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Once Upon a Time

via G.B. Nazari 3, Milan, Italy

ONCE UPON A TIME ... The "fairy tale" fotogastronomica Anselmo and Graziella written by El Señor Wombat and Congusto. On 6 and 7 November in Milan, Via GB Nazari 3 at the cooking school Congusto art and food come together in Once Upon A Time, the fairy tale that El Señor Wombat and tell Congusto on 6 and 7 November at the site of the famous Congusto school, in the street Nazari 3 in Milan. This exhibition fotogastronomica is, therefore, a story written jointly. El Señor Wombat, the collective created in 2011 by writer Pure and Owen, will narrate the adventures of two brothers, Anselmo and Graziella, in a "reloaded" Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm. Anselmo and Graziella, having found in the attic of the book "The Legend of the Witch of the Woods" and having read it, they discover that the protagonists of those pages, Giannino and Greta are their grandparents. They decide to go to retrace their footsteps. The story will take place through nine works, which once again pure and Owen blend photographs and drawings and are sympathetic characters, achieving unique and exciting. Congusto, the cooking school that for over a decade, presiding over the capital of Lombardy with its courses, its techniques and its faithful teachers (re) write each chapter of this tale in his own way: crafting finger food for flavor, color and forms can accompany the public, step by step, to discover the happy ending. The tale told by El Señor Wombat and Congusto is destined to conquer the most demanding different, but all share the taste for art: the image and that of the kitchen, but also to tell a story. Once Upon A Time will be inaugurated on November 6, from 18.00 to 22. Friday, November 7 will be open from 10 to 18. The plot of the fairy tale "Anselmo and Graziella" Graziella, opening a trunk in the attic, hidden under toys, music boxes and clothes , is a book, "The Legend of the Witch of the Woods." It starts to leaf through it. Just a few lines to conquer it and soak it in reading. Page after page, he discovers that the protagonists of this tale of adventure dangerous and fascinating, are his grandparents: Giannino and Greta ... And excited, it soon proved to Anselmo ... The legend of the Witch of the Woods. Giannino and Greta lived in a small village on the edge of a large wood, as old as the earth and the sky. At one time the village was an important trading center, engaged in the manufacture and export of timber. At that time, however, business was more very well, because of the recent wars of succession to the throne of the King, who had troubled businesses and blocked the routes of timber. Thus, many lumberjacks were forced to have to resign from their Brotherhood. Many of them were unable to feed their children, because the supplies were becoming less and winter was approaching. One of them, a family man desperate and unemployed, convinced by his wife, he decided to bring the children into the forest on the pretext of making wood: there, the two children, Giannino and Greta were abandoned. After much wandering around the forest, the brothers found a clearing, where they saw a small house. They approached and, to my surprise, they discovered that the house was made entirely of sweets, which, by the famine, began to eat. As they were munching on the walls of marzipan, an old woman appeared from inside the house. Very friendly, offered to host the two brothers, who, not knowing where to go, thankful accepted his hospitality. Soon, however, Giannino and Greta realized they are no longer free, but the old prisoners, who had pretended benign but which was actually a witch who ate children: Giannino, too skinny, was put fattening in a cage, so as to put on a little 'meat, destined to become the meal of the witch, determined to eat it as soon as possible. Greta, that having to do the cleaning was free to wander around the house, managed by a trick to push the witch into the oven, burning it. Giannino are mastered and released the assets of the witch, came home from his father, now rich and without economic problems for the future. El Señor Wombat. Writer longtime PURE Alexander and Daniel Owen Bursich were active for years in the same CNN crew in 1992, sharing the desire to discover and experience. Always looking for new walls to paint on, they decided to undertake the exploration of abandoned places and places forgotten by society. Their journey leads you through abandoned factories and became immediately a photographic journey. To witness and transmit the memories of these locations, the two artists give life to the characters that funny in an ironic and irreverent take possession of the solemnity of space ... Cute characters or spectra of an urban reality of our times? The fusion of photography and design, experimenting with new techniques and the search for a new style characterize the works by El Señor Wombat. PRESS OFFICE | Barbara Cologni, tel. +39 393 8328145 - press@silviaranzi.com Corso Buenos Aires 23-20124 Milano - Tel. +39 02 83420920

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il 6 November 2014



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