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S.P. Sant'angelo 155, Senigallia Ancona, Italy

Looking for an original idea for a Christmas gift to do or make? Are you a person empathetic, sensitive and cheerful heart? You have a sociable, positive, dynamic and creative? It is said that the best way to understand something is to try it and you ... you want to get in the game? Then do not miss this STRA-ORDINARY OPPORTUNITY! The seminar experiential more 'innovative and exclusive Dr. Madan Kataria recognized by, called the "Guru" Laughter and candidate for the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2015 BREATH AND LAUGHS with certificate of participation led by Laura Toffolo and Oreste Gallon SENIGALLIA January 23 to 25 2015 from Friday 16.00 to Sunday 16.00 at Country House Finis Africae **** Senigallia What is it? It is three days special, completely innovative in content and mode, reserved for a limited number of people, where you will learn and you will experience the most effective techniques for: • breathe properly due to complete or yogic breathing whose main feature consists in the fact that the exhalation tends to be longer inspiration allowing the optimum pulmonary ventilation and using properly and in the best way a muscle important: the diaphragm. And 'through this muscle, in fact, that we can laugh as completely, making the classic belly laugh. In addition, the diaphragm and abdominal muscles promote the activity of the parasympathetic system instrumental in relaxation of the central nervous system and in the mechanisms of stress response. • enable and lead the Coaching Individual (One to One) Laughter Yoga, a new program designed specifically for those who want to bring a bit 'of joy in their lives and that allows you to learn the exercises of YDR through individual meetings, led by a certified professional. People who can get benefits from coaching are mostly people who face a lot of stress or are depressed, but also shy and introverted people, the elderly or handicapped. Unlike the training, where they learn knowledge and skills, the Coaching establishes contact between coach and student, where the coach helps, motivates and inspires her students to implement this knowledge in a personalized environment. Lesson 1 - Introduction History, vision and underlying philosophy of Laughter Yoga Lesson 2 - Simulates the laugh until it becomes true (Fake it until you make it) Lesson 3 - L 'Action creates the emotion (Motion Creates Emotion) Lesson 4 - The difference between Joy and Happiness Lesson 5 - You can train your body and mind to laugh Lesson 6 - connection between breath and laughter Lesson 7- How to Bring Laughter Yoga in daily life lesson 8- Evaluation and Commitment (commitment to continue the practice) • stress management to laugh yourself with NEWS 'on GIBBERISH, the language of children who have not yet learned to speak, but also body language when he lives in the here and now. The Art of Not Sense is the art of improvisation, the art of responding with your right brain, the creative brain: free from the schemes and limiting ideas, without judgment and without fear. and much more ... .. • • nods nods on the respiratory physiology and subtle definition of Pranayama • purification techniques: how to free the upper respiratory tract (nose) • practices to prepare the musculoskeletal system to breathing exercises • Technical Basic benefits of Pranayama • physical, mental and emotional • laugh laugh without making use of humor and lead others to do the same The seminar is conducted in an interactive and participatory. The lessons are structured to provide group exercises in an atmosphere of pleasant learning with cutting edge tools and strategies, constantly checking that the knowledge transmitted have been transposed and especially assimilated properly. This workshop is a gift that you do to yourself / ae ... why not? maybe even to those friends and relatives more expensive that you never know what to give at Christmas and instead you overwhelmed with a cadeau unusual but which is then systematically much appreciated as is the opportunity to feed themselves with mountains of content expressed in a format and in a setting highly spectacular and, not least, spend three days in the company of people who share a vision of positive life. Who is this experiential workshop? In general: - to all those who want to bring a bit 'of joy in their lives; - To those who can not find opportunities to cultivate positive but would love to win her back and deal with greater force the adversities of life. Everyone can benefit from participation in this seminar, both by learning breathing techniques, that practicing Laughter Yoga and Gibberish. In particular: - Leader & Teacher of Laughter Yoga who want to deepen the Individual Coaching, yogic breaths and Gibberish - Professionals working in the field of health and personal care: psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, health workers ; - Personal trainer and coach sports; - Manager; - Human resource professionals; - Teachers of yoga and fitness; - Actors, Entertainers and Tour Operators; - Assistants to the elderly; - Counselor, Coach, Trainer, Trainer The workshop is conducted by: ORESTES GALLON is interested to yoga at age 20 and began his career in teaching, after many years of practice, the late 90. In 2005 Diploma with the Italian Federation after a four-year course, continuing education courses dell'Upter. In 2007 he participated in the courses in the Sivananda centers in South India, the year after staying a month Sivananda Ashram Neyyar Dam where collects the direct teaching of the yogic tradition, he graduated at the end of the second school teacher Sivananda. Currently holds regular courses in Spinaceto (Roma sud), collaborate, taking courses pranayama, Sivananda