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Different masters

Via Margutta 55, Rome, Italy

Rome, October 15, 2014 - The techniques, languages ​​and styles used are often very different from each other, as well as the issues addressed and dealt with educational and artistic paths, yet each artist still unable to fully express their talents, tell the own vision of the world, to communicate to the viewer himself, his own character and their own emotions. And 'this at the same time, the starting point and the result of the collective "Masters different," organized by the gallery "World of Art" and in the program in the historic Palazzo Margutta, at number 55 of the famous street, from Saturday 18 to Tuesday, October 28 next, with hours 10:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 8:00 p.m. (free admission on Sunday, 19 open). Are the painters who take part in this pleasant exchange: Antonio Rings, Luigi Modesti, Afsane Mitus Moghaddam, Anna Novak, Enrico Sereni and Pino Tersigli, all professionals in the brush, for years now, they are part of the team of The Art World , as well as the likes of Sandro Trotti, Novella Parisians or Gianni Testa, recently honored by an exhibition at the Vittoriano. To select the Master Elvino Echeoni, artistic director and president of Palazzo Margutta Margutta Art, and the gallery Remo Panacchia, both founding members of "The World of Art", which, as always, offers a prestigious place in this exhibition artists professionals and artists who brought Italian art in the world. The exhibition, which is one of the fixed meetings in the calendar of the Roman tunnel known, tip - as well as develop as always the critical capacity of the viewer, which is essential to enable them to recognize the peculiarities of each painter and appreciate the differences - even to reset any " distance "between the public and the Masters in exposure to create a bond between them. Absolutely different kinds on display: from figurative to hyper-realism through surrealism. Collected in this valuable collective and perfectly blended together, so space are pieces that tell a female world in which the woman is, from time to time, depending on who portrays her, an enigmatic presence, a body deprived of any feature that can make it recognize a distinct, or even a figure that is released from its earthly dimension and is able to tell stories that go beyond any body, forcing the viewer to reflect on the sadness and the joy of living. Besides these, tele-toned many intense or much more subtle but still, however, of great visual impact that pay homage to the land, on the birth or adoption, the artist giving us a unique picture of our boot: the houses and the cypresses of Lazio portraits by Louis Modesti the Apulian countryside, immortalized by the works of Antonio Rings, where olive trees overlooking the sea, to the Eternal City of Enrico Sereni, whose colors and timeless atmosphere which invest - even from the canvas - the viewer. "In a context such as the present one, in which all or is destroyed or is synthesized to the end, we wanted to assemble artists, even contemporaries, represent in the real work, working with styles that in some cases, between the realism and hyper-realism or the result of a painstaking painting almost end up anyway to customize the subject or to materialize, "commented Master Echeoni and gallery Remo Panacchia. The date for the inauguration is scheduled for Saturday, October 18, 2014 from 18.30 to 22.00. Antonio Rings: born in Bari (1941) where he graduated at the Art Institute. Landscape architect with unmistakable says with colors faint but full of light the typical landscape of his homeland, Puglia, painting white houses and rocky terrain. The palette of the Rings captures the colors reflected from the sea sunrises and sunsets with their succession of shadows and flares at night. His painting live the emotion of the past and present, of that emotion in him that is timeless. And 'this creation that captures the Rings and we moved with a sure hand in its most evocative in its genuineness of expression, in contrast with today's civilization, withered and barbarized. He is the witness of sunshine still alive and that nature must be loved, cared for, so that the defense can continue to excite us. Artist appreciated by critics and the public, exhibited in Italy and abroad. His works appear in public and private collections and galleries. Luigi Modesti: After the artistic maturity, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome under the leadership of Renato Guttuso and Piero Guccione. Talented and sensitive artist, offers individuals, be they human or inanimate figures, wrapped in an atmosphere made of silences. A camp on his canvas are, however, mostly landscapes - felt and experienced as a place of memory, such as size, at the same time, the outside and inside of us - that is tinged with warm and intense colors, transparencies, of bright color contrasts, eventually giving birth to a very personal style and brilliant in itself. Through the filter of memory, the painter has proved capable of mature and describe their world of farmhouses and cypress trees and bushes, ditches and slopes typical of Lazio, which, at any time, however, remind and suggest the presence and often silent man. Shines through in his paintings, filigree, the reference to the tradition of the Impressionists which is interpreted with rich technical effects of weightlessness. He currently lives and works in Rignano Flaminio. To date he has exhibited his creations in numerous national art exhibitions (Rome, Rimini, Anchor, Bergamo) and international (Budapest, Stockholm, New York). His name and his works are found in the most prestigious records and catalogs of modern and contemporary art. His works appear in public and private collections and galleries in several Italian cities, as well as embellish numerous churches in our region. Afsane Moghaddam Mitus: Persian painter, graduated in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University in 