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Distorsions. Maria Wasilewska

Via Lovanio 6, Milan, Italy

Project economART AMY D Art Space Milan Opening October 30 18:30 From October 30 to November 20, 2014 from Monday to Friday, 10-13 and 15-19, Saturdays and public holidays by appointment Edited by Anna d'Ambrosio I wonder if the belief of human omnipotence is largely illusory. A similar desire to intervene in the surrounding world (including works of art) does not become to some extent a caricature? The mobility does not lead to changes that create noise only temporary and does not lead to significant changes? The feeling of being able to influence something causes me to watch this reality? To achieve the balance they are looking for something permanent. The installation from the visual point of view consists of an object with balls hanging (like a tool?) Watched by a camera, which transmits live as a projection, and a bedroom with two concave mirrors, in which the viewer is distorted image of self and the environment. The final element is a video loop that does not change almost anything. It only lasts 25 frames / sec. The significance of this work lies in the interaction with the viewer. It is he who comes when, through its activities and its movement in relation to the elements, set in motion the installation and sensory perception through sight and hearing. To do this, he needs time and space. From its activity depends on the extent to which it is able to receive this reality. The increased motility of the viewer causes noise that may become annoying and tiring as the urban noises, continuous information, etc., Which every man is subject. In a minimal installation space, any activity, even the smallest, can act as a counterpoint and call another point on the feelings. The higher activity of the viewer that activates the sounds, the greater the noise of silence and then the sound. The escalation of the noise generated in real time may become impossible to bear, and able to decrease the possibility of perception and absorption data. Simply put, the human mind rebels against an excessive amount of data (in this case sound). In this situation prepared, that is, the art installation in the gallery (white cube), the viewer, the main character, also can have the illusion of having an absolute effect on the intensity of the stimuli. The interaction of the viewer causes the movement of the elements of the object and simultaneously creates a sound, where the amplified signal is output through the tunnel in real time, thus combining all the elements of this embodiment multidimensional and by different wires. Additional sizes will not open in a linear but in depth, as if we split the atom into smaller pieces. The audiovisual installation allows a subjective perception of reality and influence of the recipient of such a reality. It is also an attempt to dematerialize the object space, with mass and their weight, which is extracted from the environment and at the same time absorbs it, the plasma and sometimes multiplies. Appendix In physics it is known the concept of invariant system, ie a system which does not change under the influence of interference. This concept refers to the control theory, which deals with the analysis and creation of mathematical objects and processes of nature, both physical and social. It follows that, for example, the invariant mass is a value much desired in the large ring collision for hadrons (Large hadron collider) since, regardless of the reference point, always has the same value and just this has allowed the discovery of the Higgs Higgs, the smallest elementary particle (incredibly mobile) of the standard model of physics. Maria Wasilewska AMY D Street Art Space Leuven 6 (MM2 Moscow), Milan www.amyd.it, info@amyd.it PRESS Victor Schieroni vittoschiero@tin.it

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from 30 October to 20 November 2014



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