin the activity street in the early 2000s through stencils culture icons "transfigured" in their style rough, physical and richly detailed matrix hyper-realist. The constant search for a level of expression leads to the territory of Nettle chromatic experimentation, which imposes itself as a crucial element in their language and leads to the production of pieces by the impact of enormous visual power, whether on the wall or canvas: art actions flanked by the urban an important and recognized activity of the gallery. In addition to the organization of several workshops on the theme of urban stencil and the impact of public art, from 2013 Contipelli Walter is a lecturer for the Academy of Fine Arts LABA in Brescia, with the course in "Urban Design". www.orticanoodles.com reFRESHink (John Magnoli) was born in Arona in 1971 Since the early 90s approach the technique of writing and starts (not to stop more) to do graffiti - operating in different sectors during live painting events to which combines an extensive exhibition schedule, participating in various national and international events. In 2013 participates Back2Back event of the 55th Venice Biennale. Over the years reFRESHink mature a peculiar style, challenging and passing the style of the classic graffiti, looking for iconographic language more complex and layered. The experience of working in abandoned places leads him to paint - reinterpreting - subjects that draw inspiration from the natural world. Dates back to 2009, its first "cock", now recognized along with the other beautiful animals painted in bright colors, dripping, dense matter, to which the artist juxtaposes the formal elements, geometric shapes and lettering. Looks proud, expressions, sometimes aggressive and never abandoned and monumental sizes do seem to take to reflect on our "being human." https://www.flickr.com/photos/refreshink/ Open the cages # is a project carried out in the context of The CARE - Contemporary Urban Art Scene - BrerArt 2014 by Cristina Trivellin (direction) Martina Coletti (coordination) Realized and sponsored by Eleventh SRLs Communication & Publishing With the support of WWF Italy - NPO With the support and contribution of the Council of the Municipality of Milan and Zone 1 Media partner D'ARS - magazine of contemporary arts and cultures - www.darsmagazine.it Technical sponsor Sikkens For more information: info@undicesima.net Eleventh publishing and communication c / o Humane Society | Davenport Street 7, 20122 Milan www.undicesima.net | t. + 39 02860290

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