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Analysis Illogical

piazza Castello 9, Turin, Italy

Analysis Illogical a draft Silvia Cicio for Soqquadro www.soqquadroarte.it 5/20 March 2015 Inauguration March 5 18.00 Gallery Space Art Castle Castle Square 9 - Turin Participating artists: Maria Teresa Allemanno, Frank Amadeo, Anna Maria Basile, Francesca Bianchi, Tamara Donati, Franco Fassone, Marco Ferrari, Daniela Lignana, Maurizio Piccirillo, Aurelia Pusar, Scegle, Maria Spinelli, Massimo Tolardo, Gloria Tranchida, Simona Calf Curatorship of 'Exposure Maria Luisa Alberico and Marina Zatta In artistic creation there are two inherent capabilities of' Man: analytical ability, thinking, logic and the most sentimental, unconscious, instinctive. Taking a historical overview, and especially considering the different artistic movements that have marked the centuries, you can see that sometimes it is preferred to give greater prominence to one of the skills mentioned above, rather than the other. In the present age, it is clear, even to inexperienced eyes of contemporary art, the opposition / complementarity between current as Surrealism and Dadaism and a rational view and geometric art such as Mondrian. Actually, you prefer to prefer the reason or feeling, no art form can totally less than one of two capacities. Creating art means to activate both of these potentials, express a worldview that involves feelings, and reason. Maria Teresa Allemanno a pretext landscape painting to explore an imaginary world in which the color blends in complementary contrasts that create visions fairytale involving the eyes and senses of the viewer. Francesca Amadeo has developed a technique very personal, in which he plays with the material, color and light, which transforms his works into "something that lights" but in another work, which depicts other colors transforming the language expressed. Anna Maria Basile uses the photograph as a starting point for processing subsequently realized a computer, which transform the first look in another, which are processed in real poetic dreams. Francesca Bianchi launches around him a look enchanted and enchanting In his photos are smoke dissolves, drops that expand, hands that touch wilted roses, each shot Francesca is a short poetic vision of the elusive around us. The silhouette of Tamara Donati meet in dance movements that penetrated in the primary colors red and blue combined with the black and white, are opposed to each other in a speech which, while drawing its roots from Mondrian, the artist renews with his personal figuration graphics. Franco Fassone processes collage retro flavor that are joined together by color brown, recalling a visceral connected to the roots of the Earth, to our existence primary, so carrying the images chosen by the artist in an amalgam chromatic ancestral. Marco Ferrari explores the existing, its objects are born in the real, but the artist evolves them by using an unusual language that transforms into something else. This exhibition shows the canisters that have been manipulated, twisted, colored, to the almost total transfiguration. Daniela Lignana creates architectures which decompose, loops made by a flickering vision lens blurred, proposing works that tell our metropolis with surreal atmospheres, putting the viewer in front of the transience of our cities and, therefore, of our existence. Maurizio Piccirillo throws light waves; using the computer art processes images that branch off in every direction, creating geometric shapes recognizable, but at the same time put back into space by an explosive transformation of light and color. The works of Aurelia Pusar consist of quick strokes, dense, in which the color expresses a poetics of the surrounding world, narrated by the artist with power and imagination, and creating an imaginative fascination and wonder that overwhelms the viewer. Scegle processes forms in which abstraction, with the use of color and material, is used to narrate a principle of form that want to be identifiable to our eyes, but in fact leads us to poetic broader, related to 'imagine rather than to recognize. Maria Spinelli explores abstraction intersecting each other techniques of dripping, the elaborations of matter, the crack, providing the viewer plays of complementarity between signs, materials, colors divergent, but interpenetrating giving life to all the forms sought by the artist . Massimo Tolardo you scout locations and buildings, captures the essence of a place or building, and giving prominence to important details with precision and clarity, mastering the forms and lines, enclosing the space in a shot that, between real and unreal evokes a vague dream already lived. Gloria Tranchida raises his works from a search based on environmental issues that is artistically drawn from abstract forms, materials, in which the color emphasizes the inclusion of materials that a new lease of life, and are integrated into the framework to narrate other than itself. Simona Calf realized with the use of papier mache works resulting dall'Haiku Japanese, small phrases, signs of a reality seen with the eye of the poet, suspended moments, short lightness that transport the viewer into territories formed by reading delicacies. The gallery space Art Castle operating for many years and is located on the most crazy of Turin, Piazza Castello. The exhibitions are always meticulous in detail and are often published in the national and local press. Soqquadro born in October 2000 and since then has produced more than 150 exhibitions in public and private spaces, in Italy and abroad, working with about 500 artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, video artists, performers, designers. Location: Space Art Gallery Castle, Castle Square 9, Torino Opening hours: Monday from 17:30 to 19:00; Tuesday to Saturday from 15:30 to 19:00 Info: www.soqquadroarte.it - ​​ass.soqquadro@gmail.com - www.donnasommelier.it info@donnasommelier.it - ​​tel. 011.5785220 - cell. 333.7330045

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from 5 to 20 March 2015



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