in the center of Rome, is an assistant in the TTC (Teacher Training Course) held annually in Italy. It also organizes and conducts regular seminars pranayama of various levels, from basic to advanced beginners to those for LAURA TOFFOLO E 'Leader, Teacher, Coach, Master Trainer and Ambassador of Laughter Yoga Foundation. Starts its journey in Yoga before with the practice of Kundalini (according to Yogi Bhajan), graduating teacher, and then with Yoga Swami Sivananda. He is dedicated to Yoga-Theatre and is interested in comicoterapia. As Teacher and Master of YDR has conducted numerous Leader and Teacher Training forming over 500 Leader and Teacher in Italian. He has held hundreds of meetings in both free and paid Club that during various events including RomaYogaFestival, Orient Festival, etc, involving thousands of participants. Continues to dedicate itself to business education with the application of the YDR in many realities and organizations (Ama Rome, Ferrari, Oracle, Min.Salute, Midas Biz, Eurocom, ManagerZen, UN, BP, Mendelez, Axa MPS, etc). Linked by deep friendship that both Dr. Kataria and his wife Madhuri, supports them in their media appearances (eg. "At the foot of Kilimanjaro"), and is continuously contacted by the media for interviews and participation in programs (BBC1, BBC2, RAI3, RADIO2, SAT2000, Channel 5, The Republic, AAm Terra Nuova, etc.). In 2008 he founded the National Association of Laughter Yoga which is still President. The same year the publication as a co-author of the book + DVD "Yoga of Laughter Laugh-for better living" Ed. La Meridiana, now the 2nd reprint. His desire is to contribute to the widespread dissemination of Laughter Yoga in Italy, both in the stressful world of work in the social, and its mission is born from the results obtained in person from the application, continuing to experiment with the following motto of Dr Kataria "If you do not like to laugh, bring your body to the Club of laughter, and your mind will follow" Now if you think it's YOUR chance, book your place http://www.yogadellarisata.it/appuntamenti/respiro-e-risate-coaching-di-yoga-della-risata-e-pranayama-secondo-la-laughter-yoga-university/ "Decisions must be taken with courage detachment and sometimes with a certain amount of madness ... but not the madness that destroys that which leads the human being to take the step above your limits" P.Coelho For registration: Laura 320 2779005 349 8791841 lauratoffolo@yogadellarisata.it Anto antodeiesu@gmail.com To allow all participants a correct learning course will be CLOSED NUMBER facilitations and discounts for those registering before January 6 What to bring: notebook and pen, mat, want to relax, recharge your batteries and learn new techniques! OFFICE OF THE WORKSHOP TO BOOK INDEPENDENTLY The training will take place in residential mode at "COUNTRY HOUSE FINIS AFRICAE ****, SENIGALLIA cost from 53,00 to 69,00 euro per person per day all inclusive. The stay includes accommodation, breakfast, refreshment stands set up in the morning to lunch and set up again in the afternoon with cascades of fresh and dried fruit, tea 'green, herbal teas, infusions, vegetables centrifuge available, lunch and dinner buffet with vegans and vegetarians water included with meals, shuttle service (8 seats + driver) to and from the station of Senigallia, on the day of arrival and day of departure at pre-arranged time. To book your stay, contact Michela by December 25 to the number: 338 1862947 or 805 629 0721, or write to michela.carbonari@tuquitour.it A dream you dream alone is only a dream A dream you dream together is ... REALITY '" Laughter Yoga goes beyond the simple act of laughing is not only fun, but it touches the deepest emotional chords and takes on a deeper meaning when it is meant not only for personal gain, to feel better, but also as a gift for others. Teach a person inhibited to develop a sense of humor is like a gush gutter clogged with stones and rubble ... once removed the debris, the water will start to flow. Laughter Yoga facilitates just this cleaning process with a unique method capable of synchronizing body and mind by keeping them in perfect harmony on the basis of the model of the Child that is in all of us "from" Inner Spirit of Laughter ", Dr. Madan Kataria Take advantage NOW of this STRA-Ordinary OFFER! http://www.yogadellarisata.it/appuntamenti/respiro-e-risate-coaching-di-yoga-della-risata-e-pranayama-secondo-la-laughter-yoga-university/ By signing up before January 6, 2014 stick to the formula "Early Bird" saving on the cost of the event ..... there are only 10 days!

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from 23 to 25 January 2015

Getting there

... by car
Finis Africae Country House SP Sant 'Angelo 155 Senigallia (AN) Finis Africae is located on the Adriatic coast, in the Renaissance city of Senigallia (AN) DIRECTIONS ARRIVING BY CAR Exit A14 Senigallia; continue for 1 km after the toll, towards Sant 'Angelo.
... by air
Finis Africae Country House SP Sant 'Angelo 155 Senigallia (AN) Finis Africae is located on the Adriatic coast, in the Renaissance city of Senigallia (AN) INDICATIONS FOR PLANE Airport Raffaello Sanzio Ancona (20 km). If you want to use the service Taxi find it immediately outside the gate. The cost varies from 60 to 80 euro. For those who want it there, instead, our shuttle. Booking it will be picked up at the desired time.
... by train
Finis Africae Country House SP Sant 'Angelo 155 Senigallia (AN) Finis Africae is located on the Adriatic coast, in the Renaissance city of Senigallia (AN) DIRECTIONS ARRIVING BY TRAIN stop Senigallia station. FREE shuttle service (8 seats + driver) to and from the station of Senigallia, on the day of arrival and departure day at pre-arranged time.



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