1991 From 1988 to 1994 he exhibited in many exhibitions, both collective and personal, to his country of origin. In 1994 he went to Rome, where he lives and works breathing the air of painting, architecture and Italian early music and attended the Academy of Fine Arts and also takes part in other exhibitions. He later studied ceramics in Milan in the study of Maestro G. Rossicone. It then continues its activities in Italy. Several important exhibitions, both in Rome and in Milan, where it receives awards and accolades. Central in the painting of the woman is Mitus Afsane Moghaddam, polyvalent symbol that "takes desire and fascination of momentum, of confusion and reconciliation in the depths of our selves. (...) .The Depictions of Afsane enigmatic presences are attested in a solitude sfingica yet strangely beautiful, disturbing and strong as rocks Marfisa spaced in their balance of grace and dizziness. We face as archetypes of love and cosmic harmony. It affects the hatch accentuated the sculptural forms blatantly emblematic Pomonas variously posturate, imbued on canvas or paper shades of gray and shadowy enigma that accentuate the inquiring gaze. " Anna Novak: Polish, after studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow - where he graduated in Graphic Manifesto - continues his apprenticeship in the same city, the most westernized of Poland, a rich cultural past influenced benefits contacts with Europe, especially Italy and France. In his paintings, drawing and painting come together perfectly. It 'just the schematic of ideas and attitudes interpreted through the human body, textured with agile movements and curves but decided that the artist finds the resolution symbiotic form and the psychology of form, between style and content in which it is always in the front line capture and captivate the eye. The subjects of her portraits, mostly women and dancers, are freed from the earthly dimension and are able to tell stories that go over their body and force the viewer to reflect on the sadness and the joy of living. So the artist, in an ideal route, tells the long dissonances of life indicendoci to think that everything is in the present. Fascinated by picturesque views of Rome, from its first trip as a tourist, have conquered the Novak recalls and revisits in a modern, friendly atmosphere and flavor of the nineteenth century. To date, the artist has taken part in more than 50 individual and group exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad. "The reality, feelings are not facts external and temporary, but are part of a fabric emotional work and said that wisdom with the garments of colors with which our artist covers his figures of women faint and dreamy." (Giovanni Gentile) Enrico Sereni: Umbrian by birth and Roman by adoption, began to devote himself to painting very young, thanks to the teaching of Professor Alberto stuffs. He portrays the Eternal City with color, charm, atmosphere and the imperiousness that Roma forward to all those who pass through it. His paintings, which for the naturalistic representation can be defined as classic, though in many paintings are topics of their contemporary scene, it shows to those who observes the deep feelings that prompted him to realize it. Obvious and well-known are his paintings of narrow streets and ancient towns of Umbria and Tuscany, illuminated by touches of light beam, creating visions of particular purity and make us perceive the essence of space and depth that characterizes them. Artist of great talent, which critics have given the nickname of "the sensitive painter," perfectly combines technical mastery with inspiration. His works are exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions have always obtained full consent and have always been rewarded for originality as well as the mastery of execution. His works are housed in private collections in this country and abroad in Itala, in particular in the United States. Pino Tersigli: Roman, born in 1961, is a self-taught painter, symbolist, surrealist and hyperrealist technique that uses mainly oil. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals, both in Italy and abroad, including those of Spoleto, Giffoni, Moscow, London, Salerno, Chicago and L'Aquila. Among the group is worth remembering the "Cento painters Margutta", the "Review King of Rome," the Expo 'Arte "Roma Capitale" and the Expo' "Art Cinecittà Due". His works are in collections both public and private. "In the art of the Roman painter there is no room for man nor nature, whether it is intended as a landscape background or simple theatrical backdrop on which to project the performance of the protagonists of his paintings. The artistic universe Tersigni is entirely inhabited by female figures, or better to say female bodies, deprived of any attribute or characteristic that can be recognize an identity and a personality very precise. " (Cristina Nicosia) "Behind the beauty and not in, over, or before: is the other side of hyperrealism, which causes the application to understand" why "; question of existence even before that style, that first experience of art. Where the image has been imposing up to a widespread and seemingly unavoidable presence in reality, comes before any other risk not distinguish what should be and what is done, what's always been there from what is provisional; so you do not have to argue for almost an obsession with advertising which is impossible to escape, but a work of art arouses boredom that seems to be almost a useless copy of reality. " (Emanuela Tangari) Gallery The World of Art "Palazzo Margutta" (www.ilmondodellarte.com) - Margutta, 55 Rome Group exhibition of artists: Antonio Rings, Luigi Modesti, Afsane Mitus Moghaddam, Anna Novak, Enrico Sereni and Nancy Tersigni . Vernissage cocktail Saturday, October 18, 2014, at 18:30 to 22:00. The exhibition runs until October 28, 2014: from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00. Sunday 19 open, closed on Monday morning.

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