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CATS MORE 'BEAUTIFUL WORLD - International Feline

Via Giorgio Ambrosoli, Scanzorosciate Bergamo, Italy

CATS MORE 'BEAUTIFUL WORLD can be seen at the International Feline held in SCANZOROSCIATE (BG) where purebred cats from all over Europe will compete for the title for the award of "most beautiful cat in the world" at the Palace of Sports Via Ambrosoli Negrone in town on Saturday 8 and Sunday, November 9th. From 10 am to 19 pm both Saturday and Sunday, visitors can admire the world champions of many cat breeds that will be judged by the International Judges WCF (World Federation Cats) in Best in Show scheduled in the afternoon of both days will be declared when the "most beautiful cat in the world." The protagonists are the splendid specimens of cats of many breeds from all over the world: Persian with its long and fluffy coat; the Norwegian Forest Cat, proud and mighty like a Viking; Main-Coon, the great American cat, good swimmer and fisherman; l'Abissino, the cat of the Pharaohs; the Carthusian, whose enigmatic eyes d'ambra inspired mystical medieval legends; Devon Rex, little elf-looking "alien" with his big ears and wide-eyed; the many colors of the Oriental cats; the sympathy of the British and Russian Blue, the elegance of Burmese and of course without missing l'Europeo, thousands of colors in the coat of this cat; and so many other races as naked Sphinx, the leopard Bengal, the fascinating Thai. All that can capture the attention and interest of the public. There are also many puppies, future world champions, participants in this Expo: soft tufts of hair of multiple colors. In the afternoon, either on Saturday or Sunday, there will be a real contest, the show "Best in Show" during which these beautiful cats will vie for the title of "BEST OF BEST" most beautiful cat of the event; a clash of the titans that will be awarded the most beautiful among the beautiful! Side by side there will be a Feline Expo Show "special" dedicated to the most mysterious and fascinating animals on the planet; also beloved pets or demonized. The exhibition "Expo Reptilia: the fascinating world of reptiles"; the largest and most qualified Show reptile exhibits in Italy many snakes and lizards of the most beautiful and fascinating from all over the world. A unique opportunity to closely observe many specimens of snakes and reptiles: pythons, African and Australian, a specimen of Indian python albino more than 130 kg, the powerful boa constrictors, the dreaded python and anaconda seba, poisonous snakes opistoglyphous but also to look at rare snakes live like a royal diadem snake Pakistani and snake eater eggs Dasypeltis scaber by the unusual diet, the South American Hydrodinastes gigas false cobra, snake hunter bats and many others including the American snake eater snakes. And then, you can enjoy many other reptiles as one of the Australian desert skink, geckos Asia and Africa, including the two-headed gecko, bearded dragon, a fire skink, a Teide (the South American lizard), the Tongued Skink blue, the skink of fire, poisonous frogs, the ceratofrine of the Amazon, a young African tortoise and many more ... all naturally Experience !!! At the Sports Hall of SCANZOROSCIATE therefore a unique opportunity to admire the most beautiful cats in the world and a closer look at the mysterious and fascinating animals on the planet! At two exposures (cats reptiles) can be accessed with a single ticket (and therefore two shows for the price of one!). In addition, by visiting the website: www.expofelina.it, you can print the coupon, which was presented at the ticket entitles you to receive a nice gift. SCANZOROSCIATE (Bergamo) Sports Hall Street Ambrosoli - Location Negrone Saturday 8 and Sunday, November 9, 2014 Entrance View: from 10.00 to 19.00 continued

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from 8 to 9 November 2014


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