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via Marghera 18, Milan, Italy

Antonio Syxty back to expose the creative space of Orea Malià on via Marghera 18, in Milan. The staff will be inaugurated on Thursday, November 13th, at 19:30 A Work of Art is a Confession * is the title of the new staff Antonio Syxty, which will be hosted in the creative space of Orea Malià, Via Marghera 18 (inner courtyard), Milan, from 13 November 2014-10 January 2015. The artist opens its new exhibition by choosing a line between private and public, between performance and confession, between recognition and declaration, between lies and truth, art can be a form of confession? And the confession can become an art form? Confession of the artist to the world? Or confession of the world to the artist? Lie of art and truth of the confession, or vice versa? Nature and politics, economy and trade mix in this series of works that all have the same title: "unknown", "unknown". Each unknown, however, is followed by a number (invented by the artist), which is serial, serial as well as becoming more and more the identification codes of our social existence, in any country, at any latitude (Tax Code, Social Security Number , National Insurance Number, etc.). These identities - unknown, in fact - by looking at the lens of the photographer puts into place a mute confession, which in turn overturns or is refracted in the viewer of the work. Some portraits are Olivia Gozzano other Alexander Saletta and others instead are part of those images from the web anonymised and chosen by the artist for his intention denominational together and exhibitionistic. The intention is to trace a path ambiguous and confusing between what is public and what is private by placing a colored filter / dye before the images themselves deliberately impoverished, discolored, photocopied, laminated with the intent to lie, depersonalizing the subject. Included too - always with the title unknown - some identity known to the artist, like the majority of people, but no less strange than the others (Yuri Gagarin, John Lennon, Harvey Oswald, Jan Palach, Kim Jong Un, Milton Friedman, Mikhail Kalashnikov). Although these identities - in the public domain - are treated by the opposing and sometimes joined by a blank space or a limbo red, with the intent to suggest you look at the work, through empty space, a new possibility of identification or imagination of the subject, almost in the form of you do the portrait. In counterpoint to the unknown human there are animals, also treated the same way. In this case, the intent is to flip the game of confession stating that the true animal nature is the carrier buoyancy socio-economic system, lying to herself in a silent confession degenerative trading becomes abnormal and surreal. And overseeing the game's confession a few large works - also on canvas - are inspired by the work of Beuys and the Situationist movement and surrealist proposing a new constitutional order, trying to structure the thought subversive art in a sort of code for a new pietas. Or for a new vanitas art? All the works are made with mixed media on paper, wood, canvas and polyester white. The exhibition will run until January 10, 2015, at the following times: 9:30 to 19:30 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday); from 11.00 am to 21.00 pm (Thursday); from 9:00 to 19:00 (Saturday). * A WORK OF ART IS A CONFESSION is part of the cycle MONEY TRANSFER ART PROJECT Who is Antonio Syxty Director of theater, film, television and special events, Syxty starts in the second half of the '70s as a performer in the art galleries and spaces underground, working with artists, designers, architects and musicians of that era. His is a process strongly influenced by conceptual and behavior of those years. In the '80s his career moves progressively towards the theater, which he points out as an art and behavioral tendencies with endless variations related to the exchange of identities and the Situationist narrative. Since then his career is formalized in the profession of director, before the theater and film and television (RAI and Mediaset), with frequent contamination in other areas of communication (advertising, institutional films, fashion, concerts and any other type of event from vivo), to define, in some cases, as a director of spaces and behaviors. In 2007 he started an art project called Money Transfer, which is inspired by the emotional effects caused by money and economics in our lives everyday. The project began with a survey related to plastic money (credit cards as works of art) has expanded gradually and naturally proliferating in a kind of global economy of the artistic gesture.

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from 13 November 2014 to 10 January 2015




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