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Groundhog Day "T" - the theatrical season of Lower Sabina

Via del Passeggio 9, Forano Rieti, Italy

Organized by the Cultural OPUS in fabula, in collaboration with ForanoinMusica, Center for research and experimentation and metacultural ARTEr.ie - review of hypotheses expressive, and sponsored by the City of Forano, part "Groundhog T - season Theatre of Lower Sabina" , a review of 8 shows for all ages that is born from the start again, in fact, starting from art and culture, basic aspects for man, that each territory should be able to offer its citizens, investing, risking, trying . The Calendar: - Saturday, February 7 at 21.00 - The descent of the holy three legs by Orchestra Teatralica (Entertainment suitable for all ages) by Andrea Buoninfante, directed by John Avolio, with John Avolio and Franco Petropaoli What binds the apparent suicide of a geezer to the series of bombings that disgusting Castromarso affects the estate of the family more in sight of the tranquil village Marsicano? Searches unconnected that lead to the same goal, stirring up old grudges, disassembling and reassembling old faults. - Sunday, February 8 at 17.00 - The treasure hidden in the trees by OPUS in fabula (Entertainment Children) Claudia Pignocchi and Elisa Warriors, with: Claudia Pignocchi and Elisa Warriors, Alessia Gulls, Andrea Onori, Mariagrazia Torbidoni Set in a hypothetical and shattered the near future, two brothers and Livia Fulvio, found by chance in a flea market, a cryptic message in a bottle. This is the first of a long series of clues to a great treasure hunt to find the method to save a world ravaged by pollution now. - Sunday, February 22 17:00 - There was' na vorda by the theater group Unconditional (Entertainment suitable for all ages) and with: Joy Fornarini, Gianluca Rocconi, Elisa Francescangeli, Veronica, Christmas, Alessandra Di Mari Five curious characters tell, in their own way, two of the known fairy tales, introduced by the succession of funny situations drawn from everyday life. - Saturday, February 28 at 21.00 - Oscar W. by the theater group Virgolatreperiodico (Entertainment suitable for adults) and starring Andrea Honors and Mariagrazia Torbidoni Leaving from Wilde to stage Wilde, all in the hands of only one actress who in a series of exchanges between the person and character, gives life to a scene often made of reversals and transformations, where even time and space do not necessarily follow the rules of logic, relying instead on the charm and imagination of theater play. - Saturday, March 7 at 17.00 - Paintings, kittens and children by Luceombra (Entertainment Children) directed by Antonino Andronicus, with Antonino Andronicus - drawings live Valeria Gasparrini The show tells, through illustrations live on overhead, narrator live music and the fanciful stories of two cornerstones of painting as Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. - Sunday, March 8th 17.00 - Stories of women by OPUS in fabula (Entertainment suitable for adults) Valentina Bernardini, with: Valentina Bernardini, Riccardo Serena and Elisa Warriors Freely adapted from "Injuries to death" of Serena Dandini, Stories of women is a succession of monologues that give voice to different women from different regions and ethnic cultures but all with one thing in common: injustice, which are by their man, by their families, their country, sometimes by a stranger. - Saturday, March 14 at 21.00 - Waiting Room by the Company to HOC (Entertainment suitable for adults): Silvia Zora and Andrea Papale, with Andrea Papale, Silvia Zora and Fabrizio Milan Julius and Annie, two characters from opposite characters, with conflicting ideas about life, they find themselves waiting for their turn in a waiting room. Forced to interact, find themselves waiting while other details and bizarre characters going under their nose. The situation becomes at times comical, and at times absurd, where thanks to the discovery of a script, panic takes over. - Sunday, March 15 17:00 - True story by Virginia forties and Giordana Morandini (Entertainment suitable for all ages) and starring Virginia forties and Giordana Morandini second century AD, Lucian writes "True Story", the first story fiction of human history, an adventure beyond the boundaries of knowledge. Funny, irreverent, anarchic, childlike and poetic. Based on previous experience, especially working with ARTEr.ie - Review of expressive hypothesis, it seemed appropriate to select / invite those professionals who have been particularly pleasing and interesting for the audience; in order to offer the community a proposed high-level that includes all theatrical genres and involving artists from various Italian regions. This choice not only allows a comparison / enrichment with reality than those who usually operate in the territory, but promotes, at the same time, the territory as a basin for meeting and cultural exchange and revitalizes those theaters that normally remain empty and no billboard for 99% of the year. The prospect, in fact is to export the project around the Sabina, in a sort of theater circuit that brings new life to all theater spaces currently unused. Make alive and full of possibilities the area, also allows to offer an alternative to the usual "Saturday Night migration" of young and not young people towards more attractive as the nearby Terni and Rome, and allows you to give one more chance to those who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to move and remain in your home or on a bench in the square. Create a popular theater season in costs but independent, economically, from public funding of any kind (patronage onerous, contributions, announcements, public notices, etc.) can, in addition, the possibility of founding a project solid, long-lasting, independent in the artistic choices and recipients, not tied to changes of administration, deadlines and delays of the calls and all other possible variables that obtaining public funds involved. Sunday, January 25, 2015 at 17:30 you are invited, therefore, to our first date, the presentation of the exhibition, for a more complete picture of the event, to meet with organizers and artists and to sign your subscription. Take an alternative gift this Christmas and Epiphany this to friends and family: a subscription to Groundhog T is a gift that lasts all winter, a winter to spend together! Info and contacts: Elisa 329.3933487 - 339.6079686 Valentina - Riccardo 339.4287471 ricominciodat@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/opusinfabularieti Costs: Groundhog T: Subscription 4 shows choice € 30 - € 10 Tickets whole Groundhog T junior : Subscription 4 shows fixed € 30 - € 10 Discount Tickets whole family, free under 3 years

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from 8 February to 15 March 2015


329.3933487 | 339.6079686



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