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STAGE MUSIC Perceptual

strada battaglia 71/a, Albignasego Padua, Italy

Stage Music Perceptual led by Enrica Bacchia www.enricabacchia.it Over fifty years of concerts and thirty in the field of music education, allow the singer and researcher Enrica Bacchia to guide their students to use the voice, sound and created activity-both as a means of genuine artistic expression that pre¬ziosi as intermediaries in the achievement of their personal development. Since "we sing simply what we are in the moment pre-feel" we can understand how through the use of conscious pro¬prio instrument Voice, well anchored to the body, you can get rid of bloc¬chi, limits or technicalities that often prevent a perception unita¬ria Body singing. As we know, to get a good musical performance is essential to act in a totally natural but sometimes the inner world of sound can be limited by an endless process of mind control for its own sake as well as a prisoner of models imitative cut adrift from their ori¬ginalità. The feel genuine invariably arises from a proper relationship between voice and psychophysical individual. Welcoming the spirit child the opportunity to play using your voice fun filled (thus placing the mind to servi¬zio creativity and not vice versa) we will have the opportunity to explore in¬te-esting areas of sensitivity to which we rarely able to access and to open the doors to the Music Perceptual. CONTENT OF MEETINGS, OBJECTIVES and METHODOLOGY The Project Music Perceptual leads to hand the apprentice in a music game almost fairy guiding it to its Center Sound (Point Campal). The student will be able to demonstrate in a very short time, thanks to performance conscious and well determined, its History Sonora membership characterized by those typical sounds, silences, noises, and mo-ments that originate from its center, from family , from the territory of belonging, ra¬dici, culture etc. The path of collective allows to approach the musical language in an unconventional way, through direct experience and speri¬mentazione sound of music sung. The activity of individual and group self rule in a continuous game of interplay in order to concre-mitigation; the following objectives: • Meet with a new sound and free to manage it proposi¬tivo and highly creative. • Building the dialogue sound acting in perfect interplay / feel in tune / involve and be involved / get used to listening and paying attention to the observation time and the rhythms of others and personal / relate with the group with actions and dynamics of condivi¬sione sound experiences. • Allowing the exploration of areas of sensitivity that is rarely able to access parts recognizing sound self ever encountered. • Shaping new "mental paradigms" transforming rigid models mu-sicali in growth opportunities. • Develop the concept of beauty compositional understood as Possibi¬lità Unlimited of action in the here and now of Art / use the beauty of composition as a tool to re-balance. THEMES: Following the direction of the group, will be developed in the following topics: • Grammar of musical language. Painting with the voice. • Contact with your point Campal / activation mode point / relationship of "places" of the mind and point Campal. • creative interpretation of the song / music abbina¬mento image / sing what you (self-narration) / the interpreta¬zione can¬zone as the message and as a tool for self-observation. • The Music Perceptual / Camp expresses himself attra¬verso human voice / over the right hemisphere / circle sound and energy / energy of the single, duo, group / energy song can¬tato / sound and word / the empty as when creating / hu¬mor it as liberating energy / space / exploration / views / free improvisations, improvisations on simple structures armoni¬che. • Voice and percussion / rhythm and drive / rhythmic dialogues / keep time. • The interplay as total mastery and total opening / reception, full knowledge and full transmission / drive the action: the role of the leader in the music group. Time of the meeting: from 10 am to 17 pm with a lunch break in which, if you wish, can bring a bit 'of food to share with others. To access the meeting is not necessary or practical singing-knowledge of musical grammar. Cost: € 80 per person. Information and registration: Voice Music Center c / o Diemme - Battle Road, 71 / A - Albignasego (Pd) info@voicemusiccenter.com - mob.347.0618414 - www.voicemusiccenter.com

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il 14 March 2015



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