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Piazza Matteotti 9, Genoa, Italy

Genova 24 / 10_02 / 11/2014 Project economART AMY D & Space Art Festival of Science in Genoa www.amyd.it Edited by Anna D'Ambrosio Ducal Palace, Hall of Munizioniere, Piazza Matteotti 9, Genoa. Opening October 24, 2014 at 15:30. From October 25 to November 2. Hours: Mon-Fri 9-18 hours, Saturday-Sunday 10-19 hours. "Spillover" is a journey into the future of nanotechnology to the experimental work of a group of artists who will investigate new materials, with reference to an open source platform, which is activated within the project "The Transparent Dream" by AMY D art space in May 2014 artisti_ These accelerators will launch its own line to present projects to companies involved and experience the art of the future and to enter this market. The new testing starring the Chilean artist Lorena Pedemonte Tarodo, struggling with the Aeropan, the AMA Group Spa, insulating panel made up of nanotechnology Aerogel mated to a breathable membrane in polypropylene. The exhibition installation "Shelter" 2014 Lorena Pedemonte Tarodo born thanks to synergies between Kubo special effects, the AMA spa, AMY D Art Space and the Festival of Science in Genoa. In vision "Mind The Gap" Polish artist Maria Wasilewska and the performance "The smart sponge" artist Giulio Crosara. Can the physics of graphene prove that space-time is a hologram, a mirage? If the "heresy" of the physicist Petr Horava proves to be correct, it could forever change our conception of space-time leading us to a "theory of everything", applicable to all matter and the forces that act on it. In His reformulation of general relativity he includes a preferred direction of time, from past to future, the only way in which the universe as we observe it seems to evolve. "There is no great clock ticking the time of the universe" and if you want to understand "you can do without the notion of time," says Carlo Rovelli, essayist and professor of theoretical physics at the University Aix_Marseille. The picture that emerges today in the physical world is that of an independent dance and anarchic things to each other, without a time "objective", "absolutely." Our perceived time is no more than an approximation of the many variables that happen at the microscopic level. The feeling of the passage of time is, in a sense, an illusion derived from incompleteness of knowledge. "You need to build a new conceptual framework, which allows us to think of the world when the time is no longer a continuous variable that runs on its own, but becomes part of a cloud of probability of grains of spacetime." A. Connes and C. Rovelli propose the hypothesis of thermal time in which time emerges only in a thermodynamic or statistical. Amy-d Art Space in Milan (Via Leuven 6) www.amyd.it, info@amyd.it PRESS Vittorio Schieroni vittoschiero@tin.it

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from 24 October to 2 November 2014



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