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The Healing Power of Music

Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort Chiang Mai, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Provincia di Chiang Mai, Thailandia

You are the Music of the Stars
Flow of the Universe International Conference
Taoist Astrology, World Music and Your Quantum Self.
with Mantak Chia, Bernice Roberto, Manuel Roberto, Dr. Angela Longo

In the foothills of the Himalayas, at the 32 acre Tao Garden Health Resort and Medical Spa, Taoist Grand Master Mantak Chia joins three teachers from Hawaii to present a practical view of how to live your new self with tool from the stars, sounds and the amazing natural world of “quantum” living. Three organic meals are included in the package deal with accommodations. You will leave after 6 days with tools for a new happier you!


Sunday, May 11, 2014 at 07:30 PM Introduction to Tao Garden

DAY 1: Monday, May 12, 2014
• Introduction to Chinese Astrology and the Triangles of Affinity by Bernice Roberto
• Quantum Living as Your Triune Self: Your DNA Sings by Dr Angela Longo
• Healing Music, Chakras, and the Five Elements by Manuel Roberto
• Organ Healing Sounds and Cosmic Chi Gung of Your Stars by Grand Master Mantak Chia
• Body, Mind and Music and the Healing Harp Part I by Bernice Roberto

Day 2: Tuesday, May 13, 2014
• The First Triangle of Affinities: The Doers: Rat, Monkey, and Dragon by Bernice Roberto
• You are as Emergent as Quantum Water… Heartwaving Your Water Element by Dr Angela Longo
• Discover Your Water Element: Music for Dancing Your Rain by Manuel Roberto
• Body, Mind and Music and the Healing Harp Part II by Bernice Roberto

Day 3: Wednesday, May 14, 2014
• The Second Triangle of Astrological Affinities: The Administrators: Snake, Ox and Rooster by Bernice Roberto
• Wood You or Woodn’t You Element: Trance Forming Anger with Relationshifting by Dr Angela Longo
• Discover Your Wood Element: Music Under the Moon in the Forest by Manuel Roberto

Day 4: Thursday, May 15, 2014
• The Third Triangle of Astrological Affinities: The Protectors: Tiger, Horse, and Dog” by Bernice Roberto
• Fired up Radiant Element: Accessing the Universe by Dr Angela Longo
• Discover Your Fire Element: Music as the Gateway to the Sun by Manuel Roberto

Day 5: Friday, May 16, 2014
• The Fourth Triangle of Affinities: The Catalysts: Rabbit, Boar, and Sheep by Bernice Roberto
• Grounding Your Earthen Element of Wholeness: Reading your Tongue Love letter by Dr Angela Longo
• Discovering Your Earth Element: Music that grows from Earth and Aligns the Planets by Manuel Roberto

Day 6: Last day: Saturday, May 17, 2014
• Shifting Your Pedal to the Metal Element: It’s all Mirror-calls (Miracles) by Dr Angela Longo
• Discovering Your Metal Element: Music for Meditation in Early Morning and Evening by Manuel and Bernice Roberto
The Conference is complete at 1 PM for those making reservations to leave.

Manuel and Bernice Roberto will be offering 3 Harp, Flute and Drum concerts open to the public on Tuesday evening in Qwan Yin Dining Hall 6:30-7:45 and 2 Saturday evenings: 8-9 PM in Ba Chen Hall:

• Tuesday December 3, 2013 Concert: “Journey to the Self” by Bernice and Manuel Roberto
• Saturday December 7, 2013 Concert: “Return of the Sun” by Bernice and Manuel Roberto
• Saturday December 14, 2013 Concert : “Full Moon Concert” by Bernice and Manuel Roberto


1- The Healing Harp. Body Mind and Music. with Bernice Roberto
A three part presentations included. 1- A Power Point presentation of the Healing qualities of the Harp. 2/3 Practical applications of meditation and relaxation while listening to Harp Musical compositions that enhance the Healing qualities of the Harp.

2- The Healing Power of Music with Manuel Roberto
1- Practical application of the Shakuhachi flute ( from Japanese Zen tradition ), to open the chakras of the human body. Free flow. Powerful internal meditation.

2- The natural elements in Musical Manifestation.
a) Discover the element of Water and your quantum self.
Music to bring rain, music to be part of the rain, monsoon music.
Powers of Reflection, sensitivity, persuasiveness,.

b) Discover the Wood element.
Music of the Forest, Music of the Peace garden. Music under the influence of the Moon in the forest.
Powers of imagination, creativity, idealism, compassion,

c) Discover the element of Metal and your quantum Self.
Music that conveys the heroic nature of yourself. Music to help understand the nature of Meditation. ( Early Morning Music and Late evening ).
The influence of Komal RE ( Flat RE or flat second in Western Music ) to convey this character.
Fixity, strength, fluency of speech.

d) Discover the element of fire and your quantum self.
Fire as an offering, the gateway to the Sun and musical interpretations. 1- Greeting of the Dawn, 2- Music to cool down a hot summer afternoon.
Dynamism, passion, energy, aggression, leadership,

e) Discover the Music of the Earth.
Music that sprouts and grows from the Earth and brings the planet into alignment.
Stability, reliability, practicality, industry, prudence.

3- Music and relationships. the Nature of emotions and Music.
Love, separation, union, romantic love.


Understanding Chinese Taoist Astrology, An interactive Approach by Bernice Roberto
A Five part Power Point Presentation.

1- Introduction: Triangles of Affinity ( The essence of Relationships )
2- The Doers.
3- The Administrators.
4- The Protectors.
5- The Catalysts.

Individual Astrological readings by Bernice Roberto during the week.


Bernice Roberto,
Bernice is a classically trained musician that has been on the spiritual path since he was a young child in Europe. When Bernice began studying Harp with Francis Duffy of the Pittsburgh orchestra, the Harp and her vocal work created a stunning spiritual combination. Bernice is a composer, songwriter and teacher that has touched many hearts. She has a rich and vibrant range of musics including jazz, celtic, classical, hawaiian, indian, Buddha Lounge, She plays regularly at the Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii. Bernice and her husband Manuel have recorded several CD’s including Lover of the Soul, Journey to the Self, Echoes of the Moon , Eternal Flame.

Bernice is also an accomplished chinese astrology reader. She can make taoist astrology readings understandable for the lay man. Concepts hidden in relationships seem to come alive when articulated by her brilliant insights. She bases her knowledge on the compatibility of the three astrological signs, year, element, and fixed elements month and time of birthday, based on the teachings of Dr. Lau.

Manuel Roberto
World Music Flautist, Manuel is a master of wooden and bamboo bass flutes including Bansuri, Shakuhachi and Native American Flutes. He has studied with the greatest musicians in the world including GS Sachdev, Zakir Hussain, Pandit Jasraj. His intense study of spiritual practices and deep knowledge of spiritual music principles is otherworldly ( New York Times ). He has composed music for theatre and television and performs regularly in Hawaii, Mainland US and Europe.

Bernice and Manuel Roberto will transform Tao Garden into a Magical Heaven of Sound tapestry during the conference ” The Healing Power of Music “.

Do not miss it.
Sign up for Bernice Astrology Readings and presentations. Find the essence of your relationships as written in the astral plane of the stars.

Read More >>> http://tao-garden.com/events/healing-power-music/